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Mar. 15th, 2008 02:17 am
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Now, then, on to the snark. This article talks about goth students trying to change the dress code at their high school. Which I'm all for, within reason. The problem I ran into was this...

"Amaris -- a soft-spoken sophomore who said she'd never been suspended and had never received a grade lower than a C -- argues she has a right to her style of dress. She said her clothing is part of her Wiccan religion, a neo-pagan, Earth-centered faith.

"I get pulled out of classes, stopped in the hallways, all because they say our makeup is a distraction," Amaris, who signs the "A" in her name with the anarchy symbol, told the Brevard County School Board. "I think basically it is a ploy against people who are different. I am very tired of the unfair treatment that we've been given."

First off, Goth outfitting and makeup are a separate entity from Wicca. That statement alone makes you as big of an attention whore as the little girls protesting dress codes that prevent them from wearing abstinence rings or shirts prolethetizing Xtianity. You know, the ones who claim that their religious beliefs are being repressed because the school dress code was designed to not allow ANY tee-shirts or jewelry. Also, why in the hell would you wear full crow style makeup during daylight hours anyway?

What I feel like saying to this person is "If you want to dress for Wicca, shouldn't you go skyclad? I'm sure that would get you much more attention."

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