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I saw bits and pieces of this on the news. Then I came home wand watched the full thing and laughed my ass off. So Happy Hanukkah everyone:)


Jan. 1st, 2010 12:10 am
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Now for bed.

Oh yes...

May. 10th, 2009 01:19 am
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Happy Mother's Day to those of you who have spawned offspring!
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But Happy Eostara/Equinox!

Spring has finally arrivedm although I'm sure it will snow one more time before April.
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Much love to all ya'll...

Getting ready to take care of some final things before leaving, so goodbye, farewell, etc:)

I'll be back Friday with any luck:)
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Happy Thanksgiving to my friends here in the USA:)
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The peach has dropped in Atlanta, so now I can go get some sleep.
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OK, Xmas sucked. I went out of my way to find things people wanted, and heck, I got socks.

But that note of selfishness aside, I nearly killed most of my family. My bitch sis-in-law's sister came with her family, my Evil holy-rollin' half-bro showed up, and My cousin and his to JD kids showed up. And my sister-in-law made the driest bird I have ever eaten.

And the worst part was taking a bus home and back. While it was a short ride, it did mean dealing with one of mom's boyfriends. She dates more than I do:P. And nothing is more disturbing than the sounds of mating coming out of a 7 year old woman.

I really just want a nice quiet few days without talking to them. The bitch kept calling me prior to Xmas, and I ended up hanging up on her.

I need a man. I need a new date for the holidays so I can escape from the hll that is my family. His can't be any worse.
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Merry freaking Xmas and happy freaking new year From HELL!!!


Not that bad yet, but the fireworks are just getting going!
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Our internet connection got repaired this morning!

Now, when I get home from work I can read through and comment on everyone's recent posts. And tell ya'll about te joy that was 4th of July.

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