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Sep. 25th, 2017 05:56 pm
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 OMG! I just did it. 

I've always been reluctant to be a voice channel. The most I would accept was to 'hear' stuff in my head and then relay those words to the hearer (usually a client for a psychic reading). I knew it wasn't me thinking the words, because if I stopped 'putting it on loudspeaker' (as a friend used to say)
 it would stop. I had to keep speaking it for the next bit to come through. 

That was fine with me. People didn't always realise I was channelling, because it just sounded like me speaking – but  that was OK; I could always explain if I thought they needed to know. And anyway, I would usually be saying things like, 'I'm getting...' or 'They want me to tell you...'

I had an unexpected call this morning from one of the Goddess group, who had a friend from the city (Carrie) staying. In fact I met Carrie a couple of days ago at our beautiful Equinox celebration. She decided she would like a reading, and her hostess must have suggested me (which is nice, as it must mean she valued the reading she herself had from me some time ago). I squeezed Carrie in at the end of a busy day spent doing all manner of other things.

It was a great reading with the Tarot cards – I love being able to give people good news! – then I went to my crystal ball and waited, as usual, for whatever might come through. Being more clairsentient than clairvoyant, I don't scry with it. I put one hand on it and hold the client's hand with my other, then get my messages. I started to tell Carrie what I was getting, gave her quite along message, then was prompted to ask her if she had any questions. The question she asked got the beings who were speaking through me quite excited!

I started by responding, 'They are saying...' then suddenly I was speaking directly. That is, it was not me speaking, although it was my body doing so in physical terms. I even heard my voice change ever so slightly, and I had an awareness of plural energies.

One of the things they told her, they prefaced by saying, 'The channel's beliefs are at variance with this' (while I did an internal double-take at them talking ABOUT me) – and indeed it was so; I found the views they expressed quite confronting. However, the message was for my client, so I didn't try to interrupt. Nor did I experience any doubt about it whilst it was coming through, even though it startled me. 

What she said was that the problem with giving unconditional love was that with love comes grief. I
  heard them say, animatedly, 'Oh no!'.

I said to her, 'They are saying, "Oh no!" ' – and suddenly it was them talking to her directly, not me relaying it a bit at a time. 

They said that with love comes joy. We only think otherwise because we think this world is all there is.

'It feels real and intense,' they said, 'But it is ephemeral.'

It seemed to me at first that they were giving the old Christian message that the earth doesn't matter and Heaven is all. I
 certainly don't like that view! But they sought to explain further – not always able to find adequate words in the English language – making it clear that they weren't describing the traditional Christian view, nor that of any religion.

'There is much that is not understood,' they said. I had the sense that it is beyond the understanding of anyone who is on this plane.

They also hastened to add that this does not mean we can sit back and do nothing, on the grounds that it doesn't matter anyway. Far from it: we must do our best to foster peace, and unconditional love; we did choose to come here to learn and grow and this place is a vehicle for that. 
(This was more like what I do subscribe to.) 

It was moving. We were both in tears by the time I finished. 

Explaining afterwards to Carrie that it was a first for me to do it that way, I said, 
'The energy felt beautiful'. I was slightly surprised when she beamed and agreed – forgetting, briefly, that she had been experiencing the same energy for the first time too.

I am no longer reluctant to be a direct voice channel.

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