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Some guy going off on how witnessing to homosexuals to help them leave their lifestyle could be considered bullying under the proposed law.

Unfortunately, YouTube seems to have taken down most of the videos showing exactly what "Witnessing" to gay people looks like. So, I'll describe my experiences with it for those of you who have never been through it.

Imagine an older man with a megaphone screaming "Faggot" and "gay folks are going to hell" into said microphone as you walk by him. Imagine said person waving signs with Bible verses and slogans like "AIDS kills fags".

Then you come back to me and tell me how this is compassionate and loving ministry.

Tell me how this is following the example of G-d in his aspect of Jesus.

Seriously. Kiss my ass. Jesus loves me the way I am. I have a feeling if he incarnated in this modern age, he's be breaking that signboard over your head.


Jan. 7th, 2009 01:04 pm
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Published thrice.

I'm now totally amused by the guy trying to claim that legalized gay marriage will allow young boys to emancipate themselves from their parents and marry older NAMBLA members. I mean seriously. How does that make any sense at all...
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My response got published today, it seems.

No picture this time, thank G-d. Hopefully this means less question at work from people who want to argue.

Going back to bed now. Looks like the 2 big arguments on today's page are about the idiot writing in asking Muslims in the Ozarks to apologize for meing Muslim and the guy writing in that the Bible defines marriage as between one man and one woman, so therefore it logically follows that everyone else should as well.

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Nixa is a small town about 5-10 miles south of me.

However, give the number of raging psychotics that write into the paper from down ther, I'm beginning to wonder what's in the water in Christian County.

While I'll keep my views on the subject to myself, the letter this guy sent in is farking hilarious in its stupidity, and the comments made me laugh out loud.

When will terrible holocaust end? )

For the comments, click here.

Any rate, off to drop the laundry in the dryer.
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In regards to Kim Pilkington's letter on Dec. 2 "Clear View of Scripture through Belief":

Let me preface this response by saying that I agree with folks on the message boards that the News-Leader editorial page is probably not the best place to conduct discussions on theology. However, since that is where this discussion started...

I'm not quite sure where to start replying to you; even a cursory glance of your response shows that you misunderstood and woefully misinterpreted what I was saying in my Nov. 29th letter.

Let's start with a place where we agree. All people are children of G-d. The difference here is you seem to suggest only those who follow the teachings of Christ are Children of G-d, rather than all of G-d's creations being G-d's children. If G-d created one thing, G-d created all things. Or as the Declaration of Independence states rather nicely, "all men are created equal".

Now then, by far the biggest issue I had with your response was you stating your personal views with a "We" in front of them. While I'd like to believe you were using the "royal we", I was left with the impression that you presume to speak on behalf of all practitioners of Christianity. Which I'm fairly certain you don't. A quick glance through the on-line comments to your letter disproves that notion.

In your letter you equate judgment with mercy and condemnation with forgiveness. While I'm sure that the government portrayed in in George Orwell's 1984 would be proud of that assessment, they are all four very distinct and separate concepts. It is your right to believe as you want. However, it is not your place to judge me, my faith, or my relationship with G-d.

You presume that I see myself as "a little G-d". I assure you that this is not the case. I do, however, see myself as an entity deserving of respect; the same respect I give to others, regardless of whether or not I agree with their beliefs and faith or lack thereof.

You say "[I] interpret to please myself" while "we seek the Truth". I say seeking the truth means finding my own meaning in what I read rather than regurgitating someone else's take on a text. In fact, I believe that was one of Martin Luther's biggest ideas with the Reformation. By publishing Holy Writ in the vernacular, he allowed everyone to read scripture and find the answers for themselves.

You claim at the end of your letter not to be judging me. However, after reading everything that precedes that statement, I respectfully disagree. It seems quite a bit like judgment to question the beliefs you assume I carry without stopping to think about a single word I said.

Had you read a bit closer, you would have seen that what I was really suggesting was not rushing to judgment about other people based on personal prejudices. Just because someone doesn't believe exactly the way you choose to does not make them a bad person. It's by expanding our horizons and challenging ourselves and our beliefs that we grow both as humans and as children of the divine.

Edit: After re-reading this, does it really sound like I swallowed a thesaurus?
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After waiting 3 weeks to publish my letter, the paper managed to get this letter in 4 days later.

full text behind the cut )

I really hate it when people prove my point.
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Ok, home for work and finished reading through all the comments that went up between when I left for work and when I got home.

Most commenters seemed to miss the point entirely, continuing the same fucking arguments that set off the rant in the first place.

One person made a comment that Presbyterians must not be Christians because my letter didn't reflect true beliefs.

One person said my beliefs don't reflect Presbyterianism.

One person called me self-serving and illogical.

However, more than a few people came out and complimented me and seemed to get the point.

I am now curious when the hell "Judge not lest ye be not judged" interprets as "We (as Christians) should judge others by our own Righteousness." (Someone actually posted that. It really does seem to go against the rest of the message as I learned it.)

I also had more than a few folks get upset that I use the practice of spelling "God" as "G-d", something I piked up from my Jewish friends. I found it amusing that something I do as a form of respect was interpreted as an attack on the sanctity of the divine.

Any rate, I need to go to bed so I can get ready to open tomorrow.
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I'm published.

And the kicker is my letter is at the VERY TOP of the actual newspaper page:)
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Since Matthew Shepard died out in Wyoming.


I remember sneaking out of work to go hit the vigil at WSU after that happened and getting really pissed off the speakers were trying to use z memorial to score political points. I also remember standing next to Dawn Pilgrim, who I hadn't seen in about 2 years and talking.
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Other than reformatting after grabbing this from here, I have not edited this letter.

Here's the game. Can you figure out why this guy is not getting my vote? (Hint: it has nothing to do with the issue he's talking about, and nothing to do with his party affiliation.)

Find alternatives to paying toll

No to toll roads. Toll roads are not the answer. If toll roads are implemented the public will suffer, as usual. For instance, we already pay federal and state taxes on every gallon of gas and diesel. Add toll roads that's double taxation. Even if you don't drive, everything we consume is delivered by truck. Thus the cost of transporting goods will be passed on to the consumer. That's triple taxation. Some possible remedies are:

1. Do a better job of fighting for federal gas tax dollars.

2. Stop using transportation dollars for new buildings and vehicles. Work with what you have like non-government entities have to do.

3. Look into turning lesser county roads back to cheaper gravel roads which work just as good. We can fund our highways and roads without toll roads.

Teddy Fleck, Libertarian candidate for Lt. Governor, Springfield
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More proof Scotland has more in common with Oklahoma than bad food.
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29 reasons to be happy. The alarm clock is by far my fave.
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It wouldn't be so bad if she'd realize that's her foot she's chewing on.

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