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Before I post about hwy I'm convince God must be mad at me, I figured I'd post a few movie and book reviews.

We'll start with The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror. I forget how NetFlix even recommended this one, but I have to admit I found it amusing to no end whatsoever. The set up is kind of silly: 5 couples and a flame dame arrive at a supposedly gay-friendly B&B in the middle of nowhere. We have: The Drag Queen and Mr. Leather (headed to "The Blue Party", the sweater queens who've been dating 9 years and their flame dame (visiting a sick relative), The sugar daddy and his club kid baby (also headed to the blue party), the lesbian couple who are selling edible body paint (one of whom has a panic disorder), and the lesbian folk singer and her girlfriend who's mildly put off by the perkiness.

The B&B is run by Helen and her daughter Luella. We find out early on that Helen is all about redeeming gay folks for Christ, usually by murder. Luella, a sort of closet lesbian, makes minced meat muffins. Complete with jewelry from previous guests baked in.

As all 5 couples start showing signs of relationship strain, we also find out about Manfred. By far the best revelation about Manfred is that he's "the bastard son of 100 Republican convention delegates". We also get the absolutely hysterical pairing of the drag queen (in full drag by the halfway point) with the lesbian folk singer (a rather naive girl who's in a Deitrich in Morocco tuxedo for the second half.)

While the acting is pretty bad and the gore is kind of low (lots of blood, but no really graphic stuff), the movie remains cheaply amusing. [ profile] booboobob would love it.

I just finished re-reading Maskerade by Terry Pratchett. This remains probably my favorite of his Discworld series. Agnes Nitt (AKA Perdita X. Dream) goes to Ankh-Morpork to sing in the opera. Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg end up following her and getting involved in the search for the ghost of the opera.

Also finished Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips. The premise revolves around the Olympian pantheon living in London rather anonymously. Aphrodite plays a prank on Apollo similar to the story of Daphne (makes him fall in love with someone nonreciprocating) which winds up with an Orphic adventure in the underworld to save the overworld. while much of the plot is a re-hash of other books about gods in the modern world, it remains fun, easy reading.

Am now in the middle of Ghost Radio by Leopoldo Gout. while I'm enjoying it so far, the narrative is kind of confusing since it keeps witching from first person (Joaquin), first person (Alondra), and third person omniscient. Joaquin is the host of a Mexican/Hispanic radio show along the lines of Coast to Coast. (More focused on the supernatural and ghosts than UFOs and Bigfoot though.) However, as the book progesses, he's getting drawn more and more into his own paranormal issues. Based on the foreshadowing, I ssume our antagonist will end up being one of the Aztec gods. Still fun to read.

Any rate, I allegedly get Milk tomorrow, which should be interesting, since I generally hate Sean Penn.
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Really enjoyed it, although Willam DaFoe in drag is officially scarier than Gene Hackman in drag.

Now I want a pint of Guiness.


Feb. 19th, 2009 10:22 am
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I really don't understand NetFlix's recommendations on occasion.

I just logged in to see "Because you liked Psycho and A Clockwork Orange, we think you'd like Pink flamingos."

Uh, did I miss the part where Divine beats people to death with a dildo or pushes someone down the stairs or something?
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Needed a way to suck up time, so I streamed Vantage Point.

Reminded me of my own trip to spain back in 1992, minus, of course, the assassination of POTUS.

If I ever have money again, I'd like to go back and wander through El Alhambra and the generalife again. plus paella is freaking awesome. I wish saffron wasn't so bloody expensive in the states so I could make some of my own.

Next up is The History Boys. No idea what it's about, but I remember reading good things about the stage play the movie is adapted from. deabting on getting some Taco Bell, but I have food here at the house. Just want to get out for a while is all.
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I actually did submit this one, but I doubt it gets used.

My question: Have you ever watched or read a movie or book as an adult that you haven't seen since childhood, only to realize what a huge impact it had on your childhood thinking? If so, what and how?

To be honest, I've been thinking about this since I finished re-watching The Private Eyes. I looked it up on IMDb to find it had been released in 1981. Which was probably the last time I watched it. Among other things, I can credit the movie with my obsession with secret passages. In my fiction (particularly horror stuff), I love sticking in hidden rooms and secret passages. They serve as metaphores for hidden agendas and make for great places to hide insights into what's really going on.

As a child, I remember a trip out to Massachusetts where we toured the house that inspired Hawthorne's House of the Seven Gables. It had a secret passage that was part of the tour. Mom hated it, I loved it. That was also the trip where I wheedled mom into taking us to the salem witchcraft museum.

Another movie that really influenced me was an old animated one called Flight of Dragons. I had forgotten it entirely until Princess Joey dragged out an aging VHS copy many years ago. While it was kind of stupid, there was a scene where one of the fantasy characters had a library of unwritten books. (While I know Gaimen had something similar in Sandman, I often thought about the concept well prior to reading Sandman) I love the idea of all the stories I've never gotten around to writing down floating around and being read by someone.

Speaking of movies I haven't seen in a while, there's one I recall watching in my single digits about a young girl and her grandfather trying to find her giant Snoopy doll. Towards the end, it fell in the ocean and I remember them using fishing nets to save it. Anyone else remember the movie and have a title for it?
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To dig your own grave, is quite a sight. But to bury yourself, is not very bright. There are more to kill, and the job'll be done. Now there are five, soon there'll be a lot less.

Hilda is dead, and here's something to note. You can't bury her at sea, 'cause her bosoms will float.

Just finished watching The Private Eyes. I haven't laughed quite that much in a while. Amazing how many jokes I got now that I missed as a child. Of course, I'm also older, so the boob jokes make more sense now, as does the bull ca-ca comment.

Really, reminded me of a tamer Clue. Which I think I'll add to my queue. Because it'll give me something to do.

Either that or see if The Carol Burnett Show is on DVD.
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NetFlix shipped a movie to me today I haven't seen in probably 2 decades.

Starring Tim Conway and Don Knotts, I should have The Private Eyes in my mail box tomorrow. Which, as I just said, I haven't seen since I was maybe 12 or so?

All I really remember about the movie is the animated opening sequence and a bunch of boob jokes that flew over my head as a youngster. Kind of like Yvette in Clue.

And next in line is Another Gay Movie: Gays Gone Wild. Given how insipid the original was, I'm not quite sure why I ordered the sequel.
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My Bloody Valentine 3D was actually pretty good. Not sure if it was worth the $11 I spent to see it in 3D, but still pretty good. There were a few homages to the original that I liked enormously, like the dropping of the mining suits and the body in the clothes dryer... (but I still say a clothes dryer wouldn't get hot enough to melt flesh.)

Digital 3D is also pretty damn cool. Other than a mild headache trying to readjust my eyes after the movie, it worked much better than the last movie I saw in 3D. (That would be Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, where the last 15-20 minutes were 3D. Didn't really work that well.)

John and I went to Ziggie's for dinner after the show and ended up leaving after 15 minutes of being ignored by the wait staff. We wound up down the road at Steak & Shake, where we had our dinner in under 5 minutes.

It was good hanging out with John. I no longer am angry with him, and I'm no longer finding myself wishing to reconcile with him beyond friendship. Kind of amazing what time and distance do for emotional pain.

Then it was home. I wound up watching Saw V which arrived from Netflix yesterday. Less of a mindfuck than the previous four, plus if had Darla from Buffy. Honestly though, the series, while occasionally godo but mostly mediocre should have ended with this one. Well, actually, they could have ended with 3, but I suppose as long as people are willing to pay, we'll continue to get sequels.

I do have some things I want to post about, but I'm finding I'm kind of pooped. So I'll posit a question for everyone tonight, then post my thoughts tomorrow.

Here's the question.

Assuming there is a perfect divine being, and that said perfect divine being through some manner created the world and by extension humanity, How is it that we, creations of a divine and perfect being, are not perfect beings ourselves?
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"At the feedstore do I say, 'Oh, now Wally, give me a bag of that F-in' pig feed, and a pound of that bitchly cow corn'? At the bank do I say, 'Oh, Mrs. Malenger, here is one big bastard of a check, now give me some of your Christ-ing money!'"-Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes in Misery

Yes, I'm bored, so I queued up Misery on the Netflix streaming video after failing to get Popcorn to load right and getting bored with Quantum Leap and sliders. I looked up BSG, but the only stream is the old 70's series and the follow up where they wind up on earth.

Not that I'm complaining. I haven't seen Misery since it was in first run. It's still a damn good movie. I love Kathy Bates.

After today, I think I might be able to do the 8:30 service on Sunday and still get the paperwork done in a timely manner. Only problem will be getting 3 deposits together before open. I figured out a few short cuts for cig counts, and lotto isn't that bad to do anymore.

I'll be happy when my days off start.


Is it weird that 2 of the thre scenes that really bugged me in Misery (the hobbling being the odd one out) are the ones where Paul burns his own manuscripts? I don't know why, but destroying his own creation really bugs me on some level.
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Ya know, 40 minutes into the Lost Boys sequel and I realize I just can't take it.

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