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It's a bit small, but here's the original picture.

I am also officially embarrassed. Went to the grocery and the post office earlier. And the library, but that's s different story... Among other things, I found a Molly Ivans book I've never heard of, which should make me laugh for a while.

Anyway, I've been dealing with a dairy craving for several days now, and I went in search of more string cheese. Well, unfortunately, they were out of the individual tubes, which meant trying to find the cheapest package. Problem being that ended up being the Sargento Light string cheese. Which wasn't the real problem. The real problem is that Miley Cyrus was plastered all over the packaging. which meant walking around feeling like everyone in the store was staring at me until I buried them under some apple cinnamon bagels. which reminds me, I should go get some butter. And I'm also proud/disappointed in myself for resisting the temptation to blow $7.50 on The Monster Squad. It's kind of like The Goonies, a movie I LOVED like crack as a kid, but I have a feeling would let me down as an adult.

All of which leads to the question of hitting McDonald's Redbox and renting something tonight. Mainly since they close the Hollywood Video by my house and Blockbuster is a pain in the ass to get to from here.

Anyway, I apologize for being so posty the past few days. having stable internet must just be making me giddy.


Jan. 27th, 2008 10:15 pm
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Yo deseo Taco Bell.

Yo deseo Taco Bell ahora, DAMMIT.
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I will get enough sleep to make rational, well thought out replies.

As of right now, I'm pooped beyond belief.

And stuffed with chicken and Dumplings, of which I have more for lunch tomorrow.

Not in a good mood.

And I am going to bed now before I start getting keyboard face again.
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Last concert, I got a massage.

This concert, I got Buy 1 Get 1 Free Ben and Jerry's (reduced bad stuff of course) at Giant Eagle.
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So, My mom comes up today for the last day of the State Fair. Before we can even pull out on Neil, She starts venting about Lisa. Lisa, it seems, has been bugging mom about how much she has left to pay on her house, and started dropping hints about how she and Richard want to move in when she dies.

First off, it's rude. Second, it's presumptuous.

I guess mom's starting to realize that Lisa really does think I should be written out of the will. I suddenly feel like I'm trapped in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. The worst part is mom telling me she's concerned Lisa will encourage Richard to ignore the living will she has written, and use the power of attorney he gets if she is unconcious, etc. to fuck her over royally. I think she was hinting that she'd like me to do it, but I don't live in Urbana, and therefore would be useless, since it takes an hour to get there.

We also had a very long talk about mom's rather New Age beliefs. I don't think mom is quite ready to make the switch to something else, religion wise, but hereing her discuss how she's a spirit guide is really awkward, sice we never really discussed my pagan days.

But the fair was fun. I had a Bahama Mama and a chocolate shake. Mmmm. I need to walk all of it off now, since that was major caloric intake.
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Well, Angie my flame dame and I made our way to the Ohio State Fair after Steve informed me that I should come in tomorrow rather than today.
Well, we were going to start at the Krispy Kreme Haunted House, but the Buckeye building flooded during the 15 minute hurricane that came through earlier in the afternoon. So, we made our way to the Belgian Horse show by way of the petting zoo, which Angie loved and I just kind of stared at the male riders.
After that, we went back to the Haunted House, which was finally open again. I now have claw marks in my arm from her death grip. Let me see if I can explain this. They rigged up animatronic beasts that would pop out if you stepped on a pressue sensitive pad in the "scene rooms". They also had a few people in costume wandering around who walked through walls to scare the piss out of people. May I also mention that the maze waas HUGE? Well Angie actually got so scaraed at one point that she fell down trying to get away from a 12 year old girl in a cloak. I in the meantime, was having a blast laughing at her, particularly after figuring out where the pressure pads were and letting Angie step on them.
After that, I had a big ass Italian Sausage sandwich, fries, etc. Then after we ate, we got on the "Mad Mouse". the Mouse isn't that scarey as a mini-coaster, but the car spins on the turns.
And then we hit one of the kiddie funhouses. I still have mad balance. So, then we went and got our fair sugar. MMM funnel cake, elephant ears, and caramel apples. Sugar Buzz. So Angie drags me on "Gravitron", the ride where centifugal force platers you to a wall. That was kind of fun, because they had a live dj spinning in the ride itself.
And after that, Angie got even with me for "dragging" her on spinny rides by dragging me onto the Ferris Wheel. I hate those things. And as our last ride, we rode the Merry-Go-Round. After that, we walked around for a while, before coming here so she could learn to do her job. (She works in customer service for Time-Warner, we taught her to use the digi-box).
Now I'm home, and buzzed out on sugar. Did I mention that I spent $20 defending my manhood to some fast talking carny so I could win her a stuffed animal?
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As usual, I have to work tomorrow evening, so once again, I go to morning service on Saturday.

LARP tonight was totally odd. We had the second Praxis seziure in as many weeks.By the Brujah Sheriff no less, who promptly turned the domain back over the to torpored former prince. This was follwed by a half hour discussion on status traits. People wonder why I bring books to read, since I could care less about status, and my character is the same way. C'mon, I'm playing a Gangrel...I'm not a status whore. So, Steven just sat and read Ayn Rand until we destroyed the new former prince who also happened to be the only other Gangrel in the city. Thank G-d, I'm a clan of one. Woo-hoo!!

Before the night's drama, [ profile] lotussilverfire and myself hit Max & Erma's. Mmmm, Cajun hamburger. I sucessfully kept from drinking, since I doubt playing while drunk on Tequila would be a good thing. I did however indulge in a chocolate malt from Graeter's. I will regret that tomorrow. But the fun part was a barbershop quartet serenaded us while we waited for our malts. We felt like Prof Hill and Marion the Librarian.

On the bright side, I get paid tomorrow. I still need sleep though. I am pooped.
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This is the question of what I want to do tomorrow. I have a couple reserves in at the library, including the "skip the preachin' and laugh at the campiness" new installment in the Left Behind series. But by the same token, I have no clean clothes. And a trip to the laundry means a good excuse to read without interuption.

Actually, for some odd reason, the subject of high school came up at work tonight. Since I realized that everyone has stories of High School hell, I decided to save my memories for an lj cut. )

Wow, that was longer than I thought it would be. But hey, shit happens. And I'm hungry. YAY Ramen and Chef Boyardee!
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Well, I just got back from dinner with Mommie Dearest. After much hemming and hawing about why I was in the parade, mom brought up that half of the restored homes in Urbana are being restored by the new middle gae gay couples that seem to be coming to Urbana. I find it really scary that my rural hometown is starting to develope a nacent gay community. I am alomst scared to ask when the first gay bar is going to open, particularly since UU now has a GLB organization. Maybe Urbana has changed since I grew up. Even so, old feelings of distrust will never fade.
Mom did give me a big bag of Macadamia Nuts, which I can't wait to eat. I'm almost tempte to make Chocolate Chip/macadamia nut cookies now. YUM!
And while I'm typing this, Ishte and myself are trying to mend fences via ICQ, which is an odd occurence in and of itself.

never again

May. 4th, 2002 03:01 pm
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Just got back from the OSU Medieval and Renaissance Faire. I will never ever eat a Pork Chop and Saurkraut sandwich again in my life.

Past that, it was much fun, kind of like being in a LARP run with Mercedes Lackey characters. Plus I got to meet Midnight Syndicate!
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Well, my roomates are now on here as [ profile] lotussilverfire and [ profile] gothic_oreo, which mean I have to stop posting about my plans to murder them both while they sleep. And since I know yer both reading this, I'm only teasing.

Anyway, I'm planning on gathering up my trash here in a few after voiding my bowels of Chipotle (which we traded with tonight!)

But anyway, I managed to find the home page of my father's old WW II assignment last night, and among the pictures was one I think may actually be dad. I sent the link on to mom, because I know she'll be interested. The bad part of all of this is that everyone seems to know more about Dad's assignment in "the hump" than I do. (For the record, they flew supply drops via air lift between India and China.)

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