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who I hope is feeling better now.


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Well, anyway, I need to go to bed here. To quote [ profile] jomunch, Laila Tov!


Jan. 3rd, 2003 04:19 am
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I got a new Geforce 4 videocard and 512MB of RAM for my computer today!

Just in time for school to start again and work to go back to regular hours.

And in other news, our LARP ended as of tonite, due to lack of interest. DAMN IT! That was my weekly release!

And I'm still single. :P
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Ok, so I haven't updated in a while. I didn't think people would be all that interested in me whining about my family again.

So what has been going on...

My mom's former students sent me his novel to read through and make editorial comments. I must remember to go get post-it notes, since I have a fear of marking up his draft. So far, two grammatical train wrecks, and a few plot points I'd like to sit down and talk with him about.

Work is still work. Probably getting another raise here soon, thanks to Jason's idiocy. LARP continues to get more convoluted. Still not sure where we're going with the current situation.

Really looking forward to a day off.

[ profile] smurfchick has removed me from her friends list. I'm giving you all a free pass to remove me if you so wish. I've been lousy about reading, let alone commenting recently. Between the holidays and Seasonal Affective Disorder, my heart's just not up to much right now.

/sigh. I really just need to take a Valium or something. Oh wait, I have a loaded brownie in the fridge. I didn't realize it was loaded until I took a bite. Heh. That was amusing.

Anyway, I should shake off the blues sooner or later. I hope anyone who still reads this is ok.
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I really, in all honesty, have been having very shitty weekend.

Saturday, Jason (the pothead who all of us loathe at work) no called no showed. We all were happy because he was getting fired. Then our DM called and told us to knock on his door and give him a $.50 raise is he would come in. That is utter bullshit. Jason has been there barely 90 days. He doesn't work. He smokes pot on his smoke break. His head is so far up his ass I don't know how he breathes.

Then I get these nasty letters from another collection agency. I still have no clue what bill they are attacking me about, but I really don't want to call them, since they're worse than telemarketers.

To top it off, I haven't been sleeping well. I know that I have a LARP ooc meeting with the garou on Tuesday at some point. I also have an EQ raid on Wednesday. I keep having visions of Vamps playing EQ.

My concentration is shot. One of our drivers gave me a s'more bar, but I discovered that it was loaded when I took a bite of it.

Hell. I just need a whole day to myself. This is why I miss going to the Yellow Springs grove. At ;east there I could just meditate in peace. I was so drama free for a while, and now the evil bitch has dropped everyone else's drama on me. (great, it's the drama fairie.)

*sighs* I am so anti-social right now.

On the bright side, I talked to Steve tonight about Jason's undeserved raise. He said if it goes through, he'll get me at least a quarter raise, and my hours won't get cut when the students go home for Xmas. Whereas Jason will probably be getting 4 hours a week.

And I dreamed of Mike last night. First time in a while. I'm always happy when he's there, but I get maudlin when I wake. I miss having him within walking distance. Hell, I'd just be happy to know where he is. I miss him. And yes, I've been carrying this torch for a VERY long time.

Maybe I just need a vacation. I think I might actually get one soon.
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Been a weird week all the way around.

May have finally met a new man, but he lives in North Carolina and is moving to Jersey. (As you can see, my luck with dating is THAT bad.)

Got told at LARP tonite that the prince wishes for me to execute the whole city, excluding four people.

Been spending more time on EverCrack recently, thus the lack of substance in a lot of things I've been doing.

And it's really weird that I'm getting a minor reputation for being a good guy on the server. It's nice to know that people who aren't really real to me like me.

I got a really nasty notice from my student loan people in the mail. I still have yet to figure out what the hell they want from me. I get told one thing, then I get something that says something else. I'm getting buried in Beaurocracy. It's almost enough to make me wish someone would shoot me. I no longer know what the hell is going on. I finally am at a point where I can figure everything out, and someone changed half the rules on me. I really hate that.
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Ok, once again, I know most of you know next to nothing about LARP. However, in the tradition of [ profile] theomachio, I'm putting a question to all ya'll.

My poor character is a Gangrel. My clan weakness involves frenzy. Whenever I go into frenzy, I gain an animalistic feature. I went into frenzy tonight, thanks to a bad incident involving a molotov cocktail. Here is my question: What do I want as my new animal feature? Tail is not an option because thoise things are a bitch to conceal. I'm thinking of going for slittted eyes, but...

I also am in a position to blood bond the Toredor Primogen. I'm going to ask her player if she's cool with that before I do it, since I'd rather be polite than just do it.


Nov. 16th, 2002 05:34 am
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Ok, We're going to do a quick LARP 101 so I can explain why I'm laughing.

The first Tradition of the Camarilla is the Masquerade. You will not reveal your vampire nature to anyone. You will die.

Thursday night, 5 characters in my LARP didn't just break the Masquerade, they danced on its corpse. Not only did one Tremere (Mage vamps) grow a tree and drop it on a car, Obfuscations (invisible vamps) were broken in front of witnesses, people got shot without flinching, and a whole bunch of termanology got thrown out in front of humans. (For the record, we decided to LARP at a local coffee house.) My character, the sheriff, who's position is to enforce the Masquerade, is now wondering who gets killed first. But it was good coffee.

Past that, the only thing of major eventness this week was The Guilt Trip. Tuesday, I went back and visited mommie dearest. Everytime I talk to mom she tells me about how fucked her finances are due to her retirement fund's attachment to the stock market. And yet, she gave me money for my birthday, and got mad because I bought her dinner. She is doing much better, but she's still housebound and driving everyone nuts. Myself included. And she made me watch JAG and Judging Amy with her. JAG is kind of stupid, but it has a beefcake factor I like. Judging Amy is a chick show. I kind of wish Debbie from Queer as Folk wouyld randomly drop by and visit Amy's mother, or vice versa. Not only would it be a good Cagney and Lacey reunion, the two characters would be all kinds of fun together.

Anyway, I need sleep. Not only is UNDEFEATED, #1 in the country, OSU taking on Illinois tomorrow, the Browns play the Bengals Sunday. All of this means lotsa business. Although the real bitch is the Michigan game. I wish I could not go in that day. Particularly with Lane Ave being closed for bridge work.
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Ok, I went to bed early, and now I'm awake early. Which means taking a nap at some point to get myself on work hours for the weekend.

LARP tonight will be in Grandview, centered mainly at Staupf's. YAY! Coffee and stupidity!

Speaking of stupidity, mom gave me some money for my upcoming birthday. So, I used some of it to buy Demon: the Fallen, the new game from White Wolf. It's amusing so far, but if I ever run a game, I'm gonna need a cheat sheet for house and faction. Keeping track of which demon is which will be interesting.

But Demon is a nice break from Heinlein's facist Starship Troopers. Hell, he's encouraging throwing the bill of rights out the window.

I'm going back to bed here soon.
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Ok, [ profile] fictionslave just added me to his list. Everyone say hi. Not sure how long ago I got added, since I didn't get a comment. So anyway, I added his back.

Ok, LARP is tonight, and I expect bonus exp for sitting in cold mud last night listening to a history of the city. I should probably leave within the nex hour, mainly because I usually get food before playing. MMM...MArk Pi's...the only restaurant I've ever been to that hoses down the walls.

Made stuffed green peppers to send home with my asshole brother for my mother. They're a bit weird, since we're out of rice. I ended up using cous-cous.

I guess I just missed an invite from Jonda and Timmy at work to go drink $3 Margurita's at Don Pablo's. Drat...I was hoping to get Tim drunk enough to test his bi-curiosity. (That was a joke. Tim's a nice guy, but I'd break him in half.)

Hmm, Chinese or Wendy's? Hell I sunno what I want tonight.
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I'm going to throw caution to the wind and post a lot of stuff that may or may not piss off people.

Ok, I bought a new monitor ans speakers finally, and I'm playing a lot of EQ.

Second...LARP is going better now that we have a better storyteller. I still need to re-write Steven's backround, without the stupidity that that fell under the original Steven. No werewolf wife this time.

Eddie came up tonight. I ended up helping cast Samhaine with him, [ profile] lotussilverfire, and our friend Paul. Kind of really informal, which is odd, since I usually go drama queen this time of year. But hey, on the pagan wheel of the year, Nitzechie (who's name I just butchered) is proven right. G-d is dead. Regardless of what else I may currently be doing, did rather enjoy the intamcy a circle has. Kind of like Saturday mornings at Temple. Informal, a lot more gets done. Crap. I am a Jewpagan. *sighs*

Ok, I forget shit. I started my volunteer work today. I walk in the door at 1:00 and get handed a mixing bowl and a bunch of biscuit mix. The volunteer Nazi in charge was really pissed that I had no clue how to make biscuits. Um, give me veggies to chop, or let me make the frankenweenie chili. I did have a few interesting conversations with the other volunteers. Two of them were Mormons, and again, while I disagree with the religion about various tenants, they usually are really nice people. I also talked about horror movies with two of the others.

After that, I went down to City Center to get make up for a costume. I went as the Delivery Driver zombie. A bit of spirit gum and fake blood...instant car crash victim. Add a uniform...

So anyway, after all the Samhaine stuff, Eddie and I go to Outland. *ROFL* I know Eddie has wanted to go for a while, but the place is a dive. There were a few moments of gothic splendour, but for the most part, it was high camp. Well, anyway, they now have a new fun thing there on the weekends. You can sign up for electroshock or corporal punishment. Well, dear reader, as much as I love electric, I wasn't about to turn down the chance to be bound to a wall in leather restraints and flogged.

Complete aside before I continue this. What is the big deal with Bettie Page? I keep seeing her in a variety of places, and I have yet to figure out the connections.

Anyway, let's see...the only reason I used the safe sign was the freaking paddle. My tush is sensitive. I did enjoy the tickling, wax, ice cubes and flogging. The real highlight was the nice gentleman using his fingernails. Hell, he drew blood and I didn't really care. I rather enjoyed it. Hell, I was ready to sign up for a private session just to see how far I can go. And yes, I have marks on my bootie and my back. Battle scars.

Now that I've officially hit WTMI for the good majority of my readers, I have yet to figure out why most people who hold the whip, paddle, whatever, seem to think that I need to atone for something. Hell, I told the guy tonight he could flog me until I die and I wouldn't be atoned. Either that or the think I'm an exhibitionist. Hell, I don't care. I freely admit occasional masochistic tendencies. I really don't feel like I need to expurgate sins through flaggelation, nor do I particularly get excited about exhibitionism (ok that's a lie. There are time it could be I dunno...Maybe I'm just really kinky. Or maybe the only time I feel alive or feel much of anything is during scenes.

Ack. Off to bed.
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Ok, Went to LARP tonight. Playing the dumb-ass quite well now.

I have had a really bad headache since I woke up.

I get paid tomorrow! YAY!

ER was cool. And it was nice that the guy who lost his arm to the helicopter made [ profile] gothic_oreo vomit in disgust. When I watched the tape, I just thought it was kind of cool. Now, if it were real life and I saw that...

Actually, I'm toying with a really stupid idea about Trans-Atlantic trains...I kind of like the idea of sea platforms housing cities along the track...All based on a long ago illustration I saw where they built a city under the sea, only with giat walls to hold the water back. How cool would that be?

*sighs* I hate rain.
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I owe a lot of people comments. I'm working on it, dammit.

LARP rant )
Actually, the really fun part came after game. My ex, Good Chris, called me about 5 minutes before I got home. I call him as soon as I get here, and he passes on that he and his bf of 5 months have split up. So, being the kind concerned friend that I am, I invited him over and fed him pizza rolls and beer. I hate to see my friends in pain. I also hate that little voice in my head that whispers "He's rebounding. He hasn't had sex in a few weeks.". BLARGH! Damn ulterior motives. I was doing my best to do what others have done for me after particularly nasty break-ups. Get drunk.
*sighs* I apologize. I'm trying very hard to be a friend without being an asshole.
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Went and checked my e-mail on last time. There's a whole thread going on in the Yahoogroup the LARP I play in runs which is entirely stupid and childish. It seems a character who was only there for 2 weeks didn't like her Ventrue clan elder. Whoopdie-doo! This entire enimity has now spawned about 20 posts in 12 hours, since it turns out they don't like each other out-of-character. Ya know, it's a fucking game. The character in question is going to Cincy with the person playing her. Drop the fucking topic, since I'm sick of the "white-trash" commentary going on here. I'm waiting for one of them to post "I'm gonna call the Inquisition on you!". I swear. Get over it.

I was originally going to post tonight and call it "Valley of the Pizza Guys", since I'm trying to determine if having a beer after work is putting me in the running for alcoholism, and then realizing that a beer before bed puts me to sleep, and I wake up with a cigarette and a Mountain Dew; and I realize I'm just being a drama queen. Worse, I'm being like Ned Flanders on The Simpsons. "Rev. Lovejoy, I think I'm coveting my own wife!"
Don't borrow trouble.
Anyway, I really most sincerely need to go to bed before I say things I will regret later.
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As usual, I have to work tomorrow evening, so once again, I go to morning service on Saturday.

LARP tonight was totally odd. We had the second Praxis seziure in as many weeks.By the Brujah Sheriff no less, who promptly turned the domain back over the to torpored former prince. This was follwed by a half hour discussion on status traits. People wonder why I bring books to read, since I could care less about status, and my character is the same way. C'mon, I'm playing a Gangrel...I'm not a status whore. So, Steven just sat and read Ayn Rand until we destroyed the new former prince who also happened to be the only other Gangrel in the city. Thank G-d, I'm a clan of one. Woo-hoo!!

Before the night's drama, [ profile] lotussilverfire and myself hit Max & Erma's. Mmmm, Cajun hamburger. I sucessfully kept from drinking, since I doubt playing while drunk on Tequila would be a good thing. I did however indulge in a chocolate malt from Graeter's. I will regret that tomorrow. But the fun part was a barbershop quartet serenaded us while we waited for our malts. We felt like Prof Hill and Marion the Librarian.

On the bright side, I get paid tomorrow. I still need sleep though. I am pooped.

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