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Nov. 26th, 2003 02:33 am
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So, Dave happened to be driving by right when I walked out the door. Always makes my day get off to a good start.

Work was so so. Nice and Dead.

I have so much to do tomorrow, and last night I had a dream that Erin and rich came after me with butter knives because I had a tub of peanut butter in my hands. I think I'll go buy more while I'm out tomorrow.
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Evidently, my month of EQ is up, since it told me that my billing info is incorrect. I'm hoping those that got me addicted will run me to the nearest store to get a pre-paid card soon. This is like being without ciggies and caffiene in the morning. So, since my usual time killer is not an option, I've been cleaning. The bathroom is clean, and next comes the trash.

What really sucks is that I haven't had a decent social interaction (work not included) since Wednesday afternoon. And my friends are all on their way Toledo for a wake. My prayers go with them.

Speaking of work, mom called me at work tonight. It seems the old bat is getting honored by her old high school (Bexley, for those who know anything of Columbus) in September. Evidently, she's an outstanding alumni. All this did was serve to remind me that my 10 year reunion will be in about a year. Not that I want to go. I, in fact, hope that all of the people I graduated with end up in the hell of being flayed alive. The only way I'd go to deal with those stuck up assholes would be to rent a sexy escort and claim him as my life partner just for sheer spite.

And in the "my family really does hate me" department, I got my first Xmas card today, complete with a handwritten note and pictures. I'm really tempted to send Hannukah cards to my family this year, just to see how many heart faliures I can inspire. Which reminds me, Shalom Shabbat and Happy Hannukah! I'll probably make latkes on Tuesday, since I am bound and determined to celebrate something this week.

Which reminds me, I forgot a story last night. I decided to get cappucino Thursday morning, which required a trip to United Dairy Fuckers, the only thing other than the homeless shelter open on Thanksgiving in downtown Urbana. So, I go and get French Vanilla cappucino, which here in Columbus and back in Dayton is not a big deal. In Urbana, however, the only people who drink cappucino are women and faggots. To paraphrase Heathers, if you don't have a beer in hand, you might as well be wearing a dress. The locals were eyeing me like I had just walked in nekid or something. I would have given a gender theory lecture, but then I would probably have ended up in the hospital. The weird part is that Urbana is trying to turn the downtown area into an "Arts District". I guess people are already trying to denounce the plan as Sodom and Gomorrah reborn in Small-town Ohio. G-d knows we can't abide by permanent residents being faggots and dykes. Which is sad, since Urbana's gay community is really small, and exists under a permanent stigma. One of many reasons I like the sort of Metropolitan anonymity that comes with living in Cap City.

Gah. Getting moody again.
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My goals for the weekend were to do laundry, take out the trash, and clean the bathroom. I still have yet to do any of it, mainly due to last night's excursions and tonight's 10-hour shift.

Interesting aside tonight. I think they must have been conservative sect, based oin the clues I had, but we had a nice Jewish family come in and order a bunch of pizza tonight. It felt good to actually wish someone I didn't know a Shalom Shabbat.

Yes, I'm weird.

I also decided to send a two sentence e-mail to Josh congratulating him on his upcoming wedding. I dunno, I guess I don't know how to feel about Josh. (For all you Fairborners reading this, my old roomie Josh, not the more recently married Josh.) I dunno. I know what happened has worked out for the best, and the only thing that ever irritated me was minor. I dunno. I just really don't want to talk to him, even if we used to be best friends. My original intent for this post was to explain who Josh is and what happened, but I'm too tired for all that drama right now. It's over and done with. Our lives split. I am curious as to who the hell he is engaged to, particularly since she is allegedly from Urbana, but that will have to wait for a while. Depending on whether or not he still checks the e-mail I sent the note to.

I also am beginning to remember why I hate the first real cold snap of the year. Damn Seasonal Afective Disorder. It's really bad when the only reason you can come up with to live is that you have to work tomorrow. Or realizing that your house has no good place to kill yourself in. And even if you did, knowing your roommate would try and ressurect you just for the sake of killing you for getting blood stains on the carpet.

Yes, I'm being morbid. It's how I deal with it, since I have no desire to go to flatline emotion again. Paxil made me an asshole. Or rather, it got me to the emotional level where I had two moods. Zoned out and asshole. That and it made me constipated. On the bright side, I could go for hours in bed!

Ugh. Maybe I will clean the bathroom. I do need to wash clothing tomorrow. Trash can wait for [ profile] gothic_oreo to get here, since he promised to help me. You hear me, Oreo?!?
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Well, two of the roomies are in Buffalo for the weekend and the other one is moving.

I'm closing every night until Monday.

*screams very loudly, doing his best Medea imitation*

I have a really bad story idea. Pray I don't write it.

And have I mentioned that I hate Coast to Coast? Everyone here listens to it, but as near as I can tell, it utilizes the worst aspects of the Trekkies and Miss Cleo types of the world to annoy me.
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Ok, kiddies, I'm off to the Western Wilds for a commitment ceremony tomorrow, which means a whole weekend without the wacky thoughts of the psycho behind the keyboard.

So anyway, I got a copy of the always fabulous To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar out of the library. This led to some even more fabulous commentary between me and the always interesting [ profile] gothic_oreo. My personal favorite was his comment that John Leguizamo has a great set of legs. And he wonders why we all question our gaydar around him. We also made fun of the "touching" love scene between Bobby-Ray and Bobby-Lee. Bobby-Ray made a comment along the lines of "You sure got a purdy dress". This led to me commenting "You sure got a purdy mouth". For those of you too young to remember that quote, go check out Deliverence. Scary less for the subject matter than what used to be considered sexy.

Now of course, my VCR is screaming for a showing of Pricilla, Queen of the Desert. Even if we do have to endure the now legendary ABBA turd conversation.

I still have to write a witty and intelligent toast to the bride and groom. I am gay, so this means I have standards to maintain. "Gee, I love you guys and you two are so great together, so let's all get plowed" is not in my ideal speech. Although, I am hoping to be toasty when I read it, since I have a fear of speaking in public. I also need to get a card, since I still plan of giving cash as the gift. I don't think a bar tab is going to cover a gift.

Herb is talking to me again. I actually got three sentances out of him on MSN tonight. In the meantime, Aunt Judy was using Jason's MSN to talk dirty to me. I got a laugh when I told her I could please her without even touching her, since she always smiles when we talk. I will not repeat her comment back to that.

I get my Tux tomorrow when I get there. With any luck, I'll figure out how to scan a pic and post it here so you can all see me in something other than grunge-chic.

No more random encounters with the homeless today. I did, however, have a lot of fun making fun of customers at work tonight. As I have harped on repeatedly, "May I have your phone number?" is not a trick question. Also, our hold tape explains in graphic detail the specials. Listen closely so you don't have to fucking ask me.

New recipe, better than [ profile] goddamndunce's lettuce and crisco...Beef tips and noodles on pizza dough is excellent. Particularly Nancy's Cafe beef tips and noodles.

Why is Jason audio-taping cemetaries? What a dork.

Anyway, if anyone has good speech advice, please let me know.

Peace out until next time.

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Before I post tonight's update, I did offer comment space in my journal for [ profile] kylewallace to continue the debate that got started over in [ profile] gareon's journal. This is open to all comers, since just about everyone on my friend list is all over the freakin' map on the current state of the US foriegn and domestic policy, and to be honest, I'd just like to have another record breaking comment number again. For the record, the invite was issued here. Damn it, I broke my promise to be apolitical.

Past that, my evening consisted of going out for coffee with [ profile] gothic_oreo and [ profile] lotussilverfire at Staufs in Grandview. This got interesting and entertaining for the other patrons listening to us debate. Yes, boys and girls, I broke the apolitical vow twice this evening. It all started with a conversation on why I'm becoming Jewish after all these years, versus remaining pagan. It proceeded into Xtian bashing, and just bitching about fundies in all of the world's religions. Lotus didn't seem to believe me when I pointed out that yes, there are Wiccan fundies out there, and they are just as scary as Xtian fundies. I also bitched about how some Pagans never volunteer, never try to take responsability for the world around them, etc. Although I have yet to meet a Buddhist fundy or a Hindu fundy, but I'm sure where ever ignorence is found, so is fundementalism.
We then proceeded to rant about politics for a while. I got distracted by a cute ass halfway through the conversation about suspension of elections in time of war, but based on the arguement, I didn't miss much.
So, we came home, and I'm now here relaxing. At some point, I'll go more in detail, but I want this up sooner rather than later.
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Oh my. OSU is being overrun by the terminally perky pom-pom ho's.

And every one of the sweater monkeys had to have pizza tonight.

And I just kept thinking, "Why are they eating this when everyone knows they're just going to puke it back up a few hours from now?"

Then I came home, to a free-range conversation that went places I never ever want to see again. Can you guess which one of my roommates swallows?

I'm going to go re-read Les Miserables now. My life doesn't seem so bad by comparison.
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Well, my horoscope for yesterday sure hit the nail on the head. Let me paraphrase. "Scorpio: With Pluto squared with Venus and a full moon, you will be a raving lunatic for several hours."

How very true.

My day started with waking up, as usual. I decided I'd do my normal morning stuff, but that got interrupted by the bi-monthly pressure blow off by the rooomies. I missed mmost of it, thanks to a trip to our local Subway. Then I got ready to go in to work early, since I had to make up for hours missed yesterday. Well, work was a madhouse tonight. Dead then busy. Dead then busy. And just about everyone I talked to on the phone tonight was a fucking incompetent bastard who should never be allowed to order a pizza again. Asking for someone's phone number is not a trick question.
And when we weren't busy, we had competeing mental radio moments, since the physical radio is being cleaned currently. (Don't ask.) This meant we swung from Guns & Roses to Paula Cole to Nelly to Madonna.
And the cherry was the 60 pie to Jim Tressel and the OSU football team. $300 order, driver got a $2 tip. Go Michigan!!!!
On the bright side, Herbert has invited me up to his parents place in Port Clinton in the middle of next moth. Looks like I may get a much needed vacation after all. Now if only Herb was announcing his "union" to me...*laughs bitterly* yeah that'll fuckin' happen. I think the real reason Herb and Stacy haven't managed tyo get divorced is do to the ties that bind- joint checking. Advice to all newly-weds....keep yer finances separate for at least 5 years.
Fuck. Excuse me while I go howl at the moon for a while.
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Since [ profile] gothic_oreo posted about our roommate Jason and the full beers, I thought I would mention Jason's observation while watching Tommy: "Wow, I thought The Wall was fucked up."
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Well, my roomates are now on here as [ profile] lotussilverfire and [ profile] gothic_oreo, which mean I have to stop posting about my plans to murder them both while they sleep. And since I know yer both reading this, I'm only teasing.

Anyway, I'm planning on gathering up my trash here in a few after voiding my bowels of Chipotle (which we traded with tonight!)

But anyway, I managed to find the home page of my father's old WW II assignment last night, and among the pictures was one I think may actually be dad. I sent the link on to mom, because I know she'll be interested. The bad part of all of this is that everyone seems to know more about Dad's assignment in "the hump" than I do. (For the record, they flew supply drops via air lift between India and China.)

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