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Aug. 17th, 2003 04:09 am
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After last night's confessional, I decided to give the priest a break and go to bed tonight. Mom's gonna be in town tomorrow, and I still have a bunch of shit to do before she gets here.

Oh yeah...gotta feed Budda and Hermes before I go to bed. Else they might bite the hand that feeds 'em.

And I'm sorry about last night's wordy entry, I just had stuff I needed to get out.

Anyway. good night all, and a bit of trivia....Did you know Benny Hill was in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?
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Jonda and I decided that last night was kind of like a bad B-movie watched best with beer goggles. The amount of stupid shit that happened deserves to be buried in the nearest trash heap. And for the record, I ingested 5 bottles of beer. I still don't have an alcohol tolerance.

And I am NEVER EVER going home with someone I work with ever again.
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It's 6:30 Am, I just got home. To the person who keeps bugging me about my socail life, please ask me today why it is I regret hanging out with friends when I drag my arse out of bed.

Oh, and [ profile] gothic_oreo, it was a man pleaser. And I will NEVER EVER as long as I live tell you the story.
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Getting critisized for writing Fan Fiction. Even worse is the slash I have in mind...

God I'm becoming a pervert in my old age.
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I'm going to throw caution to the wind and post a lot of stuff that may or may not piss off people.

Ok, I bought a new monitor ans speakers finally, and I'm playing a lot of EQ.

Second...LARP is going better now that we have a better storyteller. I still need to re-write Steven's backround, without the stupidity that that fell under the original Steven. No werewolf wife this time.

Eddie came up tonight. I ended up helping cast Samhaine with him, [ profile] lotussilverfire, and our friend Paul. Kind of really informal, which is odd, since I usually go drama queen this time of year. But hey, on the pagan wheel of the year, Nitzechie (who's name I just butchered) is proven right. G-d is dead. Regardless of what else I may currently be doing, did rather enjoy the intamcy a circle has. Kind of like Saturday mornings at Temple. Informal, a lot more gets done. Crap. I am a Jewpagan. *sighs*

Ok, I forget shit. I started my volunteer work today. I walk in the door at 1:00 and get handed a mixing bowl and a bunch of biscuit mix. The volunteer Nazi in charge was really pissed that I had no clue how to make biscuits. Um, give me veggies to chop, or let me make the frankenweenie chili. I did have a few interesting conversations with the other volunteers. Two of them were Mormons, and again, while I disagree with the religion about various tenants, they usually are really nice people. I also talked about horror movies with two of the others.

After that, I went down to City Center to get make up for a costume. I went as the Delivery Driver zombie. A bit of spirit gum and fake blood...instant car crash victim. Add a uniform...

So anyway, after all the Samhaine stuff, Eddie and I go to Outland. *ROFL* I know Eddie has wanted to go for a while, but the place is a dive. There were a few moments of gothic splendour, but for the most part, it was high camp. Well, anyway, they now have a new fun thing there on the weekends. You can sign up for electroshock or corporal punishment. Well, dear reader, as much as I love electric, I wasn't about to turn down the chance to be bound to a wall in leather restraints and flogged.

Complete aside before I continue this. What is the big deal with Bettie Page? I keep seeing her in a variety of places, and I have yet to figure out the connections.

Anyway, let's see...the only reason I used the safe sign was the freaking paddle. My tush is sensitive. I did enjoy the tickling, wax, ice cubes and flogging. The real highlight was the nice gentleman using his fingernails. Hell, he drew blood and I didn't really care. I rather enjoyed it. Hell, I was ready to sign up for a private session just to see how far I can go. And yes, I have marks on my bootie and my back. Battle scars.

Now that I've officially hit WTMI for the good majority of my readers, I have yet to figure out why most people who hold the whip, paddle, whatever, seem to think that I need to atone for something. Hell, I told the guy tonight he could flog me until I die and I wouldn't be atoned. Either that or the think I'm an exhibitionist. Hell, I don't care. I freely admit occasional masochistic tendencies. I really don't feel like I need to expurgate sins through flaggelation, nor do I particularly get excited about exhibitionism (ok that's a lie. There are time it could be I dunno...Maybe I'm just really kinky. Or maybe the only time I feel alive or feel much of anything is during scenes.

Ack. Off to bed.
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This is when I knew I was different from other boys. The plot is similar to any of the other Hardy Boys mysteries, but the cover of this one was quite the eye opener while I was growing up. There's another pic in Sky Sabatoge (also by Franklin W. Dixon) that involves a nearly shirtless scetch of Joe Hardy tied to a tree while two burly men torture him. I must admit, I am rather surprised no groups have ever condemned The Hardy Boys for featuring gay pornography.
Anyway, I have to get ready for work here soon. I hope everyone has a good day and I'll post more tonight when I'm awake.
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Random things I have seen or heard today...

"Sateal Deirosap says 'Hello there Bloodstar. How about a nice Pearl Necklace?'"-Courtesy of EverQuest

"The Lambda Conspiracy is full of gritty realism and draws on events happening daily around us, Written in the Tradition of Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's Brave New World, but with a solid biblical foundation..."-From the back of The Lambda Conspiracy, an Xtian thriller about evil homosexuals trying to get civil rights at the expense of G-d fearing Xtians. I can't wait to read this one. *vomit* I couldn't resist. I checked it out just to see what is being said behind my back. It can't be worse than The Gay Agenda.

"the metal plate in Steve Austin's head clanging against my headboard."-courtesy of a commentary between [ profile] invisible_sun and [ profile] johnbu

And in other news, I have another addition to the damn prayer requests I keep getting. My semi-ex's sorta wife Stacy had an abnormal pap and will be having surgery sometime next week.

And did I mention I had a really bad nightmare about my mom dying this afternoon?

I'm rather hoping everyone has a good day. I'd like to have one as well.


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