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As some of you might have run across over the past few days, I've been pondering a Call of Cthulhu campaign set in the late 1970's New York City. It started with this....

Creole Lady Cthulhu )

And that spiraled into this story, which while not hitting Lovecraft's existential horror or madness, still would provide a fund prop to get characters in the story involved in the plot. Like, if Daniel somehow gets a copy of it and seeks out the characters. Or if the characters find the hidden temple and read it.

Let me also preface this by stating I don't endorse drug use anymore than I endorse following Elder Gods into long forgotten blasphemous temples.


Cthulhu comes on down to the 54 )
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This was odd. I had the idea, and I couldn't quite get the shape I saw when I got the seed.

Fun with the Persephone myth )
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This will hopefully fulfill two goals in two different things with a few tweaks. Anyway, need feedback and suggestions, comments and concerns...

opening the box )
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This turned out a bit longer than what I anticipated. It turned out well, though, at least I think so.

you may want a hankie handie. )

Oh G-d.

Aug. 5th, 2012 10:43 pm
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Olympian slash fic )

Where the hell did that come from?
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Was a very long night at work.

But also good in that my register is even, I didn't have to refuse service, and I didn't have any rude folks tonight. Plus one of my customers brought me pot roast.

I so need to go to bed, given what time I have to be up.

But [ profile] gislebertus keeps asking if I thought one letter to a medium sized town's newspaper would change the world.

As much as I'd like it to, the answer remains no.

Which is why I'm pondering why I posted it and the responses on here, particularly dwelling on the negative, rather than the really nice things people have said to me, and the people who really seemed to respond to it, Kum-ba-Yah sentiments and all.

And what I've come up with is this: I was once told by one of my writing teachers in High school 9 out of 10 things you write are abject crap, but it's the 10th one that matters.

That particular letter was my 10th one. It was a solid essay that expressed with clarity what I'd been feeling and conveyed my message quite well. Which makes me proud, since most of my writing of late has been shit. Mind you, I still re-write it in my head, but still, it's nice to know I can still pull out a 10th essay.

And the other thing is that this was the first time in ages I've let something I've written that's important to me loose into the world at large. Normally, the folks who get to read my writing are people who read me here on LJ, my YahooGroup, etc. In other words, people who know me in real life or are familiar enough with my writing to get the gist of what I'm talking about even when my vocabulary and grammar are failing.

Really, most of what I wanted was to know I'd made people think, to know that someone understood where I was coming from, to share my experience with people who have no idea who the heck I am nor would they particularly care.

So yeah. My views won't change the world. but the fact I made even people who DON'T agree with everything I had to say think about what I said, I feel I succeeded. Which is a rare and wonderful feeling for me. And watching comments go up from people on here and my other social network sites as well as comments on the newspaper boards expressing the opinion that Kim whatever her name is from Nixa missed my point entirely and proved at least one of the points I was trying to make is also a good feeling.

And getting an e-mail from mom who read the response that said "Nix on Nixa" made me laugh.

Any rate, I'm going to go to bed now on my bed of laurels. I have a general idea of what I need to say in response to Kim, but it can wait until tomorrow night when I've retsed up a bit.

Hugs to all of you, and may peace find you where ever you may roam.
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I was going to post this on the 30th, but...

The ghost story mom used to tell us as kids )
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Quit-o-meter, since I haven't firgured out how to shrink it )Answers to the song meme )

Kind of outlining a story again...problem being it's not the horror story I already have sitting on my harddrive in outline form. More of a Historical romance brought on by recent reads.

Got the DVD's of The Mikado and SpaceCamp from the library to torment John with.

And I wish I could figure out why Mom's upset John and I don't live together full time.
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Oh the fun of looking through the archives of my sort of defunct writing group. For those who didn't know, I've been working on grabbing my old stories and putting them in Word format so I can a)revise the finished ones and b)get around to finishing the ones I never completed. The latter include a mystery involving a severed head in a pizza freezer and the continuence of one of my longest works. Hidden among these gems of bad prose and worse poetry, I found a fun story I only vaguely remember writing. I think I'd been reading Faulkner when I wrote it. Thus the emulation. Anyway, ladies and gents of the friends list, may I present...

the happiest story ever written )
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Who asked people to write scary stories in their journals for him.

This happens to be thshort one, and the one of two with a satisfactory (to my taste) ending.

Comfortably Dead )

Next halloween, I will finish writing the ten part haunted house story I started last year and never finished.
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After last night's silly post, I worte up the outline for this.
James's annual Hallowe'en story )
I had a really long night at work. But my next paycheck will be really big again!
Not much going on. Mom is still having health issues, and I'm having troubles focusing on any one thing long enough to take care of it. I really need a vacation.
Oh, and one of my roomies and I had a long conversation about how many songs are really masturbation references. I wmay never listen to "Turning Japanese" again.
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But I've been busy elsewhere.

So, anyway, here's a fun l'il story I rewrote back in the days to Themestream, although it has had a few incarnations.Comfortably Dead )
Yes, I was having issues when I rewrote this way back in the day. But it's still a fun one to revisit. It was my anger at my high school expressiong itself.
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Ok, before I post the second half of the noir story, Let me just express how f***ed up my evening has been.

My back is killing me. I was late to work because of a homeless guy. I need gas-x.

So, I'm not sure how many of you do this, but I give nicknames to the street people I see walking to and from work. Back in Fairborn, we had two or three, one of whom always wore read, was chubby, and had gray hair. Thus why we all called him Santa. Well, on the way into work, Military man stopped me, asking what I thought of the government taking taxes out of my check. I told him. As it turned out, he agreed with me. He then proceeded to go on at length about how credit cards are "the mark of the beast", how the small pox virus is being distributed via cell phones, and how when the revolution comes, I should stand with him. It was just too damn good to NOT listen to. I haven't been that entertained in ages. Anyway, I gave him a dime, since it was the only change I had on me. He gave it back to me. I gave him a Winston. That he did take, then he proceeded to offer me oral sex for a pizza when I got off work. Is it wrong for me to feel flattered about that? Probably. All I know is that I'm in heat right now. Which I'm sure no one on here wanted to know.

Which brings us to tonight's second half of The Maltese Dildo. I'm not very happy with it, but since I posted the very rough first half, I might as well post the rest of it.
Be warned, it does get
Part Deux )
I dunno, it really isn't what I set out to write. And the tone really never meshed right. There are a few spots where I got it right, but I blew the ending.
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[ profile] invisible_sun planted the seeds for this in a comment he made to the Gangster trio last night.

Here's part one of a little story I like to call The Maltese Dildo )
I'm really hoping the dirty mindedness that went into the first part came through ok. I'd hate to think not everyone on my friend list has a dirty mind. And yes, I'm well aware I'm ripping off just about every hard-boiled spoff in exsistance. But isn't it FUN?

Past that, nothing new here. The excitement of my day was doing laundry.
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I decided to screw around with writing styles tonight and this odd piece of crap is what fell out.
The Artist and The Model )
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really long be warned )
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Hopefully I can post this. This is the result of "Steven" watching The St. Francisville Experiment.
Plantation_woes )
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Since I've mentioned it a few times...
The_Legendary_Tulsa_Trip!_A_Voyage_To_HELL! )
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I'm not giving anyone the title to this.
Read more... )

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