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Mind you, this remains theoretical until one or the other calls me back and says "Hey, you're clean, come work for us! Redrum!" but I'm weighing the pros and cons of the two jobs I've interviewed for this past week.

Since the net was down over the weekend, here's the scoop on my Saturday interview. I knew the HR guy from Donato's back in 2000ish. After a drug test and a background check (which I'm waiting to hear back on), he offered me a position in the gas station.

I'm too lazy to make a table, so bear with me.


Pays more than Kroger's
Would never go hungry
Day shift

Working in food
Working with teenagers
Way the hell out in BFE (out by the zoo)


Union job, so fairly frequent pay raises
Work by myself
Uniform only requires jeans

Pay horrible until 4 months on the job
Dealing with Polaris people
Working under a guy I worked with 10 years ago I vaguely remember disliking
shift switches a lot.

In all honesty, I'll probably take whichever one calls me first, since I need a paycheck.

Oh my...

Mar. 5th, 2009 02:24 am
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My place of employment has a wiki entry.
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One more shift and I am so fucking off until Thanksgiving!

And I get to see my friends and scare the hell out of them with my one use camera!

Oh G-d, do I need time off.

And now that Dave's gone, I've heard more stories that let me know the boy really is literally a schizophrenic.
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I have 6 comments to answer, a Facebook letter from someone I haven't talked to in 10 years, and a comment on my high school alumni message board that demands a prompt reply.

But you know what? I spent 6 hours lugging wine, candy, chips and other various and sundry snack foods to the back of the store. I'm a lot tired. Everything can wait until tomorrow after work, or after my afterwork nap, depending. I also still have to finish cleaning my bathroom, which at this point is just waiting on me to get a cloth to wipe the cleaner off.

So, yeah, if you commented here in the past 24 hours, I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you.

And tomorrow...

I have to put it all back.

Plus I won't have a real register for several hours, since they're upgrading mine to Windows XP.

On the bright side, Ra'Shel, in a fit of niceness burned me a copy of Collective Soul's eponymous album from 1995, which was one of the best albums I ever owned. I have no idea what ever became of my old copy, but I now have a new copy to enjoy.
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But, given how post-y I was anyway, it would have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Quitometer showing my results of 9 months without smoking. Cut to save borders. )

I am quite lazy and unmotivated this afternoon. I should run up and grab a shower so I can hit the grocery before work, but I just can't seem to get wiggling. It may have to do with the chill in the air today. While I love Autumn, my body hasn't quite adjusted yet.
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Since I'm going out of town tonight, I'm going to go ahead and post the answer key to the 50 first line meme
found here.

horrbly mis-spelled answer key )

Anyway, I need to go see if Hollywood Video has a copy of Clue before John gets here. I needs me some Mrs. White.

Oh, but before I go, I'd like to state a few things for the record.

1) How the hell did the warehouse mix up Chambord and Grand Marnier? About the only thing they have in common is that they're cordials. SKU's are totally different, and one's raspberry while the other's Triple Sec.

2) I'm really sick of the thugs both African-American and Caucasian doing grab and runs with the E&J and Christian Bro's Brandy. I mean seriously. If you're gonna piss me off, at least grab something worth drinking.

3) I used to own MC Hammer and C + C Music Factory on cassette, so I guess I'm sort of an ex-thug. *cough*


Jun. 24th, 2002 12:17 am
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Me tired. And this computer keyboard drops so many letters when I type I think perhaps it's trying to be cockney.

I got e-mail from the Rodger beast tonight. No clue what that was about.

I also passed my qualifiers, making it possible for me to jump into shift management if I so desire.

Mom and I had dinner at Cooker tonight after her concert, and my damn hamburger made me sick. But it was good to see her. We had a long talk about the Gamble clan, and why I think they're having issues.

Anyway, I'm hopping off now since I need sleep.
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This has been a really weird day. I have now officially missed two IM's from guys who are interested in me, which is odd since I'm not anyone's idea of handsome.

The highlight of my day was accidently feeling up one of the drivers at work. I backed into him as he was walking forward, so I got to feel his package for about 5 seconds. That is a pathetic highlight to a day.

Anyway, I ended up charging my rose quartz as part of my midsummer celebration last evening. In keeping wit my ethics, I didn't name names, just specific things I'm looking for, as well as asking for them to be drawn nearer to me. This beats the hell out of the Celine Dion spells of my early days. Admittedly, "Send Me a Lover" got me more than a few dates, but I really hate the song with an undying passion. But it's still a hell of a lot better than "It's all coming back to me", which does wonders as an instant karma spell.

Le sigh. It it too much to ask for a nice gent these days who wants to date? I seem to either get instant marriage proposals or one-night stands anymore. What I really want is someone who wants to date exclusively, but not jump into some kind of mortgage. I've lived with a lover once before, and the entire experience burned me something fierce. Thus the need for time spent together as well as apart.

Enough bitching for one night. Blessed be thee who readeth this. May Zeus look kindly upon you, and Athena bless you with wisdom.
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Before I whine about my job like a five year old, let me first welcome [ profile] lysystratae to my friend list, since Misha was nice enough to add me. And that reminds me, I need to finish the play...

Well, anyway, I ended up working an unintentional split shift today. Otherwise known as going in from 11-1, and then going in from 7-12:00. Seems te other two insiders called off afetr I left this morning, so after a nap, I ended up going back in. I must give credit to Maria and Jen for unique call-offs....Jen dislocated her shoulder and Maria bruised her tailbone. Both injuries were bedroom related, evidently. I sahn't go into the gory detals here, if you really wanna know, go by a Playboy or Hustler or something.

Past that, since I worked two unschedualed shifts, I get tomorrow off, meaning another fun night of LARPing in Westerville:) I get to watch [ profile] lotussilverfire stab some poor unsuspecting Caitiff in the back. (Bad Morgan! No blood-soaked doughnut!) And while she's doing that I get to play Beta wolf to my new primogen;)
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Well, today was Scott's b-day, so Greg brought in brownies. Remind me to ask wha's in them next time.

I spent most of my night is la-la land.

Woo-hoo. Nothing like tripping at work. I swear, it was like being at Cassano's again.
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Ok, there's this guy at work I've had like a mojor crush on for like the last month. Just randomly started one day when he hugged me out of the blue. You know, he's straight but he and I flirt a lot. Well, tinute, out of nowhere, we're slapping dough and talking and he startes doing Romeo's soliloquy from the balcony, and I respond with Juliet's answering speech. We ended up doing most of the Shakespeare we had in commen while making pizzas. It was just so odd, I decided to post it.

[ profile] lotussilverfire and I cast Beltaine this evening, and once again proved that Circle can be fun. Of course, any other pagan/wiccan probably would have walked out in the middle when we cast for better sex among the gods, but hey....
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Have to go to work...have to go to work....have to go to work...have to finish up my new pizza story...

Finally got started on the evil murder mystery set in a pizza joint...if I like the characters enough, I may use them to write the pizza espionage story I've had floating around for a few years....

Don't wanna go to work...

I'm scared what [ profile] jannajanna has to say to me...

Today is Beltaine, and I'm running on hormones right now...

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I'm having issues today.

I got called in to work, and Eddie stood me up for our lovely chance to enjoy Jason X courtesy of me outselling everyone in the market on the damned Spinich Alfredo pizza.

And why couldn't they have given me a raise instead of movie passes?

Oh, and the kicker is we were $250+ short last night. I was on register for about 2 hours. I somehow don't think I'm the thief. I don't think I'm about to get fired from my job, particularly with my aniversary coming up. Usually, when you come up that short, someone didn't close out the credit card or BuckID machiene. Not that they've accused me, but dman it, the till was in my code from 10-midnight. That means they can pretty much blame me, even though proper proceedure was not followed. I have yet to steal money from any job I have ever worked. And I know, the lady doth protest to much, but damn it, I grew up with a guilt complex. Now I feel guilty for things I am not responsible for. Did you know that the middle east is my fault?

Like I said, shit's been fucked up around here tonite.


Apr. 8th, 2002 02:02 am
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The first part of this will possibly piss people off, and the second part will bore people to death.

Ok, Papa John's is fucking pissing me off right now. Our customers are either stupid fuckin' students or even worse, stupid fuckin' rednex. There is no such thing as a nice fuckin' customer. They all want a special, they all want to bitch because of something I can't fix, and worse, they all want it right when I'm fuckin' in the middle of cleaning. And I'm really pissed that Dave is sucking Steve's dick to get hours, and then calls off constantly, usuallly due to a hangover. I've had bronchitis for a few days, and was told to come in anyway. Now Steve has it, and guess what? He called off. Fuck Steve.
And while we're on the subject, FUCK FUNDY XTIANS! If I have to hear one more time about how the war in Israel id the beginning of the great Tribulation, I am going to go POSTAL! First of all, do the research. The references cited to the "Rapture" are in a whole different book than the story of the Apocolypse. And in answer to [ profile] gareon's friend's contention that America is the whore of Babylon (not that I don't agree), oh please. Considering that most American fundies give that role to the freakin' pope of the Roman Church, to me this suggests that to those who claim to know the will of God are really just delusional fuckheads with a narcissistic complex. Although my major problem has always been with the complete disregard to any beliefs other than their own warped perspective (case in point: last time I went to a bible meeting the concentrated on specific words rather than the overall meaning of the passage they were studying), this new hypocracy is pissing me off. What they seem to forget is that any philosophic reading, nay, any reading, is subject to interpretation, filtered through individual perception and predjudice. Or they forget to take things in the context they were written, as it was filtered through the author's particular perceptions and predjudices. God did not once ever just sit down and say "Let there be BOOK!" I'll give you the 10 commandments, but even then, when I was researching Judaism, I found a nice little thing about how Genesis was written by at least two different authors, and how some of Deuteronomy was suspect to revision. (Read Karen Armstrong's _History of God_. She can cite more sources than I can can rattle off right now.) And while we're discussing revision, look at the KJV, subject to the fairy king of England's revision to suite his need to prove the divine right of kingship. Now the Qu'aran, at least, has the history of being written by people who actually personally knew the founder (with the exception of what the Prophet himself wrote.) Problem being that when they organized the damn thing (pardon my sacrelidge), they didn't bother to organize it very well. It has a bad tendancy to repeat itself. And the bible itself is incomplete.
Anyway, I've vented my frustration now, so I'm signing off before someone smites or rebukes me.

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