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No clue when I'll get back tomorrow, but so far has been a fun trip. I have about 3 essays about this trip, but I can't write 'em up atm, since I'm getting ready for bed. *yawn*

Erie is still Erie, Aunt Judy is still a dirty ol' woman, and Oxygen was showing soft core gay male porn tonite(!). Kind of disturbing. I'm probably gonna have nightmares now.

Hoping to be home in time to LARP tomorrow. if only since this is another vacation I need to unwind from.

Anyway, will post more later, from my home computer, and not be so nonsensical.
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But first some interesting E-mail...

A trip to the middle east )

PC(USA)'s youth convention notes )

While I no longer claim affiliation with the Presbyterian Church(USA), I still recieve e-mail from them. Which I don't mind particularly, since it provides a rather interesting look at how a national denomination is dealing with issues of the modern world. Plus, every once in a while, I get nostalgic for the days of being part of the "frozen chosen".

So, work still sucks. Nothing I can do about that, tho [ profile] adagiogray is trying to get me to become a deputy sheriff in Franklin County with him. Yeah right...go ahead, give me handcuffs.

Mr Gray, who still claims heterosexuality, dragged me to Union Station tonite after work for 2 martini's (his), 2 beers (mine), a shot of Cuttysark (mine, much to my regret). and a shot of Frangelica (shared). Needless to say, I was stumbling when we walked out at 2:15. However, from the blur of music I heard while my head spun, I do recall hearing "The Bad Touch" by Bloodhound Gang, and the damn one hit from Sonique who's name I can never remeber, but I love anyway.

After that, we went to TeeJay's for Mush, sausage gravy and biscuits, and banana cream pie. My diet starts tomorrow anyway, might as well enjoy the home cookin' now. Problem being that the Tee-Jay's effect is kicking in, and George has me in mortal terror of the bathroom. George being the little spider who spun a web between the tub and the door wall, who likes to stare at me while I sit on the pot. I'm trying to talk [ profile] gothic_oreo into helping George find a new place to live, namely the sacred huting grounds, if only so I can clean the damn bathroom without screaming everytime George drops from the ceiling to visit me.

In the meantime, I still need to find a nice gift for Herb's mom, since she's turning 50. So, Thursday, I will enter the hell of commerce known as City Center to find something licenced by Betty Boop. Then on Friday, El Herbo and I will take his motorized carriage to Port Clinton for my whopping weekend vacation this year. *cheer*

I will be so happy to get away for a short period of time. And I swear that I won't get plastered on Jello shots on Put-In-Bay this time.

Oh yeah. What do a desk and opening day tickets for Buckeye football have in common? Both are reason enough for my mother and brother to wake me up following a 12 hour shift. I'm about ready to tell mom to give Richard the fucking tickets and go see Billy Idol instead. Anything is better than dealing with the landmine that is my family.

Of yeah, Dragonlance Legends wasn't anywhere near as good as I remembered it being. And the Deathgate Cycle is kind of dull. *sigh*
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Well, I'm talking to Herbert again. We're going to Port clinton in two weeks...without Stacy, which mean I should com home in a much better mood. I also vow not to get drunk and try stupid shit this time.
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Life goes on...

So, a few weeks ago, mom calls and passes on she's blind in her left eye now, and she's coming to Columbus to see about having surgery to correct it. Keep in mind I've been avoiding the family sice Christmas. Well, when mommie dearest called, I thought he had fatal liver cancer or something. I mean yeah, being blind in one eye sucks, but it's not like she's dying. So Monday I drag my ass to OSU hospital to go with her for her appointment with the surgeon. She's got her much younger boyfriend with her, who's getting stranger with age. Ever try making small talk with someone who wants to talk about how his son is painting a nursery with murals of the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Tarot deck?

Just got a change of address card in the mail today from Herb and Stacy, along with a picture of their new house in Hubertucky. I can't tell you how happy I am that a guy I once thought I loved is buying the wife he no longer fucks or loves a house in the burbs so she can continue to indulge the fantasy of Donna Reed.

Have yet to meet a nice man in this town. Am still jealous of all the people I know in relationships. :P

So I have today off, which is a fucking miracle since just about everyone is quitting at work. So I rent Rules of Attraction and One Hour PhotoQueer as Folk. All while listening to the sounds of certain know...

I swear, everyday get worse. I mean, I can see myself living in a trailer with my hand down my pants drinking beer any day now. I'm becoming one of the characters I used to write about in one of my stories, only I don't have some prince from another reality rushing in when I slit my wrists to drag me off to save the universe.
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Random things I have seen or heard today...

"Sateal Deirosap says 'Hello there Bloodstar. How about a nice Pearl Necklace?'"-Courtesy of EverQuest

"The Lambda Conspiracy is full of gritty realism and draws on events happening daily around us, Written in the Tradition of Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's Brave New World, but with a solid biblical foundation..."-From the back of The Lambda Conspiracy, an Xtian thriller about evil homosexuals trying to get civil rights at the expense of G-d fearing Xtians. I can't wait to read this one. *vomit* I couldn't resist. I checked it out just to see what is being said behind my back. It can't be worse than The Gay Agenda.

"the metal plate in Steve Austin's head clanging against my headboard."-courtesy of a commentary between [ profile] invisible_sun and [ profile] johnbu

And in other news, I have another addition to the damn prayer requests I keep getting. My semi-ex's sorta wife Stacy had an abnormal pap and will be having surgery sometime next week.

And did I mention I had a really bad nightmare about my mom dying this afternoon?

I'm rather hoping everyone has a good day. I'd like to have one as well.



Sep. 4th, 2002 12:48 am
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Ok, before I start this, I'm going to talk about my mother for a minute. She and I went to dinner at the Dube this evening, followed by a trip to see the Stadium Bandroom.
During the course of our conversations, we talked about her Master thesis and He Doctoral disscertation. It seems her point was that Humanities programs exist only where "someone" (faculty, students, administration) wants them to exist. The she proceeded to tell me a rather dirty story about her time as OSUMB secretary. It seems that the bad had a starched and laquered bull penis named "Roger" that served as the band mascot. Well, I guess Jack Evans (director of the band for quite some time) called for her to send him the bullhorn. She sent Roger. We also discussed prison reform and drug law reform, and when I spoke my opinion on Iraq, she brought up that the same kind of thinking allowed Hitler to stay in power.
I am now typing on a new keyboard, since the old one died a painful death earlier this afternoon. I'm seriously contemplating giving the old keyboard a good toss from my bedroom window.
Tonight, my pretties, I'm rather contemplative. I know I've refered to the people onm my friend list as the Mos Eisley Cantina Band at varying points, but tonight, I'd like to think of you all as an old jazz band, playing the blues while I sip bathtub gin in a speakeasy.
I had a really odd conversation with Herb last night via MSN messenger. We ended up talking about queer seperation vs queer assimilation. Of course, other minorities were discussed within the context of this, but...I still find myself dwelling on it. I see Herb's point, that minorities should not have to think of themselves as separate from society as a whole, because being part of a minority is just a small part of being human. But I also see that at least for me, being gay does color my perceptions of the world. I want people to accept me as I am, warts and all, but I don't want to have to change myself to fit some hive mind's opinion of what normal is. Does this make sense?
Most of this came up because we were discussing my fear of being rejected by my friends, and how I was thinking of trying to get in to the GLB specific psychiatric clinic again. *sighs* And of course, as we're talking, I start to realize that he's another of the people I care about who I've never had the courage to tell exactly how I feel about him.
Yes, I'm being mopey. But I did get the new David Stukas novel out of the library, along with the *shudder* new David and Leigh Eddings novel. I really hope they've bothered to pick up a thesaurus this time. I hate reading books where the author(s) use the same 2 adjectives repeatedly. I'm hoping they will cheer me up, particulaly since I just finished re-reading Sandman: The Wake. Actually, what really got me was World's End when I found myself helplessly in love with the narrator.
So that was my day. I'm going to drink a beer and go to bed now.


Aug. 20th, 2002 12:41 am
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Ok, I sent my apology to mom, as well as a round of thank-you notes and apologies to my friends.

Mom already replied, in full Drama Queen mode. I felt like spelling it out for her, but I kept my thoughts more polite for the sake of harmony. She thinks that we should treasure our family, which I do, but there's a huge difference between loving your family and being their doormat. I take enough bullshit as it is, I don't need the additional drama of having them shovel more on.

[ profile] taocub and I are also having discussions on the subject of marriage in other forums. (Not us, although I think he and his husbear are looking at a commitment ceremony at some point.) And the weird part is that I had similar discussions with [ profile] smurfchick at one point on the same subject. I guess for me, marriage is not something I can get excited about for myself. But then, most of the marriages I've been witness to in my own life have all hit the skids after a few years. I just can't see the point of getting a piece of paper just so you can get another piece of paper in another few years that invalidates the previous piece of paper. Or worse, there have been a few people I know who really want the divorce, but don't want to hurt the kids. Well, from my experience, the kids know there are issues already.

Pardon, I'm venting. Maybe if I actually met someone I felt like staying with for life, I'd be a lot more excited about the prospect of nuptuals. But not right now.

Anyway, I have some other stuff to do, so ya'll take care until tomorrow.
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I'm sharing a bed with a man tonite.

Tomorrow is Put-In-Bay.

Details later.


Aug. 16th, 2002 05:04 am
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Well, work was work, we're getting chicken strips that gave everyone the shits as a new product...(Do not order these things...the may be baked, but you will need immodium after ingesting the damn things and the new technicolored sauces).

Herb will be picking me up today aound 6ish. I can't wait to get the hell out of Dodge for a few days.

Shalom Shabbot for those who celebrate.
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My friend Herb and I are going to Port Clinton in two weeks. I think I may have mentioned this on several occasions. The high point of this (other than homemade sausage gravy and biscuits) is visiting my adoptive Aunt Judy.

I don't think I've ever really talked about her before on here. Let's talk about Judy. Warning, this may horrify some of you. You have been warned. )
But I digess here. I'm just looking forward to being on a beach. And eating well. And spending time with my adoptive family. *sigh* Two weeks.

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