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They're making D&D on-line.

Nothing quite sez inner geek like a D&D MMORPG. Mind you, I guess it's set in the Ebberan(?) setting, but I would rather assume expansions will allow other settings. Of course, this mean one of the first expansions would have to be Planescape or Spelljammer, since there really isn't a good way to get between the worlds in D&D short of high level spell casters.
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This comes courtesy of White Wolf's Time of Judgement News Ticker. For those who have no freaking idea what the hell I'm talking about, WW is a Game Developer who is ending the setting they created. And I find this amusing since I sure as heck don't remember it happening, and I live 4 blocks away! (Yes, it's fiction. I assume it refers to the end of Changeling: the Dreaming, which of course means that Cowtown has been over-run by Fairies!)

Tuesday October 28, 2003
Violence and Madness Grip OSU Campus
COLUMBUS, OHIO—The Ohio State University campus became a battleground yesterday afternoon as two groups of assailants engaged in what appears to have been a running gun battle, lasting a full eight hours. Witnesses also report a variety of sights during the chaos, including the appearance of such fanciful beings as dragons and elves. No sign of such beasts were uncovered after the battle ended, but authorities are reportedly at a loss as to the motives or identities of the combatants. Those arrested at the scene are seemingly suffering from acute amnesia and deny any memory of a battle, much less any fairy tale monsters. Sixteen people died during the violence.
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I Am A: Chaotic Good Human Fighter Mage

Chaotic Good characters are independent types with a strong belief in the value of goodness. They have little use for governments and other forces of order, and will generally do their own things, without heed to such groups.

Humans are the 'average' race. They have the shortest life spans, and because of this, they tend to avoid the racial prejudices that other races are known for. They are also very curious and tend to live 'for the moment'.

Primary Class:
Fighters are the warriors. They use weapons to accomplish their goals. This isn't to say that they aren't intelligent, but that they do, in fact, believe that violence is frequently the answer.

Secondary Class:
Mages harness the magical energies for their own use. Spells, spell books, and long hours in the library are their loves. While often not physically strong, their mental talents can make up for this.

Tymora is the Chaotic Good goddess of luck and good fortune. She is also known as Lady Luck, and also Tyche's fair-tressed daughter. Followers of Tymora believe in the tenent that, 'Fortune Favors the Bold,' and will throw caution to the wind and trust to luck to work things out for the best. Tymora's symbol is an unmarked silver disk.

Find out What D&D Character Are You?, courtesy ofNeppyMan (e-mail)

a quicky

Jul. 29th, 2003 04:04 pm
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Stolen from [ profile] jo_munch

1. Stealing someone's coffee is called 'mugging'
2. Drinking too much coffee can cause a latte problems
3. Does a coffee shop have the grounds to operate in the black?
4. Coffee has bean the grounds of many a heated and strong discussion.
5. When he spilled coffee on her shirt she showed him dis-stain.
6. Is coffee your daily grind?
7. When they spilled coffee on his neck, he got hot under the collar.
8. I just had some coffee that was good only for its sedimental value.
9. Selling coffee has its perks for those who have bean so lucky.
10. The coffee around here is break fluid.

Newest thing to piss me off.

Newest thing to amuse me

Newest way to spend Sunday night

Yes, I'm now a deer in the headlights Toreador. Run away now.
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Ended up not s;leeping, instaead doing Comfest, Pride, and Origins. Just got home. Will update in detail later.

Note to [ profile] lotussilverfire and [ profile] gothic_oreo ...I did feed the rodents, but there's a good possibility the trash won't make it out before you get home. This is due in part to the fact I haven't slept in 36 hours, I got a nasty sunburn, and I also spent way too much time playing Are you a Werewolf? along with other fun wastes of time while waiting for someone to get out of the bad movie awards.
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Ah, the joys of a day off. So far, I've slept 9 hours, eaten Greek delivery, and watched 2 stupid movies.

Lost Voyage is low budget and obviously got released to cash in on Ghost Ship. But hey, the plot is more like Event Horizon in the Bermuda Triangle anyway...

Mission to Mars wasn't that bad, but it wasn't the greatest thing I've ever seen, either. I did like that they had fun with the face.

Tonight or tomorrow, I also have Rose Red waiting for me.

Ok actual thought post. [ profile] taocub and I had a really long IMversation on why some gamers are drawn towards morally questionable characters. This was due mainly to me pointing out that the FAQ's for Demon are up at White Wolf. That and a bit of bitching about uber-insane or uber-violent characters that seem to be the most visible.
So, at some point I have a whole thesis at the ready about how Vampire:The Masquerade is really a meditation on homosexuality with a few fun things thrown in for good measure. If you really wanna know, the Sabbat would be like Queer Nation or Dykes on Bikes. People outside the mainstream with a different approach towards dealing with the mundanes. The Camarilla is like Stonewall or any of the other more mainstream organizations. The Inconnu would be like our predecessors, those who stayed closetes or maintained near zero visibility.
A frenzy could be re-interpreted as letting "the inner queen" out to run. Acceptable in some situations, but breaking out a full blown review at most 9-5 jobs when "I will survive" comes on the muzak in not socially acceptable. And most of us blow willpower to resist it.
Expand on the metaphor. Ghouls become flame-dames and fag-hags. And the entire legends of being repelled by religious objects a statement on the current state of how religion views homosexuality.
But back on topic, for me, yes, I'm playing a character who's biology is outside the normal order. Yes, most people would think he is evil. (I mean come on, the guy runs a prostitution and drug ring out of his occult bookstore.) However, once a week, I don't have to be James, the stressed out pizza student. Once a week, I am Steven, the moderatly stupid sheriff of a backwater domain. It's one day a week when I don't have to be me. It's kind of nice to worry more about why the prince is trying to cut in on your drug trade than if you have enough hours to survive, let alone what books and tests you should be working on.
Demon does sound like fun to play. Milton understood this. His Lucifer was one of the best known archtypes of the "anti-hero". Superman is a boring read because he's like Pollyanna with x-ray vision. Batman on the other hand, is more human, having a darker aspect to his personality. Marvel usually does a good job at keeping it real. Look at Spiderman or Daredevil.
Argh, my geek is showing. Well, off to do something else for the time being.
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Before I whine about my job like a five year old, let me first welcome [ profile] lysystratae to my friend list, since Misha was nice enough to add me. And that reminds me, I need to finish the play...

Well, anyway, I ended up working an unintentional split shift today. Otherwise known as going in from 11-1, and then going in from 7-12:00. Seems te other two insiders called off afetr I left this morning, so after a nap, I ended up going back in. I must give credit to Maria and Jen for unique call-offs....Jen dislocated her shoulder and Maria bruised her tailbone. Both injuries were bedroom related, evidently. I sahn't go into the gory detals here, if you really wanna know, go by a Playboy or Hustler or something.

Past that, since I worked two unschedualed shifts, I get tomorrow off, meaning another fun night of LARPing in Westerville:) I get to watch [ profile] lotussilverfire stab some poor unsuspecting Caitiff in the back. (Bad Morgan! No blood-soaked doughnut!) And while she's doing that I get to play Beta wolf to my new primogen;)
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[ profile] adagiogray and [ profile] lotussilverfire and I drove up to Westerville to a LARP a friend of mine invited me to. The really odd part is that the guy who invited me remembers me mainly from my old character, Steven Lewis, Gangrel Primogen of Dayton (watches lights dim as light bulbs go on over people's heads). Turns out I knew a few people. While I'm playing another Gangrel named Steven (I usually play Gangrel because my wardrobe fits the clan very well), this one has issues. He's an occult bookstore owner who runs a male prostitution ring under the cover of "Reiki massage". Heh.
The thing I like about this LARP (besides actually knowing the players outside of game) is that most of us are normal people who just want to have fun. This is not meant to be an insult to anyone, but I never felt all that comfortable LARPing with a bunch of people who a)were 17 or younger, b)too busy being goth to be a character, and c)too wrapped up in petty bullshit to enjoy the game. The LARP right now is smallish, but that's ok. It also just got started, which is even better. And I must admit, with the sudden cold snap, it felt damn good to put on all the flannel that's been in my closet.
I guess it almost felt like home. My old LARP at WSU, before all the bullshit that caused me to leave felt like this. Most of us work normal jobs or go to school, and we all just want to have fun. Hell, one of the Toreador women is a Sorority babe.
Winks at[ profile] adagiogray
Not to mention, there's a Graeter's right down form the game, meaning kick ass ice cream and pastry.

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