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Did you know there were lyrics to 70's porn music?

*sings* Brown chicken Brown Cow...

On that note, off to work before the tomaters fly.
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Ok, finally finished with the Roman Empire and starting into European History from Charlemagne to the Union.

Problem I'm having is a few things that got mentioned but never really explained. And I have no idea where to even start looking for some of these things.

For instance, when discussing the formation of the "orthodox" church, he discussed how many of the barbarians converted to Arian Christianity rather than Orthodox Christianity (This was before the Great Schism, so it was still all one Catholic Church.) Based on the arguement being over Christ being homioousios (of a like, but not identical substance-Arian) vs Christ being homooousios(of the exact same substance-Orthodox, as decided at the Council of Nicea)... Is this the same arguement the Eastern Church was facing when debating Hypostasis vs Monophysitism? AKA, is it an arguement over the idea of Christ being wholly human and wholly divine at the same time vs the idea of the divine absorbing the humanity over time? (I'm probably asking in the wrong place here, given most of my readers are either Jewish or Pagan of some form.)

Let's see...

There was also a law against castrating slaves for profit. And I'm trying to figure out how the hell you make a profit off a eunuch. I mean, do you cook the testes and feed them to Andrew Zimmern or something?

I also found a reference to how the Old School Pagans blamed the Christians for the sacking of Rome, inspiring Augustine to write something called The City of God. Can anyone give me a brief overview here? Wading through a treatise on early Christian thought doesn't really appeal to me. (Can you tell I grew up Protestant? Presbyterian Confirmation class Church history tended to gloss over everything until the Protestant Reformation; even then we spent about 2 minutes on Martin Luther and Henry VIII. Hell, even High School Western Civ didn't spend a hell of a lot of time on the fall.)

I did find and request a few books at the library on subjects the current book raised curiousity about, so with any luck they'll arrive sooner or later.

And on another suject entirely, John's taking a nap, so I'm babysitting the shop right now. I really wish we could figure a way to branch out this business so he's not doing 80% of his business between September 15 and November 1.
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My evil plot to get more exercise backfired today when I managed to get soaked walking home from work. Even with an umbrella.

In the mean time, West Sunshine is slowly becoming a river, mainly due to the ditches being clogged with litter and sediment. Thankfully, we didn't get the sinkhole effect other folks are getting right now.

Tomorrow, Sweeneny Todd with John.

And G-d I need a haircut.

Oh yes, and microwaving my shoes for 45 seconds was awesome.


Feb. 23rd, 2008 01:40 am
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John's birthday gift.

I was going to do the Fuzzy d20's or go hit Metageeks and find an old used Vampire supplement for him. But these seemed more...well...geeky.
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Had a great time with John, ironed out a few issues, and now I have a sore throat and next to no voice. Once again, I sound like Linda Reichman on SNL's Coffee Talk.

Will post more later, and respond to the build up of comments then.


Nov. 26th, 2007 06:04 pm
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A picture from dinner )

That's me, John, and half of [ profile] catcrow_renata.

I'm back

Aug. 16th, 2007 11:54 am
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Mom's in the hospital again with a heart issue.

I guess Richard, Lisa and the kids are out of town as well.

Planning on calling her before work, assuming I can find the number.

Was a good visit otherwise, John had never seen Snakes on a Plane, so we fixed that.

Any rate, off to other things. LJ is loading slw today, so I will catch up laters.


Aug. 6th, 2007 05:06 pm
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Ok, usual Monday open. Nothing exciting there.

Headed to Lebanon again tonight with John, guess they poured the concrete for the addition today, so I'll get to see what they've been doing. Bright spot will be swimming Tuesday, our new tradition.

And since I'm not above being a grump, [ profile] iuchiyoshi removed me from his f-list today. Which, while I'm not exactly turning cartwheels over it, I can't say I was surprised. I can only assume it has to do with me e-mailing comments from the rant a while back to his bf when I was trying to prove a point. So be it. It's a lot less painful than the summer 2005 hemmorage. Less justified, but understandable.

Any rate, think I'm going to nap for a while. I'll be back Thursday and do my regular catch up then.
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Just for giggles, these are the teaser trailers John made for his haunted house. They came out better than the first attempt.

video post )
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[Poll #1026129]

And comment with why.

And no, to my knowledge, this is not a situation I'm in. Just curious, due to my own minor jealousy when John went to the Beer bust at the Pride float without me. (I was at work.)
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Seems while all of you were fending off zombies yesterday, me being out at John's farm saved me from the hordes running through the streets of Springfield. It does however, make me question the number of red-eyed animals running in the corn last night, as well as what condition that racoon we chased out of the Haunt was in.

And it does explain the bleeding armadillo that was jumping like the rabbit in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. (Seriously, turns out that's their other defense. Those fuckers jump like a pole vaulter.)

Hmm, maybe that's why [ profile] stewicked called just as John and I were undressing...Knowing [ profile] gothic_oreo, he was probably one of the first to rise as undead, along with his friend Jason. She was probably fending off the rotting flesh of her husband while I was getting ready for hot loving with John. Sorry, dear. If your brains are still intact, I'll try to call later.

On the bright side, while John and I were at Django's (the Lebanon coffee house) we did hear how zombies are made. There was this rather nice group of unspecified denominational Xtian zombies in the party room discussing fasting for G-d. Seriously. The moderator was telling her zombie-ettes about how G-d instructs us all to do a prophet's fast (ie no food or drink for 40 days and 40 nights), and how fasting cures cancer. As we were leaving, I took a peek, and realized that the woman preaching this nonsense probably could use 40 days without food.

Oh yes, and after we finished clearing the dead animals from the corn, John showed me documentary on the Keebler Elves. Seems they started off life making shoes for a megacorperation, but the corp wanted them to branch out in to sewing prom dresses and the like. Ernie balked, saying "Keebler's cobble, but they don't sew gowns."

Any rate, I need to go clean the body parts out of my yard before the dogs takes a hankering for long pig.

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