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A few years back, my computer wouldn't turn on. It self-corrected in a few days for reasons unknown.

After this morning's lovely severe weather, it's doing the same thing.

(I have a surge protector before you all yell.)

Any rate, at the library, since I have a few things to return anyway.Just wanted to update folks on what's going on.
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Woke up today to the fun of [ profile] gothic_oreo installing my new 80GB hard drive. Mind you, this is a huge upgrade, and I got $20 off the damn thing, so I'm really happy about it.

However, something happened in the xfer of files between my old drive and my new drive. I swear, it must be all the porn I had, because all my files were corrupted!

So, most of the major programmes are re-installed and patched, and I have about an hour left on normal patching of EQ. In the meantime, I lost all of my pictures (I think some of them are still on hotmail), my stories (most still on the web, just a matter of copy/pasting 'em), and all of my music. Which means getting WinMX again.

Dave at work, however, gave me SLSC, which he claims is manna from heaven.
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The Skeptic's bible(mind you, I don't agree with parts of it, but it is kinda funny.)

Landover Baptist, which I think the onion hath wrought upon us. Worth it just for Baby Jesus comics and the cure for lesbianism.


Oct. 12th, 2003 07:03 am
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Without even going into issues covered in my next entry, I am so sick of popups that come up when I don't have a browser window open, any chat running, and then try to sell me a popup blocker, or Viagra.

I'm beginning to think maybe I did something really bad this year.

Oh yeah....

Oct. 9th, 2003 04:55 am
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How do I use FTP? Been several years since I last tried.

Dave gave me his FTP addy and I have no clue how the hell to use it.

And he also Asked me what has 8 legs and 7 arms.

answer )


Jan. 3rd, 2003 04:19 am
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I got a new Geforce 4 videocard and 512MB of RAM for my computer today!

Just in time for school to start again and work to go back to regular hours.

And in other news, our LARP ended as of tonite, due to lack of interest. DAMN IT! That was my weekly release!

And I'm still single. :P
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I have no spare time.

Watched Frailty tonight. Creepy as all hell. Murder by Numbers is still creepily homoerotic fluff with Sandra Bollucks. Watching The Fluffer tomorrow after my nice 9+ hour shift.

Found out when I got home that [ profile] noh_drama and [ profile] videodrome dropped by for dinner. And the brought a sinfully delicious chocolate rasberry cake with them. MMM. Better thn the damn Chicken BBQ pizza I brought home.

Eddie and I are going to Polaris Friday to see the godfather of Goth, Alice Cooper!!! Woo-HOO!!!

I heard a synth-jazz cover of "Walk Like an Egyptian" when I walked by Dick's Den tonight. Friday, I danced with a drunk girl to "Send me on My Way" by Rusted Root on my way home.

New system should be up tomorrow. She's been named Desdemona. She's replacing Titania, and joining Beatrice and Ophelia on the network.

anyway, I'm going to go to bed, since I'm wiped. I have Tuesday free and clear, so I'm going to plant my ass and watch Buffy.
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Got home from work last night after a nice 10 hour shift to find that the newly installed driver updates prevent windows from booting up.
So, after all night helping [ profile] gothic_oreo reformat, we remembered that this puter requires a new video driver, which it doesn't want to run. :P So I'm officially trying to get caught up on my net fix using VGA mode. Assuming we can get the driver up and running this evening after I get back from my 8 hour shift, I should be able to actually read LJ a lot better.

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