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Now I've got the funk.

Oh yeah, and just for [ profile] sissalem...

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I'll take the cake.

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I am going to bed.

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I'd heard Pete Burns had become a beautiful woman, but I didn't really believe it. Not sure if I like the updated version of the song though.

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This vid is filled with so much win, it hurts. It's like a geekgasm.

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Thanks to something of [ profile] starrchilde's I posted in [ profile] metaquotes, I managed to get this in my head. The following is one of the only good things to come out of Shock Treatment, the much maligned sequal to Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between, I give you "Little Black Dress".

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But first, some of the fun things John sends me links to.

I still can't figure out what the fuck's going on in this one...

And this is just an old time favorite.

The funny part of that last one is I saw a car tonight with a picture of a wire hanger surrounded by a red circle and a line through the circle. Wasn't sure if that meant they were pro choice, or thought Christina was a naughty girl.
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I know a few of you refuse to watch videos on here due to connection speeds/library checking/etc., but if you're in a bad bad mood, I'm giving you the best of Hee-Haw's "Pfft you were gone". Featuring such people as Johnny Bench, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, and Tammy Wynette. Kind of sad how a show I should loath still makes me happy. But then, it's probably due to fond memories of watching it with Dad while waiting for the Disney Sunday movie to come on.

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Just thought with the AFC/NFC championship on Sunday, we should see the 70's version of Dennis Rodman...

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So wrong. Although it does explain the clothes.
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All I have to say is 3 wrongs make one hell of a viewing.

Actually, I should add that the second clip is probably the only time you will ever hear me yell "You go, Girl" and make silly "Raise the roof geastures" or act like a member of a Jerry Springer audience in relation to Faux News.

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