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Had an interesting conversation with [ profile] indigocub tonight that was mirrored in a post by [ profile] blackwingbear. which has me wanting to write a rebuttal to myself.

As I stated back on Dec. 29th, I think we as GLB folks should take pride in the progress we have made, even if we haven't yet achieved all of our goals.

However, I was reminded tonight of some of the reasons we haven't met these goals, as well as some of the things that piss me off about my fellow brothers and sisters under the sheets.

1) By far, one of the major faults the GLB rights movement lacks is any kind of national figure to get behind. during the heyday of the civil rights movement, on a national level, you had Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. While the ideologies of the two men were completely different, both were national figures with movements people could get behind.

2) Gay people of both genders are about as easy as herding cats when it comes to organizing. Perhaps this is due to a lack of racial identity to get behind, but since homosexuality cuts such a great swath across ethnic, social, and financial lines, the diversity within the gay community leads to a lack of communication lines that hinders organization on most levels.

3) While I'm thankful for our straight allies, I do get kind of annoyed that any rights I get as an oppressed minority are pretty much due to people who are not part of that minority recognizing my God-given right to exist.

4) A lack of a single issue that we can work on. I mean, Like I said back in September, we've changed issues of importance 3 times in 20 years, none of which have been resolved. AIDS is still with us, and still spreading. Yes, it's crossed into other populations, but we've stopped fighting for a cure to the degree we did back when no one seemed to care. Gee, we got it down to chronic rather than fatal. Whoopie. GLB's still can't serve openly in the military. Yes, we managed to get DADT instituted, but that still doesn't mean we can serve our country openly if we want to. And marriage...Don't even get me started. at this point, marriage issues need to be addressed on a state level. Thanks to DOMA. While I have great hopes ENDA will come back and pass sometime in the next 4 years, I'm not exactly holding my breath, particularly since there are more important issues that need to be addressed first. (Yes, I think the economy trumps civil rights at the moment.)

5) While I hope our transgendered friends get rights as well, I'm still trying to figure out when us gay folks started collecting other tangentially related sexual minorities like so many baseball cards.

6) The sense of resignation and/or ignorance towards rights and the pace we get them at. which I'm just as guilty of. I understand the desire for everything NOW, but unfortunately, it just doesn't move that fast. The wheels of justice run slow, and money has become so ingrained in justice that iot may be a while before things start to move faster. Ignorance comes into play as not all the issues have a real appeal to all of us. While I fully understand why certain people want marriage and want it now, for me, it's a principle issue, rather than a fully engulfing emotional issue. Yeah, when I was dating John, it was more important. but now that I'm single again, it's kind of a back burner.

So, what can we as GLB people do to fix this?

1) Find one issue to work on and stick to it instead of changing focus every few years after half completeing a project.

2) Find a way to get one or two leaders into a national spotlight. While we don't have to agree with any of them, national visibility of any kind of figurehead is going to do more than several chiefs on a local or regional level.

3) Find common cause within our communities. Which won't be easy. Gay people are human people, and humans tend to disagree.

4) Realize we're already farther along than we tend to think we are and use that to our advantage. Unlike some of the other civil rights movements, we've never been denied our right to vote or assemble peacefully. We don't have our preachers being bribed to try to keep us from the voting booth. And thank god, we've never had state mandated segregation. (We're quite good at self-segregation, however. Not only do we separate ourselves from the straight community, we tend to divide ourselves among the twinks, the bears, the gym bunnies, the lipsticks, the butch...)

5) Recognize our diversity and use that to help make inroads within other communities. There was an old game we played as part of residential programming back at WSU called "Archie Bunker's Neighborhood". Basically, one group was set aside in a big square, while several smaller groups got put in smaller rectangles. Our goal was to get the rectangles to work together to help each other improve, but generally, they ended up fighting after watching the people in the big square get all kinds of perks. Basically, if we want rights, we need to start breaking down the barriers that we have helped build. I'm not by any stretch saying we did it alone, but we were complacent in the construction of those barriers.

So there we go.
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My earlier post today about the anti-bullying law proposal got me thinking about how much has changed since I came out more years ago than I care to contemplate.

I mean, seriously, when you look at it, gay rights have come one hell of a long way since 1969, 1981, 1990, hell even 2001. While gay rights have not progressed as far or as fast as the civil rights struggles of say, African-Americans, we still have made progress and continue to make progress even if we haven't fully realized all of our goals yet.

Don't believe me? Watch that 70's gem, The Boys in the Band. Billed as "A frank discussing about homosexuality", the characters are for the most part bad stereotypes and generally unhappy. "Show me a happy homosexual and I'll show you a dead homosexual" gets uttered at one point. Now compare that to some of the gay cinema that has been released this decade. The Broken Hearts Club, fer instance. No one dies of AIDS, most of the characters are out when the movie starts, no one dons drag... the characters are fully rounded individuals with problems just about everyone can relate to.

When I was a child, about the only openly gay character I can remember on TV was Billy Crystal's character on Soap. Who, as I recall, wound up married to a woman and having a child. Or Jim J. Bullock on Too Close for Comfort, in which I don't think his character was really ever acknowledged as gay. Or the jiggle fest that was Three's Company. Even there, the gay character wasn't even really gay. And most folks were watching it for the boobies on the blond.

Now, we have shows like Will & Grace and Brothers and Sisters and even Six Feet Under where the gay characters' sexuality is secondary to the plot line. Hell, I remember all the sniping about the character "Jack McFarland" on Will & Grace when it started up, but I think people finally realized that just about everyone knows someone just like Jack. We laughed with him and at his antics; we weren't laughing at his character because we thought ourselves to be superior to him. (I realize some folks point to Ellen as the starting point for TV comedy's gay inclusiveness, which it might have been. The problem I had with Ellen was that it wasn't that funny to begin with, and after she came out, it got even less funny. Not even Bruce Campbell's addition to the cast could save it.)

When I was coming out, gay rights were closely entwined with AIDS. We shifted to being able to serve our country in the military and now we've moved on to civil marriage.

We've gone from getting married to cover up our shameful desires to fighting to be able to marry the ones we truly love.

We've gone from closets to living rooms.

We've gone from being outcasts to being marginalized members of society. (Hey, it's still progress.)

We're now officially free to have sex without breaking a blue law.

While we as gay people are still not quite treated as equals, we're still a hell of a lot farther along the road to complete equality than we were. As much as I could wish things were moving faster, the changes that have occurred within the past 20 years or so should serve as a reassurance that we will eventually reach parity.

The fight for our rights is far from over. But we should acknowledge that we're still a hell of a lot better off then the generations that preceded us. Just as their struggles helped us get where we are now, our own struggles serve to pave a path for the generations of gay men and lesbians that will follow us.

Revised version submitted to the paper. Not many changes, but cleaned up for acceptability for publication. AKA, no boobies, sex, or hell. Plus an additional paragraph about religion. )


Nov. 27th, 2004 07:02 pm
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There are days I hate being the only gay person someone knows. If I get asked ONE MORE TIME about what I thought of the Matthew Shepherd murderers' interview I may well scream.

Let me spell this out. Matthew was not a saint. I don't pray to him to intercede on my behalf with G-d. By most accounts, he wanted sex for drugs.

However. Regardless. That does not give someone the right to beat the living shit out of someone and tie them to a fence post to die. For the last time, I really could give a shit about the motives behind it. This goes beyond party foul. This goes beyond murder.

I don't care about the he said, she said. I don't care if it was a hate crime or a drug related crime. What matters is that two fuckheads beat the shit out of someone and LEFT HIM TO DIE. Strip away motive, strip away your opinion about faggots. What your left with is that Two fuckheads who SHOULD have RIDDEN THE LIGHTNING beat the SHIT out of someone and TIED HIM TO A FUCKING FENCE POST.

We can argue on and on about hate crimes legislation, about the morality of homosexuality, about forcing people to endure 2 crappy movies and one semi-decent movie about it, about people using an event to further their own agendas (Fred Phelps on one side, just about every fucking gay activist on the other), but when you get right down to it, NOTHING ELSE matters. Gay bashings happen. Murder happens. The reason this one went national was the sheer BRUTALITY and CRUELTY involved . That one human could do this to another human. And here in OUR enlightened USA, where nothing like that could happen, because were much more enlightened than other countries.

Matthew could have been you, your brother, or your father. No one deserves to die like that. So FUCK them and their alleged motives. No one gives a shit. Mrs. Shepherd should have let them cover you in honey and tie you to an anthill.
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Um, click this then watch the video at what yer connection will allow...kind of dirty, but damned amusing when you find yourself in the mood.

First seen at Union Station, now available on everyone's hard drive.

Edited...thanks to everyone else who took this earlier, and I'm sure my results are not a surprise to anyone.

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Eigth Level of Hell - the Malebolge!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very Low
Level 2 (Lustful)Very High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)High
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Very Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Very High
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Low
Level 7 (Violent)Very High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Extreme
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)High

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test

I am Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

Which Serial Killer are you? Take the Serial Killer Test

Still with me here? type telnet:// into your browser's adress bar...then dig out the popcorn and admire what people with no life can do.
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and that means makeovers.

Guess what? I'm blonde again! I can feel my IQ draining away as I type.

Tomorrow is new glasses, then I can get some new spring fashions.

OMG, I am a queen.....
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I'm sick of everyone tellking me about gay sheep.

I'm allergic to wool.

Now on with your lives.


Oct. 11th, 2002 02:57 pm
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Happy National Coming Out Day and Shalom Shabbat!

I'm gay, and I'm halfway there to being Jewish!!!

This announcement is brought to you by me. Because I have no one left to tell really.
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Ok, just finished The Fluffer.

Um. Yeah. Not a date movie.

Lots of fun stuff to think about.

Like what to do when you fuck your life up beyond repair.

New system

Oct. 1st, 2002 03:42 am
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Ok, got the new system hooked up and running. I have tomorrow off. Unfortunatly, I'm still watching The Fluffer. I'm curious if the two guys will end up together or not, which is probably the only reason I'm still watching. To be honest, it's kind of like Boogie Nights, without the production values, with gay porn, and with better cameos. Hell, Ron Jeremy shows up at a Chi-Chi LaRue party. (Note to self: Pretend you don't know who these people are. We don't watch porn.)
There are some great lines sprinkled throughout, including a rant about the lack of good lesbian porn, and "The nice part about being straight is that you don't have to worship Cher."
I finished The Dreyfuss Affair and The David Kopay Story last night. All I need now is a copy of The Front Runner, and I'll have read all the good gay men being fucked over by ESPN books that are out there.
Ok. Back to the movie. Then to bed, after resetting my damned alarm clock.


Sep. 4th, 2002 12:48 am
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Ok, before I start this, I'm going to talk about my mother for a minute. She and I went to dinner at the Dube this evening, followed by a trip to see the Stadium Bandroom.
During the course of our conversations, we talked about her Master thesis and He Doctoral disscertation. It seems her point was that Humanities programs exist only where "someone" (faculty, students, administration) wants them to exist. The she proceeded to tell me a rather dirty story about her time as OSUMB secretary. It seems that the bad had a starched and laquered bull penis named "Roger" that served as the band mascot. Well, I guess Jack Evans (director of the band for quite some time) called for her to send him the bullhorn. She sent Roger. We also discussed prison reform and drug law reform, and when I spoke my opinion on Iraq, she brought up that the same kind of thinking allowed Hitler to stay in power.
I am now typing on a new keyboard, since the old one died a painful death earlier this afternoon. I'm seriously contemplating giving the old keyboard a good toss from my bedroom window.
Tonight, my pretties, I'm rather contemplative. I know I've refered to the people onm my friend list as the Mos Eisley Cantina Band at varying points, but tonight, I'd like to think of you all as an old jazz band, playing the blues while I sip bathtub gin in a speakeasy.
I had a really odd conversation with Herb last night via MSN messenger. We ended up talking about queer seperation vs queer assimilation. Of course, other minorities were discussed within the context of this, but...I still find myself dwelling on it. I see Herb's point, that minorities should not have to think of themselves as separate from society as a whole, because being part of a minority is just a small part of being human. But I also see that at least for me, being gay does color my perceptions of the world. I want people to accept me as I am, warts and all, but I don't want to have to change myself to fit some hive mind's opinion of what normal is. Does this make sense?
Most of this came up because we were discussing my fear of being rejected by my friends, and how I was thinking of trying to get in to the GLB specific psychiatric clinic again. *sighs* And of course, as we're talking, I start to realize that he's another of the people I care about who I've never had the courage to tell exactly how I feel about him.
Yes, I'm being mopey. But I did get the new David Stukas novel out of the library, along with the *shudder* new David and Leigh Eddings novel. I really hope they've bothered to pick up a thesaurus this time. I hate reading books where the author(s) use the same 2 adjectives repeatedly. I'm hoping they will cheer me up, particulaly since I just finished re-reading Sandman: The Wake. Actually, what really got me was World's End when I found myself helplessly in love with the narrator.
So that was my day. I'm going to drink a beer and go to bed now.
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Welcome [ profile] fanboi82 to the evergrowing readership of this poor journal. Based on today's entries, everyone needs to chip in to help him buy a new razor:)

Past that, let's see...drinking more of the nasty Budweiser I get for closing at Big Papa's every night. Do the people I work with have no taste buds? And why am I complaining about free beer?

The fun of my day was the sudden flashbacks to to the time in my life known as summer camp. For those who know me IRL, most of you know that my first sexual experiance was at Boy Scout camp, as well as knowing that I originally started the "coming out" process at Teen Institute's week long state extravaganza at Kenyon College. However, what set off the flashbacks today was singing most of the Latin songs I know for no apparent reason. Wel, that got me thinking about some incriminating video from Ashland University in 1991ish. (I think it was '91, it might have been '92. Either way, it was a long time ago.) Well, they hosted a Governor's Summer Institute on Creativity. My section, divided into three groups, was on musical theatre.
Our group, led by three people from NY, NY, and Ashland's Choir director ended up writing this really f**ked up musical about Owen, a writer in the early '90's with writer's block. He was sitting in a bar, watching the people around him. He ended up fixating on this girl, and started fantasizing about her as a moll in the 1930's. So the musical kept switching between 1991 and 1936. Kind of like City of Angels, only with more humor and less sex. So we all ended up writing songs, and collaborated on a script. I can't remember my character's name off the top of my head, but I was basically an asshole in the '90's and a Goomba in the '30's. I got to shoot someone and date the resident Madame. So, Now I'm thinking about re-writing some of it in short story format just for the hell of it. I doubt I could get in much copywrite trouble, since I did help write the damn thing in the first place.

But, anyway, since I've had the damn thing in my head, and I found the sheet music for the finale in one of my old notebooks before work...Lyrics for my first song. I'll be damned if I can remember the other two collaborators names on it, other than Elaine Kesebrack from Hillsborough Ohio...

I can't believe I'm typing these out )
OMFG...I still remember the blocking for that number after a decade. Anyway, on the off chance anyone should ever read this who was there (needle, haystack, quantum universe theory), please comment and tell me I'm not the only insane being who remembers that.

And before I sign off, another of the more popular ditties from that camp...
I'm getting gray hair just typing this )
Anyway...If anyone is still left after that...Have a good whatever when you get through reading this.

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My post before this one originally said something much different, before I went back and edited it. I'm still not going to ever let it see the light of day. Let it die silently.

Damn it, everything I type comes out shitty tonight. I used to be an activist, and then I met the AIDS Quilt, and all the activist bones in my body dies a silent death. (I sense a repeated metaphore here. silence=death. Maybe my activism isn't quite as dead as I'd like it to be. *gets out .45 mm shotgun and shoots "Activist James Action Figure" in the head*) Anyway, as I was saying, being confronted with death on any scale makes me examine myself. I'd generalize, and say this happens to everyone, but this is MY journal, and I can only speak for myself. Being confronted with all the testaments of love for people I had never met before...I think I cried for 48 straight hours after the display. And I was only looking at a small segment of the full thing. I don't think I have the strength to look at the full thing when the assemble it.
But anyway, that was the death of my activism. I didn't have it in me to constantly go out and try to change people's minds by screaming about getting my human rights back. I know how bad that sounds, but I came to the conclusion that the best I could do was be an example for those I was close to, to show them that I could be something other than "just another faggot". I suppose in its own watered down way, that's a form of activism in and of itself. But a lot of it was a realization that I couldn't make things change instantaneously. I'd prefer to be like water, eroding hate slowly and over time. It's really hard to hate a person, while it's really easy to hate an idea. Yeah, visibility is one thing, and in a lot of ways, particularly in college, I was one of the first gay peeps people had ever met. (No offense to WSU, but it did attract a lot of people from towns smaller than mine, and mine was pretty damn small.) And I think I've been sucessful in my quest. I've made friends with people who used to use "faggot", "queer", "dyke", and "gay" as insults hurled at one another's masculinity or femininity. I can't help out with racism as much, since I'm too damn WASPy, but there again, I do what I can. And what really sucks is when I find some long hidden bit of homophobia or -ism hiding in the back of my psyche. Because then I get to feel like a hypocrite. It doesn't help that my Uncle Paul could be Archie Bunker. Or that I occasionally feel like I'm overcompensating for my own issues.
There was a time when I was so stressed that most of my friends thought I was going to kill off my high school if I lost my toothbrush. That was the year I had Chevy Hoover yelling "queer!" at me every time I walked past him. And now, I just ignore it. Being a gay man is part of who I am, but it is NOT everything that I am. Just as my religion is another part, but again, it is not how I define myself. Yes, they are another set of filters that information passes through, but they are not who I am, or how I want people to define me. I'd rather have people think of me as a mensche than a gay mensche or a jbc/pagan/whatever mensche. (Actually, what I'd really like is every gay man mourning my loss at a funeral for not getting a crack at me, but that can wait for another fantasy post.)
I am who I am. I can't change some things about myself, but by the same token, I learn something new and therefore change and grow a bit each day. It's weird but true, I am not the same person from one minute to another. I just hope that with each new me, I'm better than the last one.
And I'm really sorry to take up everyone's friends pages with this semi-rant, but I really wanted to express some of the things I'm feeling in a way that people can hopefully relate to.
Shalom, blessed be, Amen.
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I ran across this wonderful story called "There are things that are hidden from the eyes of the everyday" by Simon Sheppard, in Bending the Landscape: Fantasy (edited by Nicola Griffith and Stephen Pagel). What I'm about to quote is a portion of the speech one of the characters makes at the end. I found it worth pondering.

"...this world is but a dance and we are merely dancers. Any meaning discovered in this dance, once grasped at, once written down on parchment, is doomed to vanish before our eyes. Thus mankind is fated to forever search for magic, and insofar as we search, we become that which we seek. True wisdom lies in knowing that the journey and the goal are one.
...For truth is not our joy, and truth is not our sorrow. It is merely a secret which we already know, though we may keep it hidden from ourselves. But we shall never taste of truth till we let ourselves become that which we are, and indeed always have been, from the moment of creation. Though we are not this flesh, yet our flesh is all we have in this world. And so from the center of your being, come join us in the sweetly whirling dance of life."

the joys of the rest of my day )
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I think I've bitched on this subject before, but once again, it keeps coming up.

Ok, let's start with Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss. Great movie right until the end. Edge of 17 features Cedar Point and Lea DeLaria, but even that doesn't save it from being quite possibly one of the most depressing queer films this side of Longtime Companion. Or how about Frisk? I'll admit, the movie got me curious enough to read the book by Dennis Cooper, but even so, the entire plot line revolved around a guy wanting to have sex with dead men.
So tonight, we had All Over the Guy which *ggasp* had a mildly happy ending! Of course this comes after every TV movie of the week disease you can think of, but still, a happy ending!
What I want is a fucking romance featuring gay men that has a happy ending, that doesn't devolve into schmaltz or angst.
Either that or a Queer slasher flick with lots of blood and hidden morality messages hidden within. And Bride of Chucky doesn't count.
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Well, I just got back from dinner with Mommie Dearest. After much hemming and hawing about why I was in the parade, mom brought up that half of the restored homes in Urbana are being restored by the new middle gae gay couples that seem to be coming to Urbana. I find it really scary that my rural hometown is starting to develope a nacent gay community. I am alomst scared to ask when the first gay bar is going to open, particularly since UU now has a GLB organization. Maybe Urbana has changed since I grew up. Even so, old feelings of distrust will never fade.
Mom did give me a big bag of Macadamia Nuts, which I can't wait to eat. I'm almost tempte to make Chocolate Chip/macadamia nut cookies now. YUM!
And while I'm typing this, Ishte and myself are trying to mend fences via ICQ, which is an odd occurence in and of itself.
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Now that the full effect of Pride is wearing off, I seem to have a sunburn and sore legs.
I also have a job that I could care less about, and a mother who saw me on the news or something. I got this terrific e-mail from her about it. I can't wait to have dinner with her tomorrow. And damn [ profile] smurfchick for mentioning funnel cake. Unless I go to King's Island or Cedar Point here in the near future, I won't get one until Fair week. I evidently missed the booth at Comfest (not a great surprise since I got lost wandering around Gooddale Park...the only booth I found that I remember was the water booth run by one of the local gay leather clubs), and now I want a funnel cake covered in strawberries and powdered sugar. I wish to god I had a camera. Next year, I will remember to buy one just for the event. I really want to go to Origins this week, but my poor budget won't allow this to happen.
BTW, shout-outs to [ profile] thebahboo who is celebrating a birthday this week.
Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. Pax Omnimibus.
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Now that I'm more awake than when I typed my last entry (after three hours of sleep and marching downtown), I can more rationally explain things.

Ok. Well, since I went stag, I kind of wished I had someone nearby to share my observations with. Like the line dancing float. My ex, Evil Kris, would have loved it. I had this random flash of us dancing to "Indian Outlaw" when the float passed by.
Or how Doug would have reacted to the bears. Or Mike, circa high school, seeing that there are others like us, a strong community made up of just about everything you can imagine. How much we both could have used that in 1987. Even without a date, even with the usual bitchyness of GLBT politics, I couldn't help but feel like I was part of something bigger than myself.
And it was fun. Hell, I ran into my Freshman English teacher from High School at the entrance to the festival. I had wanted to talk to her for a while now, since she came out a few years after I graduated. It's nice to know that even in my hickville hometown, someone is there to watch over the gay ones now. Even with the Fred Phelps's of this world, its nice to know that we are gaining visibility to a point where no one needs to live in fear of being the only one who feels different. and yes, dysfunctional though we may be, WE ARE FAMILY!
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Yay, I got damned to hell by real people for the first time in ages!!!

For those not in Columbus, today was the big Pride March down High Street to the State House. Also, this was my first Pride event. I was so was nothing like the hotbed of iniquity that the Religious Reich portrays Pride Marches to be. I think I saw two sets of unexposed female boobies, and no exposed penis type thingies. Well, I started off standing next to these middle aged queens and their lesbian fag hag, which made the march all the more fun. The ancients are bitchier than we are! Ok, well, the Flagotts marched (this is not an insult, this was their name), a gay band from Cincinnati was there, more drag queens than you can shake a dildo at, bears galore, and my favorites, the leather men. I rather enjoyed getting collared today. And led by a leash. Let's not go there.
So anyway, when we hit Downtown, we meet the protesters. Fun. I can deal with idiots, but one of them had some sign making reference to the recent murder of a drag queen by Samuri Sword. That was rude. Also, one of the best parts was a sign that misspelled disease. I wish to Apollo I had a camera for that one. The signs had the usual nasty comments, with some of the more creative among us holding signs like "I'm not gay but my right wing fanatic boyfriend is", with an arrow pointing at one of the Phelps people. Actually surrounded by that many faggots and dykes, I felt quite safe in waving and cheering when we passed the protesters. Kind of ironic that all we do is bitch about each other unless confronted by people who hate us.
So, then came the festival. I didn't stick around long, mainly because I ran in to a few people I didn't want to see. However, I did get more than a few compliments, which did wonders for my ego. Everyone needs to be told they're desirable once in a while.
All in all, Pride was a lot different than I expected. I'm happy I went and marched though.
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Decidied to get on with life.

For the record, I found out that GLB Pride is June 29-30 in Columbus. This may or may not be accurate, but hey...I don't frequent enough bars to get info other ways.

I still hate twinks and trolls, and no one with a personality need show up.

Watching Soul Music, an animated version of the book by Terry Pratchett. It's kinda like watching old schoool anime like Flight of Dragons and The Last Unicorn with very out of place CGI. Still amusing, but I keep waiting for the Col. Potter wizard and Rummy skeleton to show up.

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