Dec. 4th, 2004 08:50 pm
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Sitting here watching [livejournal.com profile] adagiogray make his first EQ II character. For those of you already playing, isit just me or do Dark Elven Males bear an uncanny resemblance to Michael Jackson?

I mean hell, they look more feminine than the female models, and the female models have gravity defying boobies.


Jan. 20th, 2003 06:37 am
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Got bored of playing Vremis, so I spent plat and twinked out my Dorf, Grouchbeard.

Currently enjoying the melodic strains of Concrete Blonde, which is doing wonders for my mood.

Rereading The Mage Winds Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey. If nothing else, it keeps me involved.

Still haven't really talked to anyone in real life. I owe a lot of replies to a lot of people, but I've been so busy at work that I haven't really done much of interest. I had another bitch session with Jason at work tonight. When I become a full fleged Shift Manager, my first goal is to use my new authority to fire his ass.

Gah, I should go to bed now.
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Aka, I have nothing better to post here right no. Damn NyQuil.

I'm the fat lizard.


Dec. 19th, 2002 05:19 am
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Ok, actually made it out of the house long enough to see The Two Towers. Worth the money.

Fianally did some Xmas shopping.:P

Very tired, and irritated at stupid people who think Bards can do everything on EQ.
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I really, in all honesty, have been having very shitty weekend.

Saturday, Jason (the pothead who all of us loathe at work) no called no showed. We all were happy because he was getting fired. Then our DM called and told us to knock on his door and give him a $.50 raise is he would come in. That is utter bullshit. Jason has been there barely 90 days. He doesn't work. He smokes pot on his smoke break. His head is so far up his ass I don't know how he breathes.

Then I get these nasty letters from another collection agency. I still have no clue what bill they are attacking me about, but I really don't want to call them, since they're worse than telemarketers.

To top it off, I haven't been sleeping well. I know that I have a LARP ooc meeting with the garou on Tuesday at some point. I also have an EQ raid on Wednesday. I keep having visions of Vamps playing EQ.

My concentration is shot. One of our drivers gave me a s'more bar, but I discovered that it was loaded when I took a bite of it.

Hell. I just need a whole day to myself. This is why I miss going to the Yellow Springs grove. At ;east there I could just meditate in peace. I was so drama free for a while, and now the evil bitch has dropped everyone else's drama on me. (great, it's the drama fairie.)

*sighs* I am so anti-social right now.

On the bright side, I talked to Steve tonight about Jason's undeserved raise. He said if it goes through, he'll get me at least a quarter raise, and my hours won't get cut when the students go home for Xmas. Whereas Jason will probably be getting 4 hours a week.

And I dreamed of Mike last night. First time in a while. I'm always happy when he's there, but I get maudlin when I wake. I miss having him within walking distance. Hell, I'd just be happy to know where he is. I miss him. And yes, I've been carrying this torch for a VERY long time.

Maybe I just need a vacation. I think I might actually get one soon.
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Been a weird week all the way around.

May have finally met a new man, but he lives in North Carolina and is moving to Jersey. (As you can see, my luck with dating is THAT bad.)

Got told at LARP tonite that the prince wishes for me to execute the whole city, excluding four people.

Been spending more time on EverCrack recently, thus the lack of substance in a lot of things I've been doing.

And it's really weird that I'm getting a minor reputation for being a good guy on the server. It's nice to know that people who aren't really real to me like me.

I got a really nasty notice from my student loan people in the mail. I still have yet to figure out what the hell they want from me. I get told one thing, then I get something that says something else. I'm getting buried in Beaurocracy. It's almost enough to make me wish someone would shoot me. I no longer know what the hell is going on. I finally am at a point where I can figure everything out, and someone changed half the rules on me. I really hate that.
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Just got home from work a bit ago. Work was weird. After the rsults are in, I'll pass on the situation.

Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] johnbu made me the new icon since he didn't like the wolf head. (To be honest, I didn't either, but it wa sthe only clan symbol I could find that fit LJ's Icon parameters.)

Oh yeah, I finally got a pre-paid card for EQ, so I can now Crack to my heart's content, or at least until 3 months are up.
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Evidently, my month of EQ is up, since it told me that my billing info is incorrect. I'm hoping those that got me addicted will run me to the nearest store to get a pre-paid card soon. This is like being without ciggies and caffiene in the morning. So, since my usual time killer is not an option, I've been cleaning. The bathroom is clean, and next comes the trash.

What really sucks is that I haven't had a decent social interaction (work not included) since Wednesday afternoon. And my friends are all on their way Toledo for a wake. My prayers go with them.

Speaking of work, mom called me at work tonight. It seems the old bat is getting honored by her old high school (Bexley, for those who know anything of Columbus) in September. Evidently, she's an outstanding alumni. All this did was serve to remind me that my 10 year reunion will be in about a year. Not that I want to go. I, in fact, hope that all of the people I graduated with end up in the hell of being flayed alive. The only way I'd go to deal with those stuck up assholes would be to rent a sexy escort and claim him as my life partner just for sheer spite.

And in the "my family really does hate me" department, I got my first Xmas card today, complete with a handwritten note and pictures. I'm really tempted to send Hannukah cards to my family this year, just to see how many heart faliures I can inspire. Which reminds me, Shalom Shabbat and Happy Hannukah! I'll probably make latkes on Tuesday, since I am bound and determined to celebrate something this week.

Which reminds me, I forgot a story last night. I decided to get cappucino Thursday morning, which required a trip to United Dairy Fuckers, the only thing other than the homeless shelter open on Thanksgiving in downtown Urbana. So, I go and get French Vanilla cappucino, which here in Columbus and back in Dayton is not a big deal. In Urbana, however, the only people who drink cappucino are women and faggots. To paraphrase Heathers, if you don't have a beer in hand, you might as well be wearing a dress. The locals were eyeing me like I had just walked in nekid or something. I would have given a gender theory lecture, but then I would probably have ended up in the hospital. The weird part is that Urbana is trying to turn the downtown area into an "Arts District". I guess people are already trying to denounce the plan as Sodom and Gomorrah reborn in Small-town Ohio. G-d knows we can't abide by permanent residents being faggots and dykes. Which is sad, since Urbana's gay community is really small, and exists under a permanent stigma. One of many reasons I like the sort of Metropolitan anonymity that comes with living in Cap City.

Gah. Getting moody again.


Oct. 25th, 2002 06:16 am
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First, a belated hello to everyone, including the addition [livejournal.com profile] mykeamend.

Where do I start?

First, I'm hooked on EQ for no reason whatsoever.

Second, I'm running behind on my story, mainly due to EQ, Spiderman, and my smother...er...mother.

Spiderman happened Wednesday night with [livejournal.com profile] adagiogray. I hadn't seen it, and it's at the $1 theatre right now. It was ok, I liked the ending, and the Norman was cute. Always a plus.

My brother called a few days ago to tell me mom was in the hospital AGAIN. Told me he'd call back and update me the next day. I end up calling him the next day, since no one in my family thinks I really give a shit about tem. This is generally true, except when someone is seriously ill. Turns out mom has a pulmonary embolysm. For those of you not versed in such biology talk, that means she has four blood clots trapped in her lungs currently, and is in the hospital on oxygen and blood thinners. So, this leads me to believe that said blood clots were probably what was causing her so much pain a few weeks ago when I had to go home for her last round of hospital care.

Based on what I just got through reading, every one of you could use a hug. So...


Oh yeah. I start doing volunteer food prep for Project OpenHand-Columbus next Thursday at 1:00. They called me while I was sleeping and [livejournal.com profile] lotussilverfire woke me up to take the call.

And as an added bonus, after LARP, we all hit Hounddog's. That was fun. I miss going out with people and having a real social life.
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Ok, [livejournal.com profile] adagiogray twinked my character out, so I stayed up trying out my new fun stuff.

I have today's installment half written, and will finish it after I get up.

Hmm, let's see what else is going on right now. I bought a bike off of one of the drivers tonight. He's moving, so I got it cheap. I'm amazed I still remember how to ride. Even if I can't brake and the seat may prevent me from ever fathering another child.
I got motivated and filled out a voulunteer form for Project OpenHand-Columbus. Way I figure, spending one day a week helping out won't kill me and will make me feel like I'm actually doing something. And as an added bonus, it's half a block from Hillel.
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My roomates got me hooked up with an Ikxar Shaman on EQ. If you play, and you happen to be on Bristlebane, look up Telemundo.

In other news, I had chicken for dinner.

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