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Just got home from work a bit ago. Work was weird. After the rsults are in, I'll pass on the situation.

Anyway, [ profile] johnbu made me the new icon since he didn't like the wolf head. (To be honest, I didn't either, but it wa sthe only clan symbol I could find that fit LJ's Icon parameters.)

Oh yeah, I finally got a pre-paid card for EQ, so I can now Crack to my heart's content, or at least until 3 months are up.
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Ok, before I even get started with my past few days, I'm recommending The New Guy for anyone who doesn't mind breezy comedy with Eliza Dushku shakin' her groove thing. Added bonuses for the cameos. Gene Simmons, Kool Mo Dee, Vanilla Ice, Tommy Lee, and even Henry Rollins make apperances. Yes, it's cheesy and predictable. But it fit the after work boredom fix quite well.

Now that tonight's movie review is out of the way...

Ok, that last post I made about my history prior to High School graduation dug up some old memories I really didn't need. In the spirit of Halloween, I've decided to get out my axe and bury them back where the belong. No one really needs to know about all the drama that comes with Boy Scouts.

I also had a few nice memories come up while reading through the help wanted ads in The Lantern. Seems one of our local Escort services is lookinbg for drivers. Having dome this before (evidently, I look scary standing at a door trying to get the half naked woman out), I was actually considering doing it again. The money is good, and the girls tell stories. And I discovered, like [ profile] chicagoguy before me, that roommate wanted ads read like personals.

And we got a new assistant manager whom I should know. He knows most of the same people I know, and we both worked for Dayton-area Donato's at the same time. Huh? So now I'm going around back-handed trying to dig up dirt. This is another thing that really pisses me off of late. There are a few people I'd like very much to get in touch with, buit I can only find people who know them, not the person himself.


Oct. 14th, 2002 03:30 am
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Ok, Scooby-Doo was a hell of a lot more amusing than it had a right to be. I think I stand with other fans when I say they couldn't have chosen a better villian.

Yes, the dog looked phoney. Yes it had Matthew Lillard. had Sarah Michelle Gellar putting her stunts on Buffy to shame, Freddie Prinze Jr. (always a fine bit of eye-candy), and the amusing cameo by Sugar Ray (Hmmm...lots of male type beefcake in this movie). And the deleted scene of Velma singing a Torch Song was by far one of the funniest things I have seen in a while.

Tomorrow, after my nice 10 hour shift, I actually have stuff of consequence to post about. But since work sucks, I need the lite and frothy to make it through until bed.

Peace out.

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I've been promising to update this thing for a few days. Currently, I'm using one of the roomies 'puters, since the one I normally use is still in 800x600 with 16 color display.
Well, tonite I found out how out of touch with reality I am when I found out there's a hurricane down South. I really haven't been home that much. [ profile] sarya and [ profile] borracho are both in the path of the storm, so I'm really hoping the two of them are ok right now.
The long march to overtime continues *does happy double digit OT pay dance*. I'm at 20 hours for 2 days. If things go like they have been, my 8 hour close on Sunday will all be netting me the BIG $$$. I still need to figure out when Alice Cooper is at Polaris, since I wanna see that. Eddie has volunteered to come along for the ride.
Let's see...My Best Friend is a Vampire was on two nights ago, and Stay Tuned was on last night. I love 80's cheese. And the latter gets bonus points for having John Ritter in drag.
Speaking of John Ritter, my nice roomies taped Buffy for me tonight. I must go watch it since [ profile] invisible_sun and [ profile] narcolepticcat have both posted about it now. I need my Xander fix. Now if I could just figure out when the hell they broadcast Angel here in Columbus...
I have tomorrow and Thursday off!!! This means I can slay the bathroom with Comet! (it makes your mouth turn green...)
So tonight at work, I got sick of listening to Bob Seager (I really hate "Turn the Page", and the Metallica cover didn't improve my opinion), so we flipped the radio to CD101. Randy, my favorite driver, refers to it as Oldies for Gen Xers. More Grunge than you can shake an unwashed flannel shirt at. I mean, when was the last time you heard a normal station play Better Than Ezra?
In the meantime, [ profile] taocub has given me a bunch of food for thought that I'm still trying to process. I seriously need to get an e-mail to him about the amount of shit we talked about when last we talked.
*sighs* Well, if all goes well, I can get through the backlog on my friends list long enough to suggest [ profile] smurfchick watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail again.
I hope you all have shelter from the storm, and someone to guard you from harm tonight.
Love to all,


Sep. 21st, 2002 01:24 am
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Ok, well, the way the week is going, I'm going to be in OT by Sunday night. Matt, our other closer, is still hospitalized.

In the meantime, I got schedualed into OT next week. w00t! *chuckles* Someone buy the coffin now, I'll be taking up residence by next Sunday.

Been reflecting on the past year today, but that can wait.

I hate OSU students. I hate training them every year to be home when their pizza arrives. I hate BuckID.

I'm hoping everyone is ok tonite. My Wonder Woman outfit is at the cleaners.
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Ok, I went to bed, and now I'm awake again. I think the last mosquito of summer decided to bite my leg a few time.
I'm feeling really stupid, because I knew there was a fast associated with Yom Kippur, but I didn't realize it was supposed to start at sundown yesterday. So much for observing the tradition. Particularly since the only mistake pizza we had at work was ham and bacon. At the risk of being flippant, if you're going to break the law, you might as well go whole hog. I suppose it's too late to start now, but I do actually have Tuesday off, so I might actually be able to go to Temple for afternoon services.

*sighs* I'm stilll reading the stupid book I keep bitching about. It's only 300 pages, I should be done with it by now. Problem being I keep having to take notes, as well as fight the urge to throw the damn thing out a window. Particularly since the latest chapter is complaining about clergy having to get counseling licenses in order to offer Pastoral counseling. Does anyone else NOT have a problem with that? It makes sense to me, but then I fit into the category of "Abomination". Grr. It's getting on my nerves, but I'm bound and determined to get through it.


Sep. 15th, 2002 02:33 am
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Before I forget, [ profile] macabrebytch added me recently. Welcome back my friend to the show that never ends, I'm so glad you could attend, come inside come inside.

Yeah, I'm tired. But I'm home alone, and I'm surprised the vice squad didn't hit work tonight, since the entire crew was passing a joint around, and most of us brought beer. It's just sad that pizza creates addicts so easily.

Still taking notes, and the funny realization crept in today that the woman doesn't cite sources for her opinion. Now I know why she was writing fiction. When I get around to writing my reaction, I'm debating on using half-assed MLA format just so I can be one up on the woman. Or it might be a man. There's no biography in the back. Just contact info for the Moody Bible Corp. I'm still trying to figure out the claim that G-d smote every civilization that had gay people in it. Huh? Rome fell long after Xtianity became the State religion.

Anyway, I'm going to bed to sleep off the effects of vice.
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Well, I feel better now, but my nose still runs.

Our store is falling apart. The toilet quit working and the AC still leaks. I fully expect the ceiling to cave in this week.

I did make two new icons today, using some old .gifs I had saved from a while ago. That, unfortunately, is the most exciting thing that has happened.

I did get a laugh when Karim announced that we needed to leave by 11:30 because "I have weed and pussy waiting for me at home". This is why I love Karim. He's a sexist Algerian, but he does have his moments.

Um anyway, Xenos boy has returned. I'm probably going to martyr him this week if he pisses me off. I need a back rub. My muscles hurt.

Oh and hugs to [ profile] taocub. Sounds like he could use one.
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L'Shannah Tovah!

I think I got that right. Happy Rosh Hashana!

Well, again, I had to work tonight. For some reason, getting holidays off that happen to fall on Football nights is like pulling teeth. I had the same problem when I was trying to take the Sabbats off. As long as a holiday falls in the middle of the week, I have no problem. Otherwise, I have my choice between falling behind on bills and starving, or foregoing the holiday celebration until I get a day off.

So, since I'm going to watch OSU kick the crap out of Kent State tomorrow, I'm probably going to just take breadcrumbs with me to throw in the Olentangy River. I think G-d will understand. *sighs* There's so much I'm still trying to understand, and I keep getting behind. I'm really hoping Hillel starts up again soon down here, because it''s a heck of a lot closer to where I live. And I keep getting all these different perspectives from [ profile] marlowe1, [ profile] topi, [ profile] grimkitten, and [ profile] weirdjews, and while they're all interesting, it takes me a day or two to process them. I haven't had this much fun since [ profile] taocub tried to explain the new age/pagan version of Kabbalah to me. So, my apologies to the above mentioned. Yes I read your posts. I'm still sorting them out. Pardon me.
And I know that my current non-religious drama is making me bitchy. So, if I've managed to piss someone off recently with a comment, I'm sorry.
It was really odd tonight at work. Steve, my manager, actually thanked me for working there for a year. I kept thinking, "What else was I going to do? Go back to Toxic Hell or Donato's?"
And I know things are changing for me. I actually turned down two people last night who wanted a no strings one-night stand. I know no one wanted to know that, but...I'm so used to being "easy", since I don't feel sexy, so I give myself to anyone who wants me. And now, I'm just looking at it going "Why?".
And tonight, a friend of mine started asking when I'm moving back to Dayton. And I realized I really don't want to. I hate Dayton.
Sorry ya'll, I'm just kinda out there today.
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Ok, kiddies, I'm off to the Western Wilds for a commitment ceremony tomorrow, which means a whole weekend without the wacky thoughts of the psycho behind the keyboard.

So anyway, I got a copy of the always fabulous To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar out of the library. This led to some even more fabulous commentary between me and the always interesting [ profile] gothic_oreo. My personal favorite was his comment that John Leguizamo has a great set of legs. And he wonders why we all question our gaydar around him. We also made fun of the "touching" love scene between Bobby-Ray and Bobby-Lee. Bobby-Ray made a comment along the lines of "You sure got a purdy dress". This led to me commenting "You sure got a purdy mouth". For those of you too young to remember that quote, go check out Deliverence. Scary less for the subject matter than what used to be considered sexy.

Now of course, my VCR is screaming for a showing of Pricilla, Queen of the Desert. Even if we do have to endure the now legendary ABBA turd conversation.

I still have to write a witty and intelligent toast to the bride and groom. I am gay, so this means I have standards to maintain. "Gee, I love you guys and you two are so great together, so let's all get plowed" is not in my ideal speech. Although, I am hoping to be toasty when I read it, since I have a fear of speaking in public. I also need to get a card, since I still plan of giving cash as the gift. I don't think a bar tab is going to cover a gift.

Herb is talking to me again. I actually got three sentances out of him on MSN tonight. In the meantime, Aunt Judy was using Jason's MSN to talk dirty to me. I got a laugh when I told her I could please her without even touching her, since she always smiles when we talk. I will not repeat her comment back to that.

I get my Tux tomorrow when I get there. With any luck, I'll figure out how to scan a pic and post it here so you can all see me in something other than grunge-chic.

No more random encounters with the homeless today. I did, however, have a lot of fun making fun of customers at work tonight. As I have harped on repeatedly, "May I have your phone number?" is not a trick question. Also, our hold tape explains in graphic detail the specials. Listen closely so you don't have to fucking ask me.

New recipe, better than [ profile] goddamndunce's lettuce and crisco...Beef tips and noodles on pizza dough is excellent. Particularly Nancy's Cafe beef tips and noodles.

Why is Jason audio-taping cemetaries? What a dork.

Anyway, if anyone has good speech advice, please let me know.

Peace out until next time.

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Ok, no new Maltese Dildo tonight, maybe tomorrow morning when I get up.

Ended up closing tonight, got yet another free beer, starting worrying about it becoming a habit, drank it anyway.

Talked on the phone with the nice couple I'm in the wedding with, which got us into all kinds of gossip and trouble. My fave was hearing about the dog eating the sanitary napkin. (I won't go into details, but I was laughing so hard I thought I was gonna die.)

Made it into the orc quests on WarCraft III. [ profile] gothic_oreo has already finished, so I should hopefull be able to put more effort into beting it now.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Ya'll have a good whatever.
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Well, it's 2 AM, and I have to be at Temple at 10:30.

Stupid roommate story of the day. Jason, whom all 3 of us on LJ have bitched about incessantly ([ profile] gothic_oreo, [ profile] lotussilverfire, and me), hit a new level of stupidity this morning. You know my post about being woken up? Well, when he returned, the cigarettes were in the fridge where he had left them. Dumbass. He's now trying to claim the apartment ghost hid them from him. (Although I did find out that they were moved, but I'm not about to tell Jason that. It's too much fun.)

So, tomorrow, OSU opens the season against Texas Tech. This means Lane Ave. is going to be filled with drunken debauchery as adults and students alike toast their love of the game with alcohol. And then, in their drunken stupor, they'll call me and order pizzas unintelligibly. Woo-hoo!

Reading Rambam isn't as bad as I thought it might be, but the translator's notes are just horrible. Not every noun needs an adjective attached to it.

[ profile] gothic_oreo is having way too much fun with his goblin zepplin.



Aug. 16th, 2002 05:04 am
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Well, work was work, we're getting chicken strips that gave everyone the shits as a new product...(Do not order these things...the may be baked, but you will need immodium after ingesting the damn things and the new technicolored sauces).

Herb will be picking me up today aound 6ish. I can't wait to get the hell out of Dodge for a few days.

Shalom Shabbot for those who celebrate.
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You need to get out more often.

Today has been an all-around waste of my life, with the exception of the impromptu meet-up in Gooddale Park. That was actually fun, even if I did say all of 5 words, 4 of which were expletives.

Woke up too late to get to Temple for morning service, so I'm just going to say G-d decided I needed the extra hour of sleep. So, I woke up, saw the time, realized I couldn't make it, and promptly went back to sleep. Woke up around 1-ish, and considered making a library run to return things, but nothing I have on reserve is in, so I didn't see the point. I just wasn't in the mood to wander around the stacks. So I check LJ, and see that [ profile] columbus has decided to have a last minute get together. Well, I realize I can make it if I get ready. So I get my ass in gear and head down. This was fun, as I said at the outset. We played frisbee, which I haven't done in ages. *counts gray hair* I don't know what was wrong with me though. Maybe just introversion coming out again, since I have this horrendous inability to interact with people I don't know very well in real life. When I get to know you better, I'll talk yer ears off.
So, I had to leave early to go to work. Work was work, same stupid sports camps and late night business provided courtesy of the State Fair. Only bright spot was getting a Nestle Qwik ice cream bar for being a good automaton.
And on the way home, some random driver called me a honkey.
I need a life.
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Ok, I swear, I missed 8 hours of DRAMA on here while engaging in Adrenaline.

First of all, am I political at all on here? Last I checked, other than mentioning Kate Mulgrew is a Gubenatorial candidate's wife (and making a few comments about her prowess with the Borg helping with dealing with State Congress), I have never posted much that creates controversy. Ya know, if you want to post political stuff, it is your journal to do so in. I may not agree with everything that I read on my friend page, but I still read it, regardless. As my father used to say, "If you can argue with the editorials, you know you're alive." I will, as is my perogative, stick to posting the bitching, whining, and moaning that I got a code to post here, as well as lamenting about my lack of anything resembling a sex life. Can't we all just get along?

Second, While we're on the subject, why is something that's so right so wrong at the same time? Why is it that my ex and I can be friends, but still have remanat sparks come flying up at odd times?

Third, since Papa John's decided I didn't need to come in again tonight (thank G-d I'm closing most of the rest of the week), I ended up making a random road trip with Chris tonight. Where to, you might ask? None other than Cedar Point for a fun night (after 5, the price drops) of coasters galore. Since his bf doesn't like coasters, we were free to ride in the back of every coaster we rode. And I got the added bonus of knowing how much weight I have lost based on being able to get in all the damn harnesses without assistance!!! We ended up riding The Raptor first, since it was right inside the gate. Last time I rode it, Herb the evil bastard had us right up front. After that, we had overpriced (but undercharged) hamburgers and fries, and then went to stand in line for 2 hours to get on Millenium Force! (Sorry, it and Wicked Twister are the only two I had left to ride at CP, and Wicked Twister was non-operational.) Force was well worth the wait to get on. 90 MPH, and it honestly felt like the starting hill inverted as we decended. We got off laughing hysterically, and promptly hauled ass to get on the Magnum before the park closed. Not only did we get on, but we had ten minutes to get on the Mantis as well. (Mantis being one Chris had never ridden.) After all the coasters, we stopped and got Funnel Cakes!!!! I finally got my sweet fried dough. On the way back, (CP needs a major highway, 71 to 250 was a pain in the arse) We entertained ourselves by talking about sex and singing every musical that we both knew. It was kind of cool to enjoy that again. Even without the entire relationship, it's stilll nice to know that we can enjoy the intimacy of friendship.

So in closing, I wish you all could get along better. But it is your lives and your journals. And I'll keep my prying drama queen nose out of it.
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Again, apologies to [ profile] taocub and [ profile] joshuapanther for missing IMs. for some reason, my away message cut out. And I was at work for a loooong time.

Ok, here's the story of my day. I went to bed around 4 last night, pissed off as all hell at certain roomies who like to play angst metal at loud volumes when I'm trying to sleep. (Staind being the band that pisses me off the most. Someone should shoot Aaron and put him out of my misery.) I mean, if he wants to listen to that crap, he has a radio, and most of it is one one of the local stations all the time anyway...

So I get up around 8 so I can hit 10:30 Shabbat morning service at Temple Israel. Said asshole roomie is napping on the freaking couch again. Mind you, I nap on the couch on rare occasions, but I don't plant my ass there every moment I'm not at work or on a computer. Then again, I also don't solicite wanna-be hookers on AIM, so that their fathers IM me in the middle of the night with bad words. But then again, I usually don't leave Trillian up unless I set an away message.

Well anyway, I get to Temple about 40 minutes early, and no one was there yet. So, I sit around re-reading this cheesy Vampire novel set in Jerusalem circa 1193 CE that I was returning to the library after services. Well, again, I was greeted warmly and by name by people who's names I can never remember. (I am horrible with names. I have been known to call people things for no reason whatsoever.) The bright side of Temple was I actally am getting the hang of the Hebrew phonetics and therefore didn't have much trouble getting through some of the service. The dark side was that when I did get confused was when the Ark was opened. The prayer book has no phonetics in it for that portion. Therefore, I just hummed along like I knew what I was doing. After service, we had the kiddush(? There's kiddush and kaddush, and I get them confused) with the bread and wine, which was kind of fun, since I got to talk with my man Scott again. Rabbi also told a really horrid pun right before we pulled the bread. ("What do you get when you squeeze a temple? Jews.") We were also reminded that Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are coming up. (This was mentioned mainly because we're hitting the end of Deuteronomy.) BTW, anyone who wants to is more than welcome to come here for the holidays. G-d knows I could use the help getting through them. My list of atonements I need to make with people is getting huge.
So, I catch the bus back, and hit the library. Irony, since I got the next book in the on-going saga of the Rapture cycle. If I may say a few words here, the books are campy. I can't believe people take them so seriously. Particularly when it strikes me that the authors are making money fleecing the suckers into reading them. I keep forgetting that most ppeople who read the series should go "bahh" and wear lots of wool. But there again, I'm reading it. But I'm not buying the books. Besides, if you skip the preaching, they make quick, if trite, reads. I also got some book recommended via comments over in [ profile] thereadingroom called The Public Works Trilogy by Matt Hess. I guess one of the characters is a hologram of Ayn Rand.
So, I came home and passed out before work. For some reason, we were dead until 11:00PM tonight. Pissed me off, since I had everything cleaned when the phones exploded. But I did get some good gossip from CPD about the guy who shot his wife, kidnapped his kids, and then got in a shoot-out with the State Highway Patrol 3 counties away from where it all started. Seems the guy (fired from CPD a few weeks ago, the wife he shot was a week into Academy training) was fired for shooting at a shoplifter. Well, instead of sdhooting at the driver of the getaway car, he shot at the passenger. I guess he also got suspended earlier in his career for arresting 3 suspects, putting 2 in the back, and sticking the 3rd in the truck of his cruiser. I also was told that the gentleman who owns Pure Platinum (one of our local strip clubs) house burned down a while back, and they found a local vagrant tied to a chair in his basement.
So anyway, I'm home now, and probably headed to bed.
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Oh my. OSU is being overrun by the terminally perky pom-pom ho's.

And every one of the sweater monkeys had to have pizza tonight.

And I just kept thinking, "Why are they eating this when everyone knows they're just going to puke it back up a few hours from now?"

Then I came home, to a free-range conversation that went places I never ever want to see again. Can you guess which one of my roommates swallows?

I'm going to go re-read Les Miserables now. My life doesn't seem so bad by comparison.
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Well, my horoscope for yesterday sure hit the nail on the head. Let me paraphrase. "Scorpio: With Pluto squared with Venus and a full moon, you will be a raving lunatic for several hours."

How very true.

My day started with waking up, as usual. I decided I'd do my normal morning stuff, but that got interrupted by the bi-monthly pressure blow off by the rooomies. I missed mmost of it, thanks to a trip to our local Subway. Then I got ready to go in to work early, since I had to make up for hours missed yesterday. Well, work was a madhouse tonight. Dead then busy. Dead then busy. And just about everyone I talked to on the phone tonight was a fucking incompetent bastard who should never be allowed to order a pizza again. Asking for someone's phone number is not a trick question.
And when we weren't busy, we had competeing mental radio moments, since the physical radio is being cleaned currently. (Don't ask.) This meant we swung from Guns & Roses to Paula Cole to Nelly to Madonna.
And the cherry was the 60 pie to Jim Tressel and the OSU football team. $300 order, driver got a $2 tip. Go Michigan!!!!
On the bright side, Herbert has invited me up to his parents place in Port Clinton in the middle of next moth. Looks like I may get a much needed vacation after all. Now if only Herb was announcing his "union" to me...*laughs bitterly* yeah that'll fuckin' happen. I think the real reason Herb and Stacy haven't managed tyo get divorced is do to the ties that bind- joint checking. Advice to all newly-weds....keep yer finances separate for at least 5 years.
Fuck. Excuse me while I go howl at the moon for a while.

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