Jun. 25th, 2005 08:45 pm
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Got out of the shower and got a great look at my now burnt red face.

This is the problem with being nocturnal so many years. I don't think about sunscreen until after I'm a lobster.

Ah well. I may take Bill's advice and pull a Jonda. "I'm sunburned! I can't work today!"


Jun. 21st, 2005 10:49 pm
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I know this has become a hot topic of conversation around my friend's list this week, so I'll just be quiet and say what it is to me personally.

My first Pridefest was 2002, my first year here in Columbus. By that point, assuming my actual coming out date was Summer 1991 (Let me clarify that. I was with Mike for the first time sometime in 87-88, but I didn't actually start the coming out process until 1991. I think. We're talking ancient history to me now. And I didn't come out to a lot of people at first, but thanks to wagging tounges in Western Champaign County, pretty much everyone but my family knew by June 1994 when I graduated High School.) So..,that means I'd been pretty much exposed and indoctrinated into the homosexual lifestyle for a good 11 years already, and was well aware that most of the gay men I had met were superficial twinks or trolls. (This is what I get for going to Wright State. Had I gone to OSU, my perceptions probably would have been a bit different. Or if I'd hung out at the Springfield bars more often, I could have lived with blue collar gay folks.)

What I found at Pride was confirmation that we can all just get along at least once a year. And while our tastes in partners differ depending on where you are, Drag Queens and Leathermen get cheered universally. Mind you, the actual party was a bummer, mainly due to a)I was broke, b) I didn't know anyone, and c) My High School English teacher who had just come out as a lesbian was running around topless. I nearly pulled an Oedipus after THAT particular specticle.

So what do I make of all the Pride rants?

Yeah, Pride sould be year round. But given the world we live in, that ain't gonna happen. I did the activism route in College and burned out like a sparkler. In your face protesting isn't something I'm good at. <-dangling participle, bad James. You know, when we reorganized Lambda in 1995 to try to get more funding, we switched out slogan to Support, Activism, Advocacy. I much prefered the former. It's easier for me to support folks than it is for me to spend my life yelling at people. And to me, being myself is more likely to change minds than confronting assholes who've a) never met an openly gay person or b) seem to think every gay man wants to stick his dick up his hillbilly arse. I once saw this toothless guy with a balding mullet walk down Main Street in Urbana with a very derogatory shirt on. Seeing as how I was in town for only 6 hours, I politely walked up and explained that no gay man in his right mind would ever see him as a sex symbol. Then I ran like hell for UDF.

And I really don't think we're lying to people just coming out with Pride and our message of gay unity. Just like any other minority, we're united by a biological factor, and divided by our humanity. IE we are united by our desire to love someone with the same genitals, but sivided by the fact we're all prone to our own humanity filled with judgements, predjudices, etc. Our unity is that we can set aside these differences of opinion long enough to do something about it, albeit usually in a mode comfortable to us. (One person might organize a petition, another might go scream on the Statehouse steps.)

When you get down to it, all of us are making a difference just by expressing ourselves. We show the world everyday we are here, we are queer, and g-ddammit will you str8 people learn to dress properly? If you want a real hip tip, buy all your outfits at the same place since most lables regardless of price design clothes that match each other!
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Ended up not s;leeping, instaead doing Comfest, Pride, and Origins. Just got home. Will update in detail later.

Note to [ profile] lotussilverfire and [ profile] gothic_oreo ...I did feed the rodents, but there's a good possibility the trash won't make it out before you get home. This is due in part to the fact I haven't slept in 36 hours, I got a nasty sunburn, and I also spent way too much time playing Are you a Werewolf? along with other fun wastes of time while waiting for someone to get out of the bad movie awards.
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Get up.

Hit Comfest.

Leave Comfest, go watch the Gay Pride Parade.

Laugh at my High School English teacher, who likes to be a topless lesbian in the parade.

Perhaps hit the festival, but debating, since I'm not a fan of the Pointer Sisters.

Go to Origens and hang out with peeps and spend money on RPG's I'll never play.

Come home and cry.

Eat dinner of some sort, then lament the lack of finances to go see Blondie at the Factory.

Mutter darkly about how much my life sucks at the moment.

Cry some more.

Go to bed.
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Now that the full effect of Pride is wearing off, I seem to have a sunburn and sore legs.
I also have a job that I could care less about, and a mother who saw me on the news or something. I got this terrific e-mail from her about it. I can't wait to have dinner with her tomorrow. And damn [ profile] smurfchick for mentioning funnel cake. Unless I go to King's Island or Cedar Point here in the near future, I won't get one until Fair week. I evidently missed the booth at Comfest (not a great surprise since I got lost wandering around Gooddale Park...the only booth I found that I remember was the water booth run by one of the local gay leather clubs), and now I want a funnel cake covered in strawberries and powdered sugar. I wish to god I had a camera. Next year, I will remember to buy one just for the event. I really want to go to Origins this week, but my poor budget won't allow this to happen.
BTW, shout-outs to [ profile] thebahboo who is celebrating a birthday this week.
Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. Pax Omnimibus.
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Now that I'm more awake than when I typed my last entry (after three hours of sleep and marching downtown), I can more rationally explain things.

Ok. Well, since I went stag, I kind of wished I had someone nearby to share my observations with. Like the line dancing float. My ex, Evil Kris, would have loved it. I had this random flash of us dancing to "Indian Outlaw" when the float passed by.
Or how Doug would have reacted to the bears. Or Mike, circa high school, seeing that there are others like us, a strong community made up of just about everything you can imagine. How much we both could have used that in 1987. Even without a date, even with the usual bitchyness of GLBT politics, I couldn't help but feel like I was part of something bigger than myself.
And it was fun. Hell, I ran into my Freshman English teacher from High School at the entrance to the festival. I had wanted to talk to her for a while now, since she came out a few years after I graduated. It's nice to know that even in my hickville hometown, someone is there to watch over the gay ones now. Even with the Fred Phelps's of this world, its nice to know that we are gaining visibility to a point where no one needs to live in fear of being the only one who feels different. and yes, dysfunctional though we may be, WE ARE FAMILY!
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Yay, I got damned to hell by real people for the first time in ages!!!

For those not in Columbus, today was the big Pride March down High Street to the State House. Also, this was my first Pride event. I was so was nothing like the hotbed of iniquity that the Religious Reich portrays Pride Marches to be. I think I saw two sets of unexposed female boobies, and no exposed penis type thingies. Well, I started off standing next to these middle aged queens and their lesbian fag hag, which made the march all the more fun. The ancients are bitchier than we are! Ok, well, the Flagotts marched (this is not an insult, this was their name), a gay band from Cincinnati was there, more drag queens than you can shake a dildo at, bears galore, and my favorites, the leather men. I rather enjoyed getting collared today. And led by a leash. Let's not go there.
So anyway, when we hit Downtown, we meet the protesters. Fun. I can deal with idiots, but one of them had some sign making reference to the recent murder of a drag queen by Samuri Sword. That was rude. Also, one of the best parts was a sign that misspelled disease. I wish to Apollo I had a camera for that one. The signs had the usual nasty comments, with some of the more creative among us holding signs like "I'm not gay but my right wing fanatic boyfriend is", with an arrow pointing at one of the Phelps people. Actually surrounded by that many faggots and dykes, I felt quite safe in waving and cheering when we passed the protesters. Kind of ironic that all we do is bitch about each other unless confronted by people who hate us.
So, then came the festival. I didn't stick around long, mainly because I ran in to a few people I didn't want to see. However, I did get more than a few compliments, which did wonders for my ego. Everyone needs to be told they're desirable once in a while.
All in all, Pride was a lot different than I expected. I'm happy I went and marched though.

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