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Ended up watching Night 1 of Dancing With the Stars last night, which probably lowered my IQ a few points.

However, I think all of us are allowed at least one opportunity to be proles in regards to lowest common denominator entertainment on occasion. Thus why some of the smartest folks I know watch Survivor.

I'm kind of mad I have to work tonight, so I'll miss elimination, but there's a third night wednesday for me to enjoy.

I'm kind of rooting for 3 underdogs at the moment, as well as Warren Sapp. I wish I was as lithe as he is.

-Lance Bass. (He's gay, he's cute. He also sances like a white band on Soul Train.)

-Susan Lucci. (C'mon, how can you NOT root for Erica Kane?)

- Cloris Leachman. (Frau Blucher! *whinny* Seriously though. I know she's in the Jerry Springer role of old person there for entertainment value alone, but I love her anyway.)

Any rate, there's my admission of sheeplehood. Anyone else enjoying this TV version of cotton candy?
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What the hell is a Pah-Wraith?
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The problem with following different shows comes down to this.

I spent my days with John watching Buffy/Angel on DVD. When I got home, Babylon 5 Season 4, disks 4-6 had come in to the library.

Now I keep expecting Susan to have a vision and John to go stake Bestor.

I really really need to go see a shrink now.
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I must say, "Beauty and the Beasts" (Buffy Season 3, episode 4), is quite fun to watch. We ended episode 3 with naked, fresh from hell Angel, now we have Angel, shirtless Angel chained to a wall.

And we wonder why 9 out of 10 gay men loved this show.


Apr. 28th, 2007 01:20 am
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Watching the "Treasure of Tardos" episode of D&D, featuring something called the Demodragon.

Which I keep hearing as the Emo Dragon. If I ever run D&D again, I'm gonna have to make one. Probably a black dragon, who writes bad peotry about how his horde doesn't bring him pleasure, sings songs about how his magic doesn't make him happy anymore...

And has his scales groomed to look something like a reptillian shag carpet.

Speaking of, I'm toying with fanfic based on the show. Problem being, if I lapse into slash, I have to avoid having Presto pull the "magic wand" out of his hat.

EDIT: Oh dear G-D, [ profile] knightbear was correct. Optimus Prime is VENGER! (Of course, one of the villagers is Galvetron....)


Jul. 26th, 2003 12:02 am
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'nuff said.
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Ok, just got hooked on Bravo's new Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Rather amusing. I can only imagine watching it at, say, Union Station. The Queens would have a field day. Lord knows I did.

Actually, I find it rather amusing that Bravo is becoming one of the more "queer friendly" channels on TV now. Less angst than Lifetime. Now if they could pick up The Sunday Night Sex Show from Oxygen...I'd be set. Nothing better than Grandma discussing how to give a good blowjob. (If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor. Watch it sometime.)

Um, while I generally keep my mouth clamped about politics, I am kind of dissapointed to see that it looks like what I suspected has come true after all. Personally, if proof was found that Iraq was doing all the bad things we accused them of prior to invading, then sure, I could have seen the justification. This article points out a few things I missed while reading the paper, plus it's British in origin, making it that much cooler.

I'm half tempted to send that link to my friend Stacey, if only so maybe she'll quit e-mailing me all these "Convert and be saved, or don't and fry for eternity" Feel good Xtian conversion stories. Wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't e-mailing me dirty pictures and cartoons along with them. I mean yeah, I slept with her husband a few times before I moved to Columbus, even almost caused their divorce, but that usually causes people to not send you e-mail.

I have been so unmotivated the past few days. Must be the humidity. I really haven't felt much like doing anything.
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Origens Adventures/Gay Pride Parade/Comfest )

Bitching about July 4 )

Tonight's flashback )

So anyway, that's about it. I still haven't finished classes for conversion, for those that are wondering. To be honest, it's less second thoughts than "Where the hell did all my free time go?" If I ever pull an L. Ron Hubbard and start my own religion, I will make the holy day Wednesday. Anyway, I've been up too long today, and bed is calling.
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Ok, Went to LARP tonight. Playing the dumb-ass quite well now.

I have had a really bad headache since I woke up.

I get paid tomorrow! YAY!

ER was cool. And it was nice that the guy who lost his arm to the helicopter made [ profile] gothic_oreo vomit in disgust. When I watched the tape, I just thought it was kind of cool. Now, if it were real life and I saw that...

Actually, I'm toying with a really stupid idea about Trans-Atlantic trains...I kind of like the idea of sea platforms housing cities along the track...All based on a long ago illustration I saw where they built a city under the sea, only with giat walls to hold the water back. How cool would that be?

*sighs* I hate rain.
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Ok, since most everyone who has met me in Real Life knows, I'll pass on a secret. I am NOT a morning person. Thus why I generally avoid anything that involves being up before noon.

So tonight, after the roomies had sequestered themselves in their room, I ended up watching Session 9 on STARZ! while reading Bob Smith's Openly Bob. remind me never to watch a horror movie while reading a book of gay male kvetching. Particularly after finishing up both books of Keith Hartman's Gumshoe series.
Anything to avoid the Melville waiting for me to crack its spine.

I for one will be really quite pleased when this week is over. I can relax and enjoy myself. Even if we are playing Indiana at home on Saturday. It's not Michigan yet.

Enterprise was kind of fun tonite. And Scott Bakula is more interesting than Jeri Ryan. Obviously, I need a life.

Anyway, see ya'll later.

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