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Well, I e-mailed the itinerary I have in my head to Mom yesterday, then called her last night to confirm she got it. completely forgetting today is "Hyper Friday" in Columbus. (For those of you who don't live in Columbus or pay attention to OSU football, Hyper Friday is when the Alumni Band plays 10-15 minute gigs all over Columbus to rally up the city for the anuual OSU-Michigan game. Which is like a statewide holiday. And usually falls on or around my birthday.) So, I ended up waking her up, since she and my brother were heaed to catch the tour bus around 4AM this morning.

Well...I should mention I sent her pics of both me and John. (Mine was this picture ) that I don't like since it makes me look a bit like Charlie at the beginning and end of Flowers For Algernon.) Mom's comment was "When did you get all that black chest hair?" To which I of course responded, "I don't know, it just kind of grew on me."

Then I confirmed John was getting an appropriate hostess gift for her. (I'm taking her a 22oz Beck's, since she loves German beer.) John's getting her some Jams and Jelly from his neck of the woods. (I explained Mom's postulate that when bringing a hostess gift to someone in another region, one must bring a locally made product unavailable in the region you're visiting. This is also true of gifts for visitors coming to town to make presentations etc.) Given Mom's allergy to honey and inability to have caffiene, most of the options John came up with were out. I reconfirmed normal fruit works, and that he should avoid any of the new fruit & hot pepper jams that seem to be gaining popularity.

Then she reminded me jelly can't travel in carry-on luggage, for reasons other than TSA flight regulations. (Now mind you, I told John this story, but I forgot the punchline.) When I was 6 or 7, on one of the 2 trips we made to Los Angeles for a wedding, we went to Knott's Berry Farm. (Side note: I rode my first roller coaster while we were there.) Well, Mom bought some jelly to bring home. Fast forward to Mom (around 46 or 47 at the time), Nana (Lord she'd have been 70 something), my brother (10-11), and me at LAX trying to fly home. The security pulled her aside as we were entering the terminal. Seems the "dark bottles" in her bag were setting off the alarm. The best part of the entire situation was the older African American guard who pulled my aged mother aside and said "OK, Lady, show me your gun", completely deadpan. We still laugh about that on occasion.

Well, my laundry is drying, then I get to pack. John's getting me at work tonight, so I'm trying to get EVERYTHING ready before hand. Much love to all of you, and I'll catch up on everything next Thursday.

I'm back

Aug. 16th, 2007 11:54 am
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Mom's in the hospital again with a heart issue.

I guess Richard, Lisa and the kids are out of town as well.

Planning on calling her before work, assuming I can find the number.

Was a good visit otherwise, John had never seen Snakes on a Plane, so we fixed that.

Any rate, off to other things. LJ is loading slw today, so I will catch up laters.
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Opera Colubus's production of Bizet's Carmen was awesome. Admittedly, I fell asleep during Act II, but I was awake for all of Act III and Act IV. The Subtitles helped immensly, particularly since there was a bit of humor here and there amongst the angst.

Dinner also rocked.

Anyway, I'm hugely tired, so I won't write out the econ 101 lecture I had thought out at work. Or justify the peanut butter incident.

Up and down

Oct. 3rd, 2003 06:25 am
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Ok, found out Mom and I are leaving for Jersey at 3:30 AM Monday morning, and we're going via Dayton to Atlanta, before getting to Philly. *twitch*

Dave gave me his number tonight at work. *cheer*

Bedtime. I need my beauty rest.
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Update #1-I will be in New Jersey for a few days starting probably Sunday. which means bad things. I will also be in the company of my mother.

Update #2-I really hate Hannah. I really like Dave. I hope they balance out, since I close with both of 'em tonite.

Update #3-Been suffering combination ennui and stress. I have yet to figure out how.

Update #4-I'm really tired.

Update #5-I missed Angel tonight:(

Update #6-I borrowed an emoticon from the guild board to serve as a new icon, since it's been a while since I played with my icons.
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It's colder than a witch's tittie in a brass bra at the moment.

Actually saw [ profile] taocub in the flesh today. Always a welcome event. Even if his new romies did scare the pants off of me and [ profile] lotussilverfire.


Managed to further alienate my family yesterday. Mom was given the "Distinguised Alumni Award" from the Bexley Alumni association yesterday at a big hubbaballo out at the Country club. My evil uncle showed up, and we said all of about 5 words to each other. My mom's old BF from high school was there, and I managed to avoid talking to him. See, he tried to start dating mom again while I was still in High School , and he really rubbed me the wrong way. Mom thought it had to do with dad, but it was more just the fact the man's an asshole. She later found out he had done time for child molestation and had also been wooing 2 other women around the same time he was wooing her. Fucker. I hope he rots in a pit.

The luncheon served was a Chicken Cordon Bleu you could play baseball with. Not to mention, it was decidely unkosher. Considering how many Orthodox Jews graduated with mom, I found the menu rather surprising. Ham, chicken, and cheese in one undercooked ball.

We started back on school hours tonight, meaning my free time just went the way of the dodo. I work until 2 AM Mon-Thursday, 3 AM Fri Sat, and 1AM Sun. I get two days off in this mess. On the bright side, I now get to go in at 6. And I allegedly get a raise this paycheck. Still doesn't change that I'd like to hop the midnight train going anywhere.

I'm now thinking of spending a quiet Thanksgiving here in Columbus, rather than subjecting myself voluntarily to my family for long periods of time.
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So, My mom comes up today for the last day of the State Fair. Before we can even pull out on Neil, She starts venting about Lisa. Lisa, it seems, has been bugging mom about how much she has left to pay on her house, and started dropping hints about how she and Richard want to move in when she dies.

First off, it's rude. Second, it's presumptuous.

I guess mom's starting to realize that Lisa really does think I should be written out of the will. I suddenly feel like I'm trapped in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. The worst part is mom telling me she's concerned Lisa will encourage Richard to ignore the living will she has written, and use the power of attorney he gets if she is unconcious, etc. to fuck her over royally. I think she was hinting that she'd like me to do it, but I don't live in Urbana, and therefore would be useless, since it takes an hour to get there.

We also had a very long talk about mom's rather New Age beliefs. I don't think mom is quite ready to make the switch to something else, religion wise, but hereing her discuss how she's a spirit guide is really awkward, sice we never really discussed my pagan days.

But the fair was fun. I had a Bahama Mama and a chocolate shake. Mmmm. I need to walk all of it off now, since that was major caloric intake.
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But first some interesting E-mail...

A trip to the middle east )

PC(USA)'s youth convention notes )

While I no longer claim affiliation with the Presbyterian Church(USA), I still recieve e-mail from them. Which I don't mind particularly, since it provides a rather interesting look at how a national denomination is dealing with issues of the modern world. Plus, every once in a while, I get nostalgic for the days of being part of the "frozen chosen".

So, work still sucks. Nothing I can do about that, tho [ profile] adagiogray is trying to get me to become a deputy sheriff in Franklin County with him. Yeah right...go ahead, give me handcuffs.

Mr Gray, who still claims heterosexuality, dragged me to Union Station tonite after work for 2 martini's (his), 2 beers (mine), a shot of Cuttysark (mine, much to my regret). and a shot of Frangelica (shared). Needless to say, I was stumbling when we walked out at 2:15. However, from the blur of music I heard while my head spun, I do recall hearing "The Bad Touch" by Bloodhound Gang, and the damn one hit from Sonique who's name I can never remeber, but I love anyway.

After that, we went to TeeJay's for Mush, sausage gravy and biscuits, and banana cream pie. My diet starts tomorrow anyway, might as well enjoy the home cookin' now. Problem being that the Tee-Jay's effect is kicking in, and George has me in mortal terror of the bathroom. George being the little spider who spun a web between the tub and the door wall, who likes to stare at me while I sit on the pot. I'm trying to talk [ profile] gothic_oreo into helping George find a new place to live, namely the sacred huting grounds, if only so I can clean the damn bathroom without screaming everytime George drops from the ceiling to visit me.

In the meantime, I still need to find a nice gift for Herb's mom, since she's turning 50. So, Thursday, I will enter the hell of commerce known as City Center to find something licenced by Betty Boop. Then on Friday, El Herbo and I will take his motorized carriage to Port Clinton for my whopping weekend vacation this year. *cheer*

I will be so happy to get away for a short period of time. And I swear that I won't get plastered on Jello shots on Put-In-Bay this time.

Oh yeah. What do a desk and opening day tickets for Buckeye football have in common? Both are reason enough for my mother and brother to wake me up following a 12 hour shift. I'm about ready to tell mom to give Richard the fucking tickets and go see Billy Idol instead. Anything is better than dealing with the landmine that is my family.

Of yeah, Dragonlance Legends wasn't anywhere near as good as I remembered it being. And the Deathgate Cycle is kind of dull. *sigh*
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Origens Adventures/Gay Pride Parade/Comfest )

Bitching about July 4 )

Tonight's flashback )

So anyway, that's about it. I still haven't finished classes for conversion, for those that are wondering. To be honest, it's less second thoughts than "Where the hell did all my free time go?" If I ever pull an L. Ron Hubbard and start my own religion, I will make the holy day Wednesday. Anyway, I've been up too long today, and bed is calling.
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Like I told [ profile] gothic_oreo, I have about 3 posts just from this weekend. One of which, to be written later, is for me alone.

Ok, It started Friday with me going to Dayton to visit [ profile] taocub, his husbear, and the two nutty roommates. As it happened, the boss was visiting. I got to ask her about an old friend of mine who seems to have vanished into a lightless hole (His wife, who I could spend days talking about, and none of it would be good.) So, this trip involved much gossip about my Dayton friends from that line of the friends tree, and lotsa coffee. I also happened to run into my old roommate, the evil Josh. (OK, so I was stalking him...I knew he'd be working and we went thru his Drive-Thru. I'm kind of hoping he didn't see me in the car.)

Basically, the fall-out seems to be that someone I used to care about a lot (nothing sexual, mind you), has more or less jumped off the deep end. Not that this is a surprise to anyone who lived through the drama of her fake relationship, but still, I was very sorry to hear that if anything, she's worse.

[ profile] taocub and I also spent a lot of time discussing religion. I'm still processing most of that conversation, problem being that my mind is again seeking familiar models of expression in which to relate to the new model he presented.

So, Saturday, I go home to Urbana. No one bothered warning me that Lisa (the bitch sis-in law) had her entire Dad's side of the family there for Rachel's B-day. Not that I mind, after all Aunt Bonnie is a Reform Rabbi, and I could talk a bit about questions I was having without feeling stupid. However, Lisa does not get along with her step-mother, and we got to watch the backhanded compliments and daisy tipped swords of polite family sparring. Fortunatly, Rachel and Brandon seemed remarkably oblivious.

So then it was back to Mommie Dearest's place. Which meant helping dye eggs and stuff candy in baskets. (And I remarkably avoided pointing out that most of the was she was putting Easter together come str8 outta Pagan rituals. You should be proud.) Right before she went to bed, she informed me that my Evil Uncle had invited himself to dinner the next day. I was livid. I mean Paul is one of the few people i really feel like pissing on his grave when he dies. I mean, I truly loathe him.

And he didn't dissappoint. His idea of Dinner conversation was talking about "sissies". AKA, gay men are all pansies. And of Course, he and mother decided to tag team bait me to get a rise out fo me. I kept my temper until after Paul left and mom started going off on Indian Casino's. Not that I actually care, however the arguement she was using against them was full of holes. Amazing how we can argue for things we don't care about, yet keep silent on the things that matter.

I will go more indepth about specifics later this evening.


Nov. 27th, 2002 06:46 am
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Ok. Got called home from work last night due to Mom throwing a clot. She will soon be taken to Cleveland.

I'll skip the riots we had over the weekend.

This does mean that Mom will not be home for Thanksgiving probably. Which gives me the option of NOT going home, since I have no desire to deal with Lisa's family. But I'll still send home pie.

I have no desire to go home anyway. I really am not fond of the Holidays, and I have no desire to be the 5th wheel at my brother's house.

This cheered me up a bit, but it still gave me gray hair )

Oh, and we heard an oldskool rap cut oin the radio last night that I'd like to get. No clue on title or artist, but the chorus was like "La'Keisha's got a big old butt." Any clue who or what it was?


Nov. 16th, 2002 05:34 am
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Ok, We're going to do a quick LARP 101 so I can explain why I'm laughing.

The first Tradition of the Camarilla is the Masquerade. You will not reveal your vampire nature to anyone. You will die.

Thursday night, 5 characters in my LARP didn't just break the Masquerade, they danced on its corpse. Not only did one Tremere (Mage vamps) grow a tree and drop it on a car, Obfuscations (invisible vamps) were broken in front of witnesses, people got shot without flinching, and a whole bunch of termanology got thrown out in front of humans. (For the record, we decided to LARP at a local coffee house.) My character, the sheriff, who's position is to enforce the Masquerade, is now wondering who gets killed first. But it was good coffee.

Past that, the only thing of major eventness this week was The Guilt Trip. Tuesday, I went back and visited mommie dearest. Everytime I talk to mom she tells me about how fucked her finances are due to her retirement fund's attachment to the stock market. And yet, she gave me money for my birthday, and got mad because I bought her dinner. She is doing much better, but she's still housebound and driving everyone nuts. Myself included. And she made me watch JAG and Judging Amy with her. JAG is kind of stupid, but it has a beefcake factor I like. Judging Amy is a chick show. I kind of wish Debbie from Queer as Folk wouyld randomly drop by and visit Amy's mother, or vice versa. Not only would it be a good Cagney and Lacey reunion, the two characters would be all kinds of fun together.

Anyway, I need sleep. Not only is UNDEFEATED, #1 in the country, OSU taking on Illinois tomorrow, the Browns play the Bengals Sunday. All of this means lotsa business. Although the real bitch is the Michigan game. I wish I could not go in that day. Particularly with Lane Ave being closed for bridge work.
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Headed back to Urbana this evening to visit with mom for a while. I shall retyurn tomorrow.


Oct. 27th, 2002 06:45 am
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Ok, Lisa, the bnitch sis-in-law woke me up yesterday after about 4 hours of sleep just to bitch me out for not calling mom in the hospital. Well, I explained to her
A)I have a job.
B)No one bothered to tell me she was still in ICU.
C)In fact, no one tells me anything in this family unless they want an excuse to bitch at me.

So, I call mom. Here's the low-down. Besides the 4 clots in her lungs, she has about 10 in her leg. Evidently, her symptoms were not what they look for, so no one caught it nearly a year ago when she had the "anxiety attack". So...she's in the hospital until probably Monday. After that, she is pretty much house bound for 3 months, and it will be a year before she can do everything again.

*sighs* As selfish as this sounds, this means I can't take her to The Nutcracker and The Magic Flute like I wanted to. Plus, she bout two of the books I was contemplating buying for her for Xmas to read while bed-ridden. Frick.

I'm now contemplating signing up for the Vampire:The Eternal Struggle tourney at The Blushing Pixie. I haven't played in years, but all participants get a free Eye of Hazimel card just for playing. Maybe I could re-create that nice Ventrue Vote Deck again. Either that or an Exploding Malkavian Deck.

Anyway, good night. I'll probably start comment whoring again tomorrow.


Oct. 25th, 2002 06:16 am
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First, a belated hello to everyone, including the addition [ profile] mykeamend.

Where do I start?

First, I'm hooked on EQ for no reason whatsoever.

Second, I'm running behind on my story, mainly due to EQ, Spiderman, and my

Spiderman happened Wednesday night with [ profile] adagiogray. I hadn't seen it, and it's at the $1 theatre right now. It was ok, I liked the ending, and the Norman was cute. Always a plus.

My brother called a few days ago to tell me mom was in the hospital AGAIN. Told me he'd call back and update me the next day. I end up calling him the next day, since no one in my family thinks I really give a shit about tem. This is generally true, except when someone is seriously ill. Turns out mom has a pulmonary embolysm. For those of you not versed in such biology talk, that means she has four blood clots trapped in her lungs currently, and is in the hospital on oxygen and blood thinners. So, this leads me to believe that said blood clots were probably what was causing her so much pain a few weeks ago when I had to go home for her last round of hospital care.

Based on what I just got through reading, every one of you could use a hug. So...


Oh yeah. I start doing volunteer food prep for Project OpenHand-Columbus next Thursday at 1:00. They called me while I was sleeping and [ profile] lotussilverfire woke me up to take the call.

And as an added bonus, after LARP, we all hit Hounddog's. That was fun. I miss going out with people and having a real social life.
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She never saw it coming.

Sorry, watched Enemy at the Gates tonight, and there's a scene involving Jude Law and Rachel Weiss where they can't make noise or move that much while in flagrante delecto due to people sleeping a few feet away on either side of them.

Good movie though.

Talked to mom tonight...I guess she's off her feet until November. Ripped tendon and sciatic(?) nerve issues.

Haven't been sleeping well...3 consecutive night of dreaming of Mike. While this is normally not a bad thing, it does serve as a reminder that it's been a long time since I've actually dated someone I care about. Thus emphasizing why I hate waking up on cold mornings to an empty bed.

Thanks to [ profile] kylewallace...quiz result )
Wow, I'm whining! Woo-hoo! My apologies. Just kind of moody this evening.
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Well, about 5 this evening, my sis-in-law called me and told me the squad was coming for my mother, who was to a point where she couldn't walk. This meant finding a ride back here to help take care of mom.
Kill me.
By the time I got to the hospital, the Demerol was just starting to kick in. Mom told me I had nice teeth. She then started telling more of those stories we only get when mom is on painkillers.
So, my brother gets there, and Lisa leaves. The entire time, mom's bitching about getting admitted, since she can't walk.
Well, they now have mom on a narcotic drip. Yes, she's been admitted. I hate seeing her in pain, but what can I do, short of amputation?
So, now I'm stuck at my brother's house until he leaves for work tomorrow. Parents should not be allowed to get sick until the children are able to take care of them.
I swear, I'll put something funny up tomorrow. Right now, I'm way to irritated to cope.


Sep. 4th, 2002 12:48 am
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Ok, before I start this, I'm going to talk about my mother for a minute. She and I went to dinner at the Dube this evening, followed by a trip to see the Stadium Bandroom.
During the course of our conversations, we talked about her Master thesis and He Doctoral disscertation. It seems her point was that Humanities programs exist only where "someone" (faculty, students, administration) wants them to exist. The she proceeded to tell me a rather dirty story about her time as OSUMB secretary. It seems that the bad had a starched and laquered bull penis named "Roger" that served as the band mascot. Well, I guess Jack Evans (director of the band for quite some time) called for her to send him the bullhorn. She sent Roger. We also discussed prison reform and drug law reform, and when I spoke my opinion on Iraq, she brought up that the same kind of thinking allowed Hitler to stay in power.
I am now typing on a new keyboard, since the old one died a painful death earlier this afternoon. I'm seriously contemplating giving the old keyboard a good toss from my bedroom window.
Tonight, my pretties, I'm rather contemplative. I know I've refered to the people onm my friend list as the Mos Eisley Cantina Band at varying points, but tonight, I'd like to think of you all as an old jazz band, playing the blues while I sip bathtub gin in a speakeasy.
I had a really odd conversation with Herb last night via MSN messenger. We ended up talking about queer seperation vs queer assimilation. Of course, other minorities were discussed within the context of this, but...I still find myself dwelling on it. I see Herb's point, that minorities should not have to think of themselves as separate from society as a whole, because being part of a minority is just a small part of being human. But I also see that at least for me, being gay does color my perceptions of the world. I want people to accept me as I am, warts and all, but I don't want to have to change myself to fit some hive mind's opinion of what normal is. Does this make sense?
Most of this came up because we were discussing my fear of being rejected by my friends, and how I was thinking of trying to get in to the GLB specific psychiatric clinic again. *sighs* And of course, as we're talking, I start to realize that he's another of the people I care about who I've never had the courage to tell exactly how I feel about him.
Yes, I'm being mopey. But I did get the new David Stukas novel out of the library, along with the *shudder* new David and Leigh Eddings novel. I really hope they've bothered to pick up a thesaurus this time. I hate reading books where the author(s) use the same 2 adjectives repeatedly. I'm hoping they will cheer me up, particulaly since I just finished re-reading Sandman: The Wake. Actually, what really got me was World's End when I found myself helplessly in love with the narrator.
So that was my day. I'm going to drink a beer and go to bed now.
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Hmm, we seem to have skipped the numb part of being drunk and gone straight to brooding.

I don't drink very often, mainly becuase I fear turning into one of the drunken krauts on Mo's side of the family. Buncha beer-drinkin' Lutherans. And loud. And obnoxious. The men that is. The women are all saints...taking care of their men and fulfilling some long ago devotion to the church. Heaven forbid anyone in our family not fulfill this obligation to either extreme. Oh no...hell, no one can escape this curse. My mom, a suffragette for the new age, still turns into a little man pleaser when she gets around her brother, or her nephew for that matter. John, her nephew, cheated on his wife, stalked his wife, made life a living hell for his wife,and all mom can talk about is what a bitch Vicky was. Or my Uncle, who expects any woman to bow and scrape before him. And so, l'il ol' me, I'm the "faggot", the "kike", and whatever fucking other term they care to throw at me when I get around them. Fuck them. There's a difference between being a loving family member and being a doormat. Try telling that to mom. "Oh, well, G-d gave them to me, so I have to love them." Oh for fuck's sake mom, you went through 10 years of therapy to get over all the shit they put you through growing up, including abuse that deserves castration, and all you can do is pretend that noe of it matters.
Oh and my brother. Heaven forbid he not be perfect. Mom likes to play the guilt game. I think her mom taught her that one. You know the rules. Well, your brother has kids, and he quit smoking, and he's married! And he gets "Well, your brother is back in school, and he's got steady employment..." or we get the "I'm worried about your brother..." schpiel, where she tells us both what the other confided in confidence. It's really bad that I end up whitewashing my life for mom just due to not wanting my life to be the subject of the family grapevine. Hell, a few years ago when I tried slicing my wrists open, she called all the family, her minister, her friends, all to tell them how my depression affected her. I mean, the only reason I told her in the first place was she was listed as my emergency contact at the hospital.
I love them dearly, but in some ways, they really aren't something I want to claim membership in. If all I am is another person to insult, I have no reason to associate with them. Fuck them. May they all rot in their graves unmourned.


Aug. 20th, 2002 12:41 am
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Ok, I sent my apology to mom, as well as a round of thank-you notes and apologies to my friends.

Mom already replied, in full Drama Queen mode. I felt like spelling it out for her, but I kept my thoughts more polite for the sake of harmony. She thinks that we should treasure our family, which I do, but there's a huge difference between loving your family and being their doormat. I take enough bullshit as it is, I don't need the additional drama of having them shovel more on.

[ profile] taocub and I are also having discussions on the subject of marriage in other forums. (Not us, although I think he and his husbear are looking at a commitment ceremony at some point.) And the weird part is that I had similar discussions with [ profile] smurfchick at one point on the same subject. I guess for me, marriage is not something I can get excited about for myself. But then, most of the marriages I've been witness to in my own life have all hit the skids after a few years. I just can't see the point of getting a piece of paper just so you can get another piece of paper in another few years that invalidates the previous piece of paper. Or worse, there have been a few people I know who really want the divorce, but don't want to hurt the kids. Well, from my experience, the kids know there are issues already.

Pardon, I'm venting. Maybe if I actually met someone I felt like staying with for life, I'd be a lot more excited about the prospect of nuptuals. But not right now.

Anyway, I have some other stuff to do, so ya'll take care until tomorrow.

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