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I have now finished watching Eye.

While I still am not one of Shia LaBoef's biggest fans, I will say it was quite an entertaining movie.

It held my attention throughout, meaning I didn't window out to check e-mail, etc. or read a book because I was bored.

Kind of cool, and midless enough to not make me feel like I wasted $1.07 to rent the damn thing.

Think I'll head to bed here in a minute now.
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I haven't been up this late in ages.

Just finished watching The Dark Knight.

Loved it. I felt it really explored the symbiotic relationship between the Joker and Batman better than Burton's film did.

Plus Christian Bale is a hottie.

And damn, Heath Ledger did an awesome job.

Anyway, I am going to go pass out now.

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Ok, why the hell did people hate Indiana Jones 4 so much?

Took me back to my childhood and it didn't have a nazi face melt to give me nightmares at the end.

Oh hell, I loved it. I haven't had that much fun watching a movie in a LONG time.
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It's a bit small, but here's the original picture.

I am also officially embarrassed. Went to the grocery and the post office earlier. And the library, but that's s different story... Among other things, I found a Molly Ivans book I've never heard of, which should make me laugh for a while.

Anyway, I've been dealing with a dairy craving for several days now, and I went in search of more string cheese. Well, unfortunately, they were out of the individual tubes, which meant trying to find the cheapest package. Problem being that ended up being the Sargento Light string cheese. Which wasn't the real problem. The real problem is that Miley Cyrus was plastered all over the packaging. which meant walking around feeling like everyone in the store was staring at me until I buried them under some apple cinnamon bagels. which reminds me, I should go get some butter. And I'm also proud/disappointed in myself for resisting the temptation to blow $7.50 on The Monster Squad. It's kind of like The Goonies, a movie I LOVED like crack as a kid, but I have a feeling would let me down as an adult.

All of which leads to the question of hitting McDonald's Redbox and renting something tonight. Mainly since they close the Hollywood Video by my house and Blockbuster is a pain in the ass to get to from here.

Anyway, I apologize for being so posty the past few days. having stable internet must just be making me giddy.
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AKA I have a few minutes before passing out. John's already in post coital slumberland, but I napped most of the afternoon.

First off, I should neve be allowed to choose the double feature. We got two really good movies, but they were so thematically distant as to not mesh well. Still not as bad as Jack Frost 2 followed by American History X...

Started off the night with The Golden Compass, which really didn't qualify as kiddie fare. Seriously, when the bear knocked the lower jaw off the other bear, I was like "DAY-UM!" Fun to watch Nicole play a complete and total bitch though.

We followed that with The Orphanage, from the folks behind Pan's Labyrinth. Not quite as visually stunning as Pan, but G-d, I wish Americans could make movies this fucking creepy. Admittedly, by the time the narrative kicked into high gear I was screaming that Laura should play the game... which she did, 9 months later in movie time. I didn't see the ending coming, though, which makes it better than 99% of any horror flick I've seen the past year. Still debating whether it was more depressing than Pan or not.

Tomorrow, I think we're going to watch the original Day of the Dead, since I've been informed that my semi-liking of the direct to DVD remake will vanish upon viewing the original product. I don't know. Romero's always been hit or miss for me. That and I'm not big on zombie movies for the most part.
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Quit-o-meter, since I haven't firgured out how to shrink it )Answers to the song meme )

Kind of outlining a story again...problem being it's not the horror story I already have sitting on my harddrive in outline form. More of a Historical romance brought on by recent reads.

Got the DVD's of The Mikado and SpaceCamp from the library to torment John with.

And I wish I could figure out why Mom's upset John and I don't live together full time.
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My evil plot to get more exercise backfired today when I managed to get soaked walking home from work. Even with an umbrella.

In the mean time, West Sunshine is slowly becoming a river, mainly due to the ditches being clogged with litter and sediment. Thankfully, we didn't get the sinkhole effect other folks are getting right now.

Tomorrow, Sweeneny Todd with John.

And G-d I need a haircut.

Oh yes, and microwaving my shoes for 45 seconds was awesome.
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Nothing like waking up fom a nice nap on the couch to find Pricilla, Queen of the Desert on the telly.

Think I may go back to sleep now that the ping pong ball scene is over.
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Well, I returned Enchanted and decided to pick up something else.

I debated between Unearthed and Across the Universe. Ended up going with Across the Universe.

The funny part is when I got up to the counter, I wound up discussing Donnie Darko with the clerk. Who then managed to sell me on Southland Tales (directed by the guy who did Donnie Darko), which based on the cast and synopsis, looks like a trainwreck. an amusing looking trainwreck, but a trainwreck none the less.

Which now leads me to ask. What do I watch first? Mulberry Street, Across the Universe, or Southland Tales?
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John and I are seeing the Transformers preview this evening.

Should be quite craptacular.

I wonder if Optimus will still sound like John Wayne. And I wonder if Megatron with still be a gun.

Hell, I wonder if the effects will make up for the lack of script.

And how did a July 4 opening not include Will Smith?

And totally unrelated, how many freaking Cancers do I have on my Flist? I seem to have written out a lot of birthday posts....


Apr. 18th, 2007 05:23 am
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But before I go sleep like the wicked man I am, I just have to say Logan's Run is kind of like watching A Clockwork Orange without the giant phalluses and milk nipples, but with Farrah Faucette-Majors.

Anyway you go with this, you wind up with a mullet.


Mar. 29th, 2007 08:17 pm
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Ok, been thinking more and more about my issues with contemporary horror movies.

I'm well aware that virginal characters, in particular virginal characters with vaginas, are the most likely to not only survive, but also thrive in a horror movie. (Yes, there are exceptions. Night of the Living Dead comes to mind. Barbara didn't exactly fare well under the circumstances.)

Another old trend I'm seeing more and more of on the rental shelf is EVIL CHILDREN! Once again, the scare factor is the idea of out virginal character doing evil and therefore losing their innocence, usually by killing most of the adults. (Which, admittedly, evil children bug me. Gage in Pet Sematary bugged the hell out of me for weeks. I can still hear him going "No fair, daddy, no fair!")

And then we have the very rare gay character who shows up. In Bride of Chucky, he gets a chump death by semi. (Ok, so they corrected this in Son of Chucky by giving John Waters one of the best deaths in the fucking movie.) Or in Jeepers Creepers 2 when the nice, quiet gay boy sacrifices himself to save the really obnoxious homophobic African-American character. Or basically, the socially unacceptable minority dying so that the increasingly more acceptable minority can live. (This in and of itself is rare. As the Wayans Bros. pointed out in Scary Movie, African-American Characters are usually among the first to die in a mainstream horror flick. And the fact that Jeepers Creepers can be looked at as a parable about pedophilia doesn't really help matters either.) And I think I can sum up my issue with all of this fairly clearly. It's assumed any virgin is ostensibly heterosexual. Therefore, regardless of whether or not the gay character is pretty much a eunuch, he's not pure and therefore subject to dying before the credits roll. We all know the heroine wants the hero's big fat usually white cock, but she won't take it because she's gonna survive.

I know Hellbent is out now, but finding it here in the Midwest is an issue. And in any case, it's not particularly mainstream.

I find myself wondering how many of us gay people would LOVE to watch a well written horror movie involving at the very least gay characters written on the same level as your stupid straight teenage horndogs just begging to get killed by whatever entity is haunting them.

Enough wanking.
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I really wish I'd have known the 8FTDF came out on DVD finally. Ended up renting Dark Ride since it had the premise that grabbed my attention the most. Although after watching the trailers for the other 7, I may have to go get the Zombie children Miners tomorrow night.

Any rate, this one was actually fairly good, and I give you The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good:

Decent pacing, moderate gore.

The Donnie Darko reference. (Or the story DD also referenced.)

More than a few of the shots reminded me of the original Halloween.

The Bad

I spotted the plot twist about the same time the prologue ended.

For a movie set in one of the old fashioned "car goes through the haunted house" rides, there were no tracks for the car to follow. (Yes, they mention the tracks, but they really aren't there. For that matter, the cars never really show up in the movie after the beginning.)

With one exception (and another in the deleted scenes), the bodies don't get discovered, thus depriving us of watching the characters reactions to finding their friends' dead bodies.

The Ugly

Jamie-Lynn Sigler's scream face.

Final Analysis

Not the world's most original plot or set up. But it ended up being better than most.
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Someone just opened the Matrix of Leadership because VH1 Classic is playing "The Touch" by Stan Bush. Now all we need is Optimus or Rodimus Primeto make a snappy/wise comment.
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Cthulhu: The Chick Tract

I am so tired, but I now have a copy of Alien vs. Predator to keep me awake for a bit. Along with Chicago, 28 Days Later, and A Streetcar Named Desire. I got the latter mainly to refresh my memory as to whether Blanche was fucking her student at the Tarantula or the Octopus, a question which has been bugging me for a few weeks now.

Any rate, gonna curl up next to Claire and enjoy a bit of cinematic cheese.

Oh yeah, [ profile] primavera and [ profile] invisible_sun, I got the books today you both recommended a few memes ago today.
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So, if [ profile] topi can admit he likes Jodi Foster, I can admit my strange liking of Reese Witherspoon. I used to hate her, but that probably had a lot to do with Cruel Intentions.

So, anyway, the second movie checked out tonight was Legally Blond 2. Silly as all hell, but it was as (surprisingly) enjoyable as the first one. Makes me want to give Election anothet shot.
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Wow, Just relaxing a bit after watching X2.

I'm really kinda hoping that the end wasn't a set up for the Phoenix saga.

Second, the deleted footage has a must have in it. Cyclops in tight leather and in full bondage on his knees.

Well worth the rental.

Holy crap!

Jul. 31st, 2003 04:26 am
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Um yeah, I feel my face breaking out and the stares of my peers as I dissect the movie...

I'd do a poll, but I'm still a free instead I'll ask...who do you think will win?

A) Freddy

B) Jason

C) James why are you getting all excited about movies that glorify violence and bloodshed when all you have to do is turn on the news to see that?
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OK. I was supposed to have other guests this eveing, but they cancelled on me.

Well, let's nose pads on my glasses fell of last night, so that required an afternoon trip to the eye place to get them fixed.

So I come home after a trip to the Ohio Theatre to pick up the dates for a few upcoming shows I want to see. Well, last night around 4AM someone called up here, adn wasn't there when I picked up the phone. So...thinking it might have been my sis-in-law, I call mom to make sure everything is ok. Turns out mom had a gas leak this afternoon.

So, around 5, my company calls and cancells. :( But Angie, my long absent flame dame, showed up, so we went out!!!

First, we had a huge dinner at Don Pablo's. Then we went to The Haunted Hoochie. For those who have been reading this since August, you may remember that Angie likes to go through haunted houses as a permanent attachment to my arm. It wasn't that much different tonight. I did like the Hoochie. Most of the setups involved good music, the lowbudget animetronics (read: papier mache and a lot of wire and string) were amusing, and one of the chainsaws hit my leg. It tickled. I do feel sorry for the poor bastard they had hanging, since I rather imagine the damn harness hurts like hell after a while.

After leaving the Hoochie, we decided to go catch the last showing of The Ring at the Lennox. I probably will have bruises from Angie's grip of death thanks to that movie. Don't get me wrong, the movie kicked ass, since it relied more on plot and suspense than gore and mindless slaughter, but it still had a few scenes designed to make the faint-hearted jump. Go see the movie. Or rent the original Japanese version. Oh, and trailers worth mentioning...Colin Ferrel and Al Pacino have a new one coming out who's name I forget...Darkness Falls looks like a decent haunted Lighthouse flick...The Two Towers looks like it ought to be pretty damn good as well. Even if Gandolf is in it.

Um, yeah. 7 days.
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Ah, the joys of a day off. So far, I've slept 9 hours, eaten Greek delivery, and watched 2 stupid movies.

Lost Voyage is low budget and obviously got released to cash in on Ghost Ship. But hey, the plot is more like Event Horizon in the Bermuda Triangle anyway...

Mission to Mars wasn't that bad, but it wasn't the greatest thing I've ever seen, either. I did like that they had fun with the face.

Tonight or tomorrow, I also have Rose Red waiting for me.

Ok actual thought post. [ profile] taocub and I had a really long IMversation on why some gamers are drawn towards morally questionable characters. This was due mainly to me pointing out that the FAQ's for Demon are up at White Wolf. That and a bit of bitching about uber-insane or uber-violent characters that seem to be the most visible.
So, at some point I have a whole thesis at the ready about how Vampire:The Masquerade is really a meditation on homosexuality with a few fun things thrown in for good measure. If you really wanna know, the Sabbat would be like Queer Nation or Dykes on Bikes. People outside the mainstream with a different approach towards dealing with the mundanes. The Camarilla is like Stonewall or any of the other more mainstream organizations. The Inconnu would be like our predecessors, those who stayed closetes or maintained near zero visibility.
A frenzy could be re-interpreted as letting "the inner queen" out to run. Acceptable in some situations, but breaking out a full blown review at most 9-5 jobs when "I will survive" comes on the muzak in not socially acceptable. And most of us blow willpower to resist it.
Expand on the metaphor. Ghouls become flame-dames and fag-hags. And the entire legends of being repelled by religious objects a statement on the current state of how religion views homosexuality.
But back on topic, for me, yes, I'm playing a character who's biology is outside the normal order. Yes, most people would think he is evil. (I mean come on, the guy runs a prostitution and drug ring out of his occult bookstore.) However, once a week, I don't have to be James, the stressed out pizza student. Once a week, I am Steven, the moderatly stupid sheriff of a backwater domain. It's one day a week when I don't have to be me. It's kind of nice to worry more about why the prince is trying to cut in on your drug trade than if you have enough hours to survive, let alone what books and tests you should be working on.
Demon does sound like fun to play. Milton understood this. His Lucifer was one of the best known archtypes of the "anti-hero". Superman is a boring read because he's like Pollyanna with x-ray vision. Batman on the other hand, is more human, having a darker aspect to his personality. Marvel usually does a good job at keeping it real. Look at Spiderman or Daredevil.
Argh, my geek is showing. Well, off to do something else for the time being.

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